This weeks episode gets off to rather an unpleasant start, we are pretty much setting off from where we ended last weeks episode. Chloe is sat on the bed in the bay still where she was at the end of last week, a specially trained officer called Sheena arrives to see her, letting her know she’s here to support her and asking her if she’s ready to talk. Chloe tells her that she wants to get out of the hospital, and that she doesn’t want Sheena to call anyone nor does she want anyone with her when she goes to SARC, the Sexual Assault Referral Clinic.
As she’s waiting to get into Sheena’s car in the basement, Cameron comes down in the lift and sees her, the look of distress and upset for his friend obvious.

Back up on maternity, Ric comes around from his collapse on the floor when he was visiting Darla’s new born baby daughter, a slight cut on his forehead where he caught his head on the nearby metal table. Getting up from said floor he gets his thoughts together and remembers where he is, going immediately over to the now sleeping baby, standing and simply looking, will he get the tests he needs after this recent fall?


Ric rings up to the CT scan room from his office, asking who is on there today, after the person at the other end replies and tells him, he asks them to tell him that he’s coming up, all this whilst looking at a old picture of himself and Darla, you’re doing the right thing Ric.

Ange talks to Fletch after the surgery on Evan, they’ve removed the blade and stitched his heart, they talk about what he’s going to tell the police and he says it’ll be what he saw, exactly as he saw it, that Chloe was defending herself. When police Sergeant Carl Daniels arrives on Darwin, he informs a shocked Ange that Chloe is at the SARC, she’s less than happy at not being told of this development, before admitting to Fletch that Evan did rape her, this causes Fletch to also feel shocked and angry, shaking his head at the news.

At the SARC, Chloe is retelling her story and all that happened at the cottage to Sheena, it obviously being painful and distressing for her to do so. As she’s telling it we get a series of flashbacks to what happened last week, then she asks to stop telling the story, as Sheena goes to make her a fresh cup of tea, Chloe then tearfully asks how will she know if Evan is alive or not?


Up in Ange’s office after Evan is taken to ITU, she shows the screwdriver she took from Chloe’s hand at the scene last week, telling him how Evan told her Chloe stabbed him with it, that he was unarmed at the time. Fletch is horrified, telling her she has to tell the police because this is perverting the course of justice. He goes onto tell her that if Evan dies it could be manslaughter, that after the surgery he’s still vulnerable. Ange counteracts this by saying they had a problem and they fixed it, then Cameron comes straight into the office, he says he felt or feels responsible because he let her have the cottage to stay in and that he should’ve been there with her, as he’s speaking Ange let slip that Chloe is at the SARC much to Cameron’s horror as Fletch ushers him out of the office, telling him to go, shutting the door behind him.
Reasoning with Ange when they’re alone again, he tells her she has to tell the truth, that Chloe using it on him was self defence. Ange says she told Chloe not to say anything, therefore neither can either of them, can Fletch keep this to himself?


Being beyond horrified and feeling his own guilt for what’s happened to Chloe, Cameron goes into Evan’s ITU room, there the pair of them talk about Ange saving him and the fact he says they wanted him dead, Evan tells Cameron that he’s the victim and that the police always believe him and what he tells them.
Going back to Sophie on Darwin who Nicky is treating, Cameron says about Evan’s ex talking to the police, but she says she’s done that already and the police won’t do anything, that Evan always wins and that they will always be something that means Evan gets away. This seems to spur Cameron on even more, and he leaves the ward, does he have a plan of his own?

After speaking to Chloe on the phone under the guise of needing to ask her about a patient and their medicine requirements, the patient is false and made up, but this is the only way Cameron could think of getting in touch with his friend, Cameron goes back up to where Evan is in ITU asking him how many more women have been put through this by him. He tells him that he abuses, beats and stalks women, then asks again how many. Evan replies that Sophie is a fantasist, that she’s done this kind of thing many times before, that she has mental health problems and also that she has a history of self harm and violent partners. He lies and tells Cameron that Chloe text him to come to the house and that the police will see this, that she needs him and that he needs her. Evan tells Cameron how Chloe attacked him with a screwdriver, that he was scared for her, that he knew she needed him.

Meanwhile in a series of flashbacks as Chloe tells her story of the time at the cottage at SARC to Sheena, we see that as Evan was raping her she stabbed him because he wouldn’t stop or get off of her. She says how she’s always blamed Ange on some level because of what happened to her and because of how Ange told her when she was fourteen that she is the result of Ange’s own rape. She then asks Sheena to ring Ange, that she needs to see her.

Back up in ITU, Evan calls Cameron just as he’s getting to the door to leave, saying that he’s ready to talk to the police, to tell them what happened. After speaking to Nicky outside the room, Cameron then goes back to Evan’s bedside, telling him that the beep beep beep of the machine is keeping the rapist alive. Suddenly this steady beeping become rapid beeping and Evan gasps for air, asking Cameron to call for the nurse, to call for help, that he needs more oxygen, but he doesn’t, instead he put Evan’s file he had in his hand back in the holder at the foot of the bed and then moves to the machine and presses the button on said machine to stop the beeping sound, leaving only the light flashing. Cameron then closes the door to the room as Evan wheezes even more, and stands and watches as Evan reaches a hand out to Cameron asking for help until he stops reaching out and collapses onto the bed and is still and silent, having flatlined on the machine, then Cameron presses the button again on the machine and shouts out for a crash team, the team then come in and start doing chest compressions with an oxygen mask on an unresponsive Evan.


Heading away from ITU Cameron meets Ric who has just stepped out of the lift, he admits to the younger man he had a fall, that he did need babysitting after all. He tells Cameron he got scanned and he doesn’t have dementia but a brain tumour, but that he doesn’t want Darla to know because she needs him to be strong for her after she’s just given her baby up for adoption. He admits that he doesn’t know if it’s a relief he knows or if he’s terrified.
Hearing Ric’s admission, Cameron has one of his own, Bernie’s body has been found, Ric says how sorry he is, but the younger man says it’s a relief and then turns and walks off, the pain on his face totally obvious.

Ange is now at SARC with Chloe, Sergeant Carl Daniels comes in with the screwdriver in an evidence bag and says they did the right thing coming forward about this, also that he’s just been informed that Evan passed away a few moments ago, a blank expression on Chloe’s face. He says that they’ve a mountain of evidence, the court order that he had not to contact Chloe, plus the tracking device he put on her car and his actions that led to his death. The sergeant goes onto say that even though there needs to be a formal investigation, it’s highly likely that Chloe will be cleared of any part of what happened.

In the very last scene of the episode we’re back at Holby, in the darkened locker room with Cameron, he’s sat on the floor against the lockers, holding Bernie’s army dog tags that were in the brown envelope he received earlier on in the episode. Clutching them in his fist tight, he’s sobbing and shaking, obviously not relieved in the slightest like he told Ric, but struggling badly with all that happened to Chloe and with Evan and Ric, and now losing his mum, the question is will he tell anyone how he’s feeling and struggling, and how will all that’s happened continue to effect him? How will he carry the fact didn’t do anything in terms of letting Evan ultimately die, can he really not say anything?
The same for Chloe, is it really over for them all now that Evan’s gone? Something tells me not and that these repercussions are going to be felt for quite a long time to come.