We have quite the sombre start to the episode this week, Ric is looking up at the hospital whilst inside Max in the MRI scan room and seems to be looking at the scan of his brain seen as she’s the one who is going to be performing the risky operation, Serena stood looking at what she’s doing and looking at, a frightened look on her face, clearly not sure at all with what is going to be happening.

Up on Keller ward Dom has quite the surprise patient, Helen, the woman who Lofty slept with when he was away, she’s five months pregnant now and Dom isn’t exactly thrilled to see her, let alone treat her. All of this on top of the fact he’s trying to surprise his husband with an all expenses paid cruise to Hawaii even though he doesn’t know if Lofty likes anything that he’s booked.

As Ric is ready for his operation, Serena comes by his side just as he is about to have the surgery, she asks him to promise her he’ll come back, that they all need him, he promises her he will and then he has an oxygen mask put on him to send him to sleep and then into the machine he goes for his life saving operation, Max and Serena looking on at him, come back to us Mr Griffin, just as Ms Campbell says.
Not long after the operation starts, Max has Ric out of the machine because of the rate of swelling in his brain that’s occurring, a level she’s never seen before, moving him straight into the theatre to remove the tumour itself.
While all of this is going on, an unconscious Ric is walking around a very different AAU, all pieces and people from his past are everywhere in the ward, his deceased son Leo coming into the office to tell him that he’s dead also too.

Leo tells his father how he’s in ‘paradise’ and Diane is the one running the hospital, meanwhile back on the operating table it turns out that there’s been a bleed on Ric’s brain and Max can’t say if he’s going to be ok due to there being a long way to go in the surgery, a worried Serena looks on as the other woman continues her work on the tumour.

Up on Keller Dom and Helen and discuss all that’s happened and happening, he tells her that what happened with her and his husband in America was real, that Lofty will do the right thing when she decides to tell him. Just as Lofty turns up outside Helen’s bed with the curtain pulled around, the woman herself comes out from behind the curtain to show Lofty she’s pregnant, at the same time as women dressed in Hawaiian outfits and playing music to help Dom tell his husband about the holiday, all of this causes Lofty to run out of the ward, his husband follows.
Both of them then discuss the pregnancy and Dom lets slip that he’s known for a while, a few months, enter the look of horror on Lofty’s face.

In Ric’s surgery he starts having a seizure as Max is working on him, she says that he’s bleeding from somewhere but doesn’t know where from, Serena is looking directly at her asking how she can’t know where the bleed is, the panic obvious on her face, can the bleed be found and stopped?!
Meanwhile in his alternative reality, Ric is led on a bed, handcuffed to said bed, with Diane and Leo stood over him, asking if he’ll atone for his mistakes he’s made towards them, he said he will, this leads them to quickly say he’s going to be a heart donor and a young girl with a name tag Erika Johnstone, Ric’s great grand daughter is the girl who is going to get his heart, Ric starts getting frustrated and angry saying that he didn’t and doesn’t want this, that he doesn’t want this to be the price he pays, this being the way he atones for his past mistakes, he asks them please to not do this, starting to shout no and then sitting up on the bed, getting an injection jab in the neck from Leo.

Back in the operating table the defibrillator is brought in by Serena and Max as Ric lies motionless, Serena starts CPR and then they shock him, when it does nothing they increase the charge and shock him again.
Flipping back into the alternative reality, Erika says that he can’t help Diane and Leo, that he never could, taking his hand and leading him through the AAU and down the corridor, telling him that there’s not much time.

Outside Holby Lofty and Helen discuss the unborn child, she tells him all about how Dom has been with her and when he first found out that she was pregnant, that he’s been lovely towards her. Lofty asks what she wants from him, she replies nothing, that he needed to know and now he does, before then saying goodbye to him and walking away, but not getting very far before she collapses to the floor. Back up on Keller Essie and Dom kick into action to treat her, saying she needs an ultrasound scan and that she has an infection.

Serena and Max are still working on Ric in theatre, Serena crying as she gives him some more CPR saying about how he promised he’d come back, that he made a promise to her that he’d come back, that he’d not die. Ric in his own alternative reality is guided out of the building by Erika, he steps through a set of doors that are red with the word EXIT in white on them, outside the hospital he speaks to Diane and they discuss about him not dying, she asks him if he wants to live and he says that he does, that he made a promise, she then tells him that she just wants him to open his eyes in order for him to live, which back in theatre is what happens when the machine beeps into life at Ric’s heart starting again, tears of relief from Serena and a smile from Max.

Lofty and Dom discuss the topic of Helen and the baby,also the fact that Lofty doesn’t like cruises. Both men wonder if this whole situation can work, Dom says it can by them doing it together, being husbands, fathers, by supporting each other, Helen and the baby, that they could be a family. He then tells Lofty that he loves him and Lofty replies that he loves him too. Can this actually work out well for all of them, or is it too much, especially for Dom?

For the last scene of what has been a tense affair, Serena is sat by Ric’s beside, after a few moments he opens his eyes and takes his oxygen mask off, a bandage around his head. Serena says how they thought they’d lost him, and he replies that for a while he thinks they had, she says but he came back, to which he says of course, due to the fact he made a promise, one that he stuck to for Serena and the rest of them that he cares for and loves, cue a smile between the friends and colleagues. We’re very glad you did come back Ric, Holby would never have been the same without our Mr Griffin!