Babies, that’s how we’re starting this week, namely Dom and Lofty walking into work, Dom showing him a picture of his gay friends couple new born baby. This leads him to ask if Lofty sees them having a baby of their own, to which the reply is that kids change everything, and questions if Dom is actually ready for the reality of these changes.

It seems Steven didn’t make his journey to leave very far or very long, this is due to the fact he’s back on Darwin as a patient having broken ribs and a collapsed lung, it turns out he fell down the stairs at a train station, question is what caused this collapse.

Hughie Marsh is on Keller for a leg artery bypass, when his girlfriend Lisa comes to visit him, Leah, who herself is on Keller today says that she recognises Lisa when she’s speaking to them both, and asks the other woman if they’ve met before. Quickly Lisa says no and denies them ever having met the F1, could Leah be mistaken?

On speaking to his dad about his leaving and what is going on, Steven reveals that he didn’t just leave, but that Jac was the one who put in his head about running away, leaving them all, the look on Fletch’s face about her interference in this way says it all.

Having seen a patient he was talking to die in front of him despite the AAU teams best efforts, it has got Jason thinking about his own mortality and what would happen financially to Greta and Gweneviere if he himself were to die. While in the new look Pulses with Ric, Ric says that Jason could solve his worries about these things by getting married, thus meaning everything would automatically go to them both. Xavier appears alongside them and says that Jason should go for it.

The results are in and Steven has emphysema and COPD, Fletch questions how Jac couldn’t tell him what was happening in regards to his dad, she comes up the reply that it would’ve been unethical and then leaves the bedside of father and son.

Jason it seems is fixed on the idea of getting married and mentions the idea to Serena, who dodges the issue and says that they’ll talk about it later, before seeking refuge in her office but Donna follows her in and they talk about the marriage proposal. Serena says she’ll end up doing all the arrangements and it’ll all fall on her shoulders, being interrupted by Donna who says she knows a wedding planner that could help out and take all of those things on instead of Serena, this doesn’t stop the worried look on Serena’s face regarding the whole idea.

Xavier and Donna are the next two giving Jason advice on his proposal, he’s telling Jason to go all out, Donna is offering a more low key and simple approach, Jason looks confused by the whole thing and like he doesn’t know which is the right way to do things.

With his operation successful, Steven is in recovery and tells Fletch not to blame Jac for all that has gone on recently, that she cares for him and was looking out for him. This leads to Fletch dropping the little bombshell that he doesn’t want his dad moving back into his house or coming round at all anymore. Getting some air outside the hospital main entrance, Fletch is joined by Freida, she wastes no time in telling him that the thing between himself and Jac is in short a nightmare for the rest of the staff and that she’s personally has had enough of it, will this be the push he needs to try and sort things one way or another between them.

Taking the advice of Freida on board, Fletch makes his way into Jac’s office says that he wants to talk about the elephant in the room, Jac tries to counter his request and says that it is all in his head whatever he thinks and then asks him to leave, but Fletch isn’t listening to her excuses and takes up a comfortable spot on her sofa, telling her that he can wait, unaware of Evie turning up on Darwin.

Fletch is now laying down on the sofa and blowing raspberries, as Jac is at her desk working, after a few of those she is provoked by him to walking over to him and denying that there is anything between them. This lead Fletch to putting himself on the line again, and saying that he knows she feels what they could be together, that she does a good job of hiding herself, but he’s seen it and he likes it a lot, cue the thing Flac fans have been waiting for, a passionate kiss between the pair, this suddenly stops and turns a little sour, or a lot sour, Jac pulls away, saying that he isn’t good enough for her, this horrifies him and he leaves, slamming the door behind him, leaving her stood in the middle of her office, her eyes full of tears, has she succeeded in finally pushing him away due to her own fears?

Next is Leah and Lisa’s turn to be outside the main entrance and talking, Lisa admits that she was the person that Leah recognised from her time as a student at St James’s, Lisa was there with a fractured pelvis, due to this injury it damaged her uterus and this caused her to have to have it removed. The problem being that Hughie doesn’t know about it and wants children further down the line, but she can’t give him what he wants, Leah encourages her to tell him, that due to his love for her he’ll be fine with this news.

Being unhappy to say the least about the news Steven isn’t moving back in, Evie is sat on the stairs where Jac finds her, Jac admits that it was her who made the suggestion about Steven going away, which she apologies for. Evie then reveals that Fletch is always talking about Jac and that she should go out with him. This leads to Jac admitting that her friendship with him means a lot to her, could this be causing her to be worried about going further with Fletch? Jac also says that Fletch’s kids are his world and that it makes them very lucky, cue Fletch finding them together and being relieved that he has found his daughter.

Serena finds a stressed Jason in the store room, they finally get round to discussing the proposal idea, Jason says he does want to make his commitment to Greta official, and this leads Serena to do it in a way that works for him, what could Jason come up with in regards to proposing to Greta, thinking caps on Jason!

Dad and daughter Fletcher seem to have reached a truce and understanding, Evie says to him that she gets that he is trying to protect them, but would he give Steven one more chance for her. Before going to visit Steven and he tells his dad that he won’t be a burden with his health issues, and that he can move back in, this is under another condition of him promising Evie that he’ll stop smoking.

The baby subject is back, Dom and Lofty in Albie’s, they talk about having children and Lofty says that he can see them with a baby one day, but is he just saying this to go along with Dom’s wants and to pacify him at the moment?

In true Jason style, he rings up Greta and expresses how much better she’s made his life and that he’d like to marry her as soon as possible, with Serena, Xavier and Donna looking on from the office door, Jason says that Greta has said yes but also for him to pick up some nappies on his way home, with cheers from the three of them and then they all head back to work, Serena gives a sigh as she takes a moment to pause and consider what has just happened with Greta accepting the marriage proposal, better get looking for a hat Serena!

In the last scene of the episode, harmony seems to be restored in the Fletcher household, Fletch and Evie share a hug on Darwin near the nurse’s station, it’s reveal Jac was stood looking at the nice moment between dad and daughter as Evie heads off, after sharing a brief look with Fletch, she then turns and walks down the corridor away from him, leaving Fletch now the one watching her depart. Can they sort this out between them both, so much so that they decide once and for all where they both stand? Can Jac put her fears aside and follow her heart in regards to Fletch? Come on you pair, sort it out!!