Rather a somewhat sombre and quiet start this week, of Ric dressed in a hospital gown, going through the MRI scanner, his hands on his chest, fingers linked together, a bit of a role reversal for our Mr Griffin. A little while later he’s back in his own clothes, and up in the office on AAU rubbing his head and looking at the scan of his brain, the noises of the MRI ringing in his ears still.

It seems the events of last week are weighing heavily on Cameron, he snaps at Nicky in Pulses as she speaks about Chloe and Evan, then tells her he doesn’t want to speak about it, before a look of horror mixed with panic crosses his face as he heads off with his coffee in hand, and a couple of uniformed police officers move into Pulses themselves, how long can he keep this up?

Ric reveals to Cameron that he’s not told Darla about his brain tumour, that he’s had further tests and it’s a benign tumour, but it’s still not the right time to tell his granddaughter, the older man then sends Cameron out of the office, telling him that he’s sure Dr Dunn has plenty to be getting on with, to take his mind off his own things that he’s got going on, i.e Bernie, sounds like a delay and diversion tactic to me Mr Griffin.

A young man turns up on AAU and then rushes to where Darla’s side room is, we find out his name is Peter and he is the father of Darla’s baby, he tells her that they need to talk and that he didn’t want her going through this on her own, and the reason he hasn’t replied to the photo she sent him is that his dad took his phone off him. Then he asks to see the little girl, will Darla let him and if she does will him this change the course of the supposed adoption?

After Donna takes a call from Mr Kallenbrunner from Neurology asking her to let Ric know he needs to see him as soon as possible, Ric then takes Xavier and Donna into his office and reveals his brain tumour diagnosis to them both, telling them that technically it’s operable but the size of the tumour makes surgery difficult in the extreme. He tells them there are risks with said operation, that he could have a stroke during the surgery, if he gets through it at all, that what he has is a degenerative condition, drugs could add another ten to fifteen years to his life, but without the actual surgery the mass could keep growing and eventually compress the brain. Hearing all this Xavier says that Ric has to give up medicine permanently, but the older man quickly counters and says he’s not making any big decisions today, that Darla takes priority today and when the adoption of her baby has gone through then he’ll look into it. Donna says that he has to tell Darla about the tumour, but he quickly says no because this is going to be the most difficult day of her life, therefore all this has to stay between the three of them for now, which Donna and Xavier agree to.

Connor, Isla’s dad turns up to speak to Essie about his daughter, he thanks her for looking after her and asks after his daughter and her welfare, telling Essie he’d love to see her, but Essie tells him that isn’t up to her. Getting spooked by Connor Essie dashes back into the hospital and into the lift, a frustrated Connor unable to catch her and bangs his fist on the lift clearly annoyed, what is he trying to do, is he genuine?

Peter’s dad Michael turns up and causes an arguement in Darla’s room between everyone, it turns out it was his idea for Darla’s and Peter’s baby to be put up for adoption, not actually her parents. Ric is angered by this and doesn’t hold back by telling him that this is all really about Michael’s shame. Darla interrupts and tells them all that she chooses because it’s her baby and she wants to keep her, a decision Peter agrees with with a nod to her and a little smile. Darla says how she can’t give her baby up and Ric says that this is ok, that they can work something out in order for her to keep her baby. Peter says how he wants to support Darla and the baby, Ric tells the young man and his granddaughter that they can make an arrangement between them if it’s really what they both want, suddenly Darla is in pain and clutches her side, Ric says he’ll get Donna to take a look and then tells Michael and Peter that they’ll take this outside. Once outside in the middle of AAU Michael says that Darla did all this to entrap Peter and how can they be sure who the father really is, not liking this at all, Ric suggests that Michael walks out of the ward whilst he still can, trying to drag Peter with him, when Peter resists Ric tries to get the other older man to let go of his son, suddenly Michael throws out an arm at Ric, sending him sailing to the floor and banging his head into the nearby trolley, the medical supplies going all over the floor, Ric unconscious on the floor as Xavier calls for security and Donna checks Ric’s pulse.


