A nightmare is the opening scene of tonight’s episode, namely Xavier having a nightmare in the oncall room, Donna is the one who walks in to wake him up out of it, a coffee in hand, not that Xavier tells her anything about the nightmare he’s just had, something on your mind Mr Duval?

Henrik, Gaskell and Ric all make their way back into the hospital, having just been through the pain and difficult task of attending Roxanna’s funeral. Whilst riding in the lift together and talking about Roxanna, Henrik doing more of the talking than the Professor which isn’t surprising given the circumstances, not long after they’ve gotten into the lift they’re both paged to be told that both are required in theatre, this could go well or badly.

Xavier is given a surprise when Reg his grandfather turns up on AAU, he says that his arm injury is due to that fact that he tripped over at the cemetery while visiting Noah’s grave, Noah being Xavier’s younger brother who died quite a few years ago. Not long later Alex, Xavier’s other brother arrives on AAU to see his grandad, he speaks to Ric about Reg and what’s happened to him.

Serena makes her way into AAU from the lift, her eyes seeming to search the ward as she steps out of said lift. Leah comments about Serena’s new hairstyle being nice, this compliment seems to make her uncomfortable. She’s handed Crazy Sue’s care, who has come to AAU as a patient, to Leah instead of the F1 being in theatre with her, it seems Ms Campbell wants to keep her distance from Leah, even more so given the events of last week.

It turns out that the day before was the anniversary of Noah’s death, Xavier then tells Donna not to let Alex get close enough to push her buttons. What does he mean? And does he somehow see Alex as a ‘threat’?

Conversation between Leah and Sue has turned to none medical matters, these being Serena and Bernie’s relationship, Sue states that it must be love between the pair of them, this seems to rattle or get to Leah somewhat as the F1 suddenly says she’s going to get Serena to take another look at the abscess on the back of Sue’s neck before she does anything more, is this an excuse to get Serena to purposely come to work with her? On seeing Leah at the nurses’s station, Serena rushes into her office with Ric and closes the blinds, explaining that she’s trying to give her a wide berth because she’s become rather needy.

Outside of AAU, Donna and Alex talk about Noah and what happened to him, Alex explains that it was Noah’s 11th birthday party, but their mum and dad couldn’t stop going on about Xavier being a child star, after throwing a tantrum, Noah got sent to his room but instead of going to his room he ran out of the front door and into the road, the driver hit him after not even seeing him, and he died. He says Xavier and the rest of them haven’t been the same since, that Xavier has shut himself off from everyone, that they’re family only by name at the moment.

Serena and Leah end up bumping into each other when Leah is coming out of the toilets, and Serena is going in. Leah takes this chance to ask Serena if she’d supervise her whilst she lances Sue’s abscess, citing the fact she’s never done one before, Leah adding in about it’d stop Sue gossiping, this seems to make Serena reluctantly agree, it seems that Leah has underhand ways of making sure they’re going to spend time together at work today one way or the other.

Reg has vanished from his bed and is nowhere on the ward to be found, Xavier and Donna start the search for him. It doesn’t take Xavier long to find him, he’s in the store room, but the old man has mistaken it for the toilet, seemingly confused as to it not being the toilet. After asking rather sadly why Xavier doesn’t call him gramps anymore like he did when he was younger, he then admits to his grandson that he’s scared because his mind is disappearing, that he’s losing words and faces, but it turns out that he hasn’t told anyone this, suddenly this matter is put to the side for the minute as he collapses in pain at the store room door and Xavier calls for a trolley for him, can Reg be helped?

Sue and Leah are back talking about their prospective love lives, Sue having picked up that Leah likes someone at Holby, rather perceptive is Sue, but the F1 won’t reveal who,maybe to Sue she doesn’t need to, maybe she’s got an idea who it might be?

With the patient on the operating table bleeding profusely, Henrik wants Gaskell to step in and pack the bleed whilst he tries to save said patient, but Gaskell refuses on the spot, luckily Jac tells Nicky to do it instead to help Henrik, it seems like the Professor is actually giving up on the patient and doesn’t actually care.

