We start off this week with the return of Chloe, who is walking towards the hospital with Cameron, the both of them talking about how the CPS have said that’s the end of the matter and things in regard to what happened with Evan and his death, as she gets to the front of the building, she suddenly stops, turns to Cameron and says she can’t do this, that everyone knows what happened, he reassures her that he’s gone, but she says that it’s not just her who won’t face justice, that now he’s dead he won’t either, which is why she feels it’ll never be over. Just before they get into the main entrance doors, he tells her that the MOD rang him and told him that they’re bringing Bernie home today, him taking a glance at the nearby police car and the police who are dealing with a man in the back of said car, before they both make their way inside.


On AAU a familiar face is back on the ward, just in time to help Xavier out with a patient who needs to be shocked after collapsing, welcome back Serena!!! In the office a little while later they’re both talking about her time off work and how due to her phone being on it meant she’d had a few interruptions from Jason, because being Auntie Serena doesn’t mean you get a break or holiday from that. Ric apologises to her about the news about Bernie being found, and then just as she reaches over from her desk to grab some files off his desk, Ric quickly takes them and says he has admin to do on them, what he really means is these files have his brown envelope with them, the one full of his brain scans, you’ll have to tell her Ric.


Being highly suspicious and knowing that something isn’t right on her ward, Serena questions Donna about Ric doing all the admin and being so steadfast on doing it, something that isn’t like him, Donna makes the excuse that he’s had to do it because Hansen and herself have been away, quickly taking the patients file from Serena and telling her she’ll get the tests done she ordered and scurrying away, the lingering look from the older woman telling you she knows something is definitely going on, but she isn’t sure what…..yet.

Jac is back from her trip and Fletch and Nicky waste no time in playing along and making funny remarks about a picture that Emma sent to Fletch, this being of Jac made up to look like Elsa from Frozen, the both of them making remarks whilst together and with Jac at the nurses station about building snowmen and letting it go. Fletch admits that Emma sent him the picture of Jac from her holiday, the one that’s set as a wallpaper on the nurses’ station computer, when she sees it she shocks them both by smiling at it and saying that it is kind of funny and walking away, no shouting or anything, just a smile, that’s shut you both up hasn’t it Fletch and Nicky!


Frankie is back on Keller to see Essie, the pair of them discuss how Isla is and Essie shows her a picture from her phone, then tells Frankie that Connor came to see her and that he knows Essie has Isla, that she gave him five hundred pounds to keep him quiet. Frankie then reveals she has a new job in Birmingham and is ready to take Isla back, will Essie give her back though.

Max McGerry the consultant neurosurgeon makes quite the first impression when she appears on AAU to see a patient that Serena is treating, not holding back as she makes certain eye brow raising remarks towards the patient who is called Casey but is non binary and prefers to be referred to as they or them, Max says Casey has snowflake-itis because of how she doesn’t want a scene causing in front of Serena.
Then it’s Serena and Max who have a small war of words when Max asks the other woman for an apology because Serena thought she was a man, Serena says she’s sorry for the error about this but that Max will refer to Casey with their correct pronouns, Max jumps in again and makes a remark about Serena thinking she was the cleaner, which she didn’t, Serena is quick again to say how she expected a phone call, not for the other woman to just turn up and start treatment without a hello. Serena takes her aside from the patient and says she won’t have Max coming here throwing her weight around, that in this hospital process trumps knowledge, also that Max has a CT scan for Casey to arrange, something she a few seconds ago tried to get Serena to do for her, nice one Serena, don’t mess with Ms Campbell Miss McGerry!


In the AAU office, Max and Ric discuss his options for removing his tumour, Serena then walks in and is interested in what’s going on, Ric quickly telling her that he’s asking Max’s opinion for someone else. Max gives him a third option of a high intensity ultrasound, telling Serena she was waiting for the right kind of guinea pig to come along. Unable to keep up the pretence anymore, Ric reveals to his friend and colleague that it’s his MRI scan they’re looking at, his tumour, the look of pure horror is spread all across Serena’s face at the news.


Ric and Serena discuss the news that he’s just revealed to her in the office, she asks who else knows and he tells her Xavier, Donna and Cameron, that they’ve all been trying to help. He tells her he isn’t going to sit at home and wait to die by taking the drugs that they’d recommend, she says that she doesn’t want her friend to be a dead guinea pig by maybe going through the experimental surgery that Max is suggesting.

Chloe asks Cameron about Evan’s final moments, he tells her that his blood pressure dropped, his organs began to fail so he called the crash team and then he died, it’s clear that he’s struggling a lot what with Bernie’s body coming back home and having to plan her funeral, plus what happened in that room with Evan, knowing that he was the one who watched Evan die, and allowed it to happen in the sense of not doing anything to help. Will Chloe accept his version of events or keep asking?


Ric tells Serena and Max that he’s decided he’s going for the option C that Max proposed for his surgery before, she then leaves the two friends to talk about the matter, Serena telling Ric she needs a drink.

Just as Essie meets Frankie outside the hospital to give her Isla back, Frankie says that Essie was right, that she’s not ready yet, asking Essie that if it’s ok with her she wants to go to Birmingham on her own for now at least, and the older woman says she’ll look after Isla for her until she’s ready, telling Frankie they’ll figure it out. Frankie says she’ll never be able to thank Essie enough for all she’s doing and has done for her, before she turns around and gets into a taxi in front of the hospital and then leaves.

In the final action of the episode, Ric and Serena are in the AAU sharing some wine, discussing the surgery and his tumour, he says that he’s choosing life and that’s why he’s opting for the operation that Max had proposed. He says that Holby is full of ghosts, ghosts of which still haunt him, therefore he’s choosing life. Serena tells him that she’s against it, but it’s on his head, literally, to which they both smile and raise their glasses to one another.

Then Ric is on his own in the office, clearing off his desk, putting things in the side drawer, his own voice giving a series of flashbacks of some of the events he’s been through since being at Holby as well as his own thoughts speaking over the scene of him on screen leaving the hospital, walking down the corridor, it all dark apart from the little side lights on the posts of the inside archway as he leaves, the Holby City theme music starting up, good luck Ric, we’re all crossing our fingers for you Mr Griffin, can he be the first to benefit from the surgery that Max has planned for him, or will Serena turn out to be right to be as against it as she is, it’s going to be tense in these next couple of weeks!