Meanwhile up on Darwin, Kian is treating his old flame Bea and won’t let anyone else have anything to do with her treatment, Nicky suspects that they know each other for how he’s behaving and asks him about them meeting before her being in Holby, he quickly dodges the question by asking about Chloe and telling Nicky to give her his best when she has contact with her next, being secretive Kian aren’t we.


Connor discovers about the situation with Essie and Isla and how everyone thinks that the baby is hers, Essie tries to convince him that she’s adopted Isla and it’s what Frankie wanted, but he doesn’t believe her and tells her he knows she’s lying. Sacha asks what is going on with her and how distracted she is, he knows that something is going on, oh yes Sacha it is. She tells Sacha how Connor is going to take Isla away from her, telling her it’s time to talk to children’s services, not waiting for an answer as he marches off down the corridor to do just this.

Ric reveals to Darla about his tumour, she asks questions on how bad it is and can they fix it in surgery, he tells her he’s decided against surgery because of the risks it carries,much to his granddaughters horror, saying how he can manage the symptoms with medication. Can Ric’s mind be changed about the surgery despite the risks?


Moving outside the hospital to where Connor is waiting for Essie, Sacha asks him to leave and tells him that he’s sure Essie and himself can come to some compromise, that this is a hospital and they have patients to treat. Just as Sacha is heading back to the main entrance, Connor calls after him about Sacha being involved in whatever scam Essie is trying to pull with his daughter, but the older man quickly says he’s not a clue what Connor is talking about, this is countered by Connor asking how many people Essie has lying for her and what is going to happen when people find out the whole adoption story is a lie. Just as he’s about to leave, Connor tells Sacha to tell Essie she better get herself a good solicitor, giving the older man a tap on the shoulder and then walking away, it seems this battle for Isla has just been ramped up another level.

Back up on Keller, Sacha tells Essie he’s had a word and Connor has left,but that he might have put his foot in it at the same time, this causes Essie to dash from the ward and catch Connor in the car park, they talk about the situation, she says maybe there’s a way they can help each other out, she suggests about her helping him out money wise until he gets back on his feet, then once he’s settled they can arrange some visits, and in the mean time she can look after Isla like Frankie wanted, Connor says he’s not sure and that it sounds like another excuse to get rid of him, but Essie insists it isn’t, that it could be great for her, him and Isla, asking him to trust her, she heads back towards the hospital and says she’ll text him where to meet.


Michael apologises to Ric in the corridor and they discuss the matter of Darla, Peter and the baby, Ric saying due to them being so young it’s why they need both of their support. Ric reveals how he wasn’t always there for Kofi or his other children and it’s something he can never put right, telling Michael that kind of regret is not something he wants to live with. Michael says he just needs to come to terms with Darla and Michael keeping the baby, that it will take some time, asking Ric not to think any less of him, but he thinks it’s best to just leave them all to it, both men shaking hands before Donna comes and tells Ric both Darla and Peter have gone up to maternity.

Bea’s heart surgery was a success and whilst she’s in recovering, Kian asks about calling her husband, but she tells him they’re divorced, telling him it’s just her and her son now, the son who has just started university, telling Kian she’ll call her son when she gets out.

Up on maternity, Darla asks Ric to promise her that no matter what happens with his tumour, he won’t do anything for her sake or the baby’s, that he won’t put things off or keep secrets, he’ll do what’s right for him, and he does promise her, telling Darla that Peter is welcome anytime, before sharing a hug with her granddad. She thanks her granddad for everything and they share another hug.

Essie meets Connor on one of the empty staircases and hands him an envelope with some money in it and then says that he’s still going to need to speak to Frankie and if he doesn’t hear from her then he knows where to find Essie, what have you gotten yourself into here Essie, this is a hole that keeps getting deeper!

In the last scene of the episode, Ric apologises to Xavier saying he knew there was a problem with himself but he didn’t want to admit it, that it’s time to fix it, he’s going to call neurology, he knows the risks but he’s not prepared to give up being a surgeon. He’s going to have the tumour removed, cue Ric turning on his heels and heading back to his office, a steely look of determination on his face and in his eyes, everything crossed for you Ric, everyone is rooting for you!!!