At Sue’s bedside watching Leah, a reluctant Serena listens as Sue asks about Bernie and how Serena must be missing her, it seems she’s somewhat uncomfortable at this line of conversation and these questions, particularly since i’s in front of Leah, and given what has happened I can’t say I blame her for feeling this way. Suddenly Sue announces that Leah is madly in love, much to the surprise of Serena, has Sue gone too far with the gossip this time, and if so what is Serena to do with this new piece of information given Leah’s actions at Albies.

Having come out of his operation for his abdominal pain, Reg and Xavier, who is at his bedside after Ric signed him off for the rest of the day due to to tiredness, the pair begin to talk and Reg reveals that he fell down stairs the other day. But he then tells an emotional Xavier to stop blaming himself for Noah, that he can’t spend the rest of his life taking the blame, will his granddads words strike a chord and get him to listen after all these years?

Donna is the person offering Leah some much needed advice in the locker room as the F1 changes into her scrubs after her t shirt got blood on it from treating Sue’s abscess, she tells her to stop trying to look good in front of Serena, and that if Bernie found out she’d kick her head in, yes Leah she would, maybe you should take heed of Donna’s advice. Ric is the next one offering advice on the subject of Leah, but this is to Serena, although he doesn’t know the actual full extent of what happened at Albie’s, but the bit he does know, he tells Serena that if she doesn’t address the problem with Leah, that it’ll get bigger, can Serena put the F1 in her place and stop things now before they escalate?

Seeming to be determinded to scupper any attempts to save the patient in theatre today, Gaskell grabs Henrik’s arm and tells him to stop the operation and let the man die, not happy in the slightest at the Professors behaviour throughout this surgery, Jac firmly tells him to let go and to leave theatre, knowing that Jac doesn’t take any nonsense he does as she says and leaves, is he losing his cool and cracking under the pressure of what he has done?
Standing outside the main entrance a little while later with his eyes closed, Gaskell is joined by Henrik, he asks the Professor if he can help him, Gaskell then says that he doesn’t understand anything, maybe not now he doesn’t Gaskell, but hopefully soon he will and when he does that will be you and your evil deeds exposed at last. Always the caring friend and colleague, Henrik embraces his friend trying to offer him some form of comfort, but does he have any suspicions of his friends odd behaviour and not just putting them down to grief?

After doing some tests, it turns out to be that Reg has hypothyroidism, this is the thing that has been causing his falls and the other symptoms he has been having, the condition can in fact mimic the symptoms of dementia, which is why this was maybe suspected at first, he is going to be started on a course of treatment for a week or two, by which time he should be feeling back to himself, that definitely good news Reg!

Another encounter for Serena and Leah, this time in the locker room as the F1 is getting her things to go home and Serena is fetching some paperwork to do. Serena informs her that today won’t be held against her, she suggests that the younger woman find a bar and drink her weight in gin to maybe relieve some of the stress of the day for her. Leah wastes no time in offering for Serena to join her, but the older woman turns her down, telling her she has work to do, Leah can’t help herself in telling her she’ll be in Albie’s if she changes her mind, again the older woman bids her goodnight and leaves the room, will Leah ever get the message and leave Serena alone, or has she just begun in persuing her boss?

Having in not so many words been told by Alex to make his peace with Noah, Xavier goes to the chapel in the hospital and breaks down into heavy tears, saying that he thinks of Noah all the time and that he misses him. Emerging back onto AAU a little while later, his eyes glassy and a little tearful still, he asks Donna about Reg but won’t be drawn on anything else about how he himself is doing when she asks, Donna then goes back to her work, not pushing him as the credits roll and the camera is trained on Xavier’s face. Will he let people in to help the burden he carries, or will he continue to keep them at arms length? And is Henrik going to persue Gaskell’s behaviour and start uncovering the dark secrets his friend has been hiding? Bring on next week!