We have the deadly Gaskell in his lab starting this week, the Professor is looking at various cells in petri dishes under his microscope, this is until there appear flashes and visions of Roxanna’s faces on these dishes, her face being a big sudden image on the TV screen beside him that’s connected to his microscope, after he can’t seem to shake her face from his vision, he ends up swiping all the dishes, plus some of his other equipment on his unit onto the floor, has that stopped the visions Professor?
A short while later Gaskell is speaking to Henrik on the stairs outside Keller ward, with Henrik saying to his friends that he has doubts about everything now, with the Professor saying that then he must do what he needs to do to get rid of said doubts, does Henrik now suspect something more sinister about Gaskell? It seems that he really is starting to wonder about his colleague and friend when he sits in his office and starts looking through various files about Gaskell’s patients, what is he going to find out?

Mr Dublin rather a different patient arrives on Keller ward, different in the sense of he is in handcuffs and escorted by a couple of guards, these guards and handcuffs are very much necessary when it is revealed that 7 years ago he murdered his wife and 3 children. Sacha can’t get his head around why this monster is in hospital, being informed by Gaskell that he needs his help and will get it, this help being because Mr Dublin has been losing his sense of smell, it’s not a patient Sacha would have anything to do with and I can’t say I blame him to be honest.

With his murderer patient complaining about having visions of the family he killed, he asks Gaskell if the tumour he has could’ve been there 7 years prior to the killings, but is this an underhand tactic for him to try and use it as an excuse to get a lighter sentence or even a release from prison?

Steven suddenly collapses in pain in front of Jac, as he does he tells her not to tell Fletch, but won’t reveal why not. As he recovers out of view of his son, Jac says she’d like to run some tests, but he says he isn’t sure he wants them, is this due to him knowing what the cause of his collapse actually is?

With his mind obviously whirring with my doubts regarding his friend and colleague Gaskell, Henrik goes to Essie and asks if Gaskell has ever given her any small reason to consider his trial unethical, to which she utters the word ‘once’, could this be the small breakthrough that Henrik has been looking for? It seems that them simply talking is enough to start rattling the Professor, that little bit more when he comes back up to Keller ward and sees the two of them talking. Heading into the lab, Essie sees Gaskell with the wooden box that is from the box of Roxanna’s belongings, he’s attempting to get in it, she says for him to give it to Henrik since it was meant for him, leading him to tell her that he can’t talk to Henrik because he’s lost his friends trust.

Having gained a reputation for being aggressive and sometimes violent with past doctors he’s had and or seen, Mr Dublin keeps up his record for these actions when he gets angry and has an outburst towards Gaskell, luckily for the Professor his patient is attached to the bed rails with handcuffs on either wrist and is flanked by the two guards, the outburst definitely seems to catch Gaskell off guard, has he scared you a little Professor.

Doing a good job of smashing £1,800 worth of the prescriptions she needed for her business with Xavier, Donna persuades Xavier to write her new prescriptions, the pair then talk about how himself and Alex find it hard to talk, this being made even more difficult when neither makes the first move as admitted by Xavier. Moving out of the ward the senior nurse makes a phone call to Alex, could she be making secret plans?

MRI scans back, Jac and Steven are in her office discussing the results, the scans have turned up to show patches on his lungs, he doesn’t seem that surprised and then says that he knows what said patches are and that he’s scared, could they be showing something sinister and or life threatening? Steven says that what the scans show, is something that his father died of and passed it onto him, something called AATD, on hearing what he has she tells him that if it’s hereditary then he needs to tell Fletch, as well as to come back into the hospital for more tests, when he refuses at first, she says that if he doesn’t come in then she’ll tell Fletch, to which he counters that he’ll have her struck off if she tells his son, in true Jac fashion she replies that she’ll take the chance of him possibly reporting her and having her struck off, don’t argue with Ms Naylor, Steven!

Managing to get the chance to talk to Gaskell, Henrik first asks if Gaskell knows what he’s doing and if he is who he says he is, this seeming to throw the man himself. Next in the conversation they discuss the doubts that Roxanna had about the Professors work and her accident, seemingly not wanting to take any blame or responsibility of any kind, Gaskell lies to Henrik and says that the argument himself and Roxanna had was about Henrik, and the fact that Henrik didn’t support her against Gaskell, which led to the argument and her running out and being hit by the car Meena was driving, these lies seem to have the desired effect and cut Henrik deep inside, surely he won’t believe these lies?

Seeing the surgery as a possible escape, Dublin asks Gaskell for his help just before he goes into the operation, saying that if the tumour isn’t to blame for what he has done, then he wants the Professor to kill him in surgery, this way the visions will stop for good, informing Gaskell that he can see that the Professor has it in him to do such a thing, being given such an easy way to kill someone, will it be taken?

Both brothers Xavier and Alex, having been tricked into meeting at Albie’s by Donna start to talk to one another, Xavier apologises to Alex for leaving and letting him carry the weight of the family, and acknowledging the sacrifices his brother has made due to his selfish actions when he left. This leads Alex to ask if Xavier will go to France with him to visit their mum next week,just when it looks like the brother might be making progress and be heading to spend some quality time together, Xavier says that he can’t go due to work and then proceeds to give Alex an envelope of cash, telling him to have a good time with it, that he deserves it, the look of anger on Alex’s face says something completely different. That’s probably why a little while later Xavier is back in Holby with a bloody nose, this the result of being punched by his brother.

Donna is the one who cleans up Xavier’s busted nose, he reveals that Alex hates him, but he doesn’t hate Alex, also letting his brother know that himself and Donna are just mates, before the pair of them share a moment, which could’ve led to a kiss but doesn’t, could they be becoming a little more than just mates?

Unable to work out how to open the wooden box of Roxanna’s, Gaskell smashes it up in the lab and finds a cassette tape and a picture of the three of them at university inside, not what you expected Professor? Heading back onto Keller, Gaskell is met with a familiar face, Mara Sandhurst in a wheel chair, Henrik is with her and they both watch as she gets out of said chair and walks a few steps towards the Professor before thanking him. It seems that the presence of Mara has had an effect on Gaskell, as he is quiet as himself and Henrik talk, he says it’s miraculous what the Professor has achieved with her and that Roxanna would have been proud, well she would still be here had it not been for him!

Mr Dublin has had his surgery and is now back in his room recovering, Gaskell actually helped him it would seem! He informs the murderer that he took the tumour out and that the visions he has been having are down to the side effects of the medication he has been taking, and that they can disappear if meds are changed. Dublin seems as surprised as the rest of us that the Professor didn’t kill him, but still gets the comment in of that Gaskell’s conscience will always haunt him, this seems to hit a big nerve with the Professor and rattles him somewhat.

Still unsure of what Steven is all about due to their back and forth conversations and interactions during the day, she tells Fletch senior that she doesn’t trust him and feels that he’s hiding something, this leading her to tell him that if he breaks Fletch’s heart just as he has started to trust him, then she’ll rip his out, Jac does care about Fletch a lot as has always been the case!

Off Gaskell runs to Lisbon, plane ticket in hand as he gets into his car as the episode draws to a close. Henrik is in his lab reading the letter the Professor has left him, being joined not long after by Essie, she herself like the rest of us not quite sure what is going on. Henrik says that Gaskell will be back to finish what he started, that there in may lay the problem, if he finishes all this there might not be many patients left! What now then, why has Gaskell fled to Lisbon? And can anyone in Holby expose his dark side and work for what it really is?!