A bit of a Halloween theme to start the episode tonight courtesy of Jason, with his mask on he creeps up on Xavier who is engrossed in his phone near the main entrance, but Xavier isn’t fool and knows it’s Jason straight away. The two of them then start to talk about Jason’s and Greta’s wedding plans, before Jason takes the opportunity to ask Xavier to help him with something, this something turning out to be advice on what suit he should choose, just as they’re talking their conversation is interrupted in rather a dramatic way, this being in the shape of a young woman being pushed out of a car that has just come screeching into the car park at high speed, someone pushing the unconscious woman out of the back seats and closing the door, before it speeds off in the direction it came from.

Rushing over to said woman Xavier sees that she’s injured and bleeding, rather a lot of bleeding, so much so that Xavier, with Jason at his side, asks for the porters hoodie, which is his favourite Jason tells us, but given the situation, or should that be emergency, he hands it over to Xavier who applies it to the wound and then gets Jason himself to help and hold said hoodie on the woman’s bleed as he rings for help from inside the hospital.

Meanwhile inside the hospital, Meena, Lofty and Leah have just got in the lift, no sooner have they got in and the doors close, and then it stops,followed by a bang and a few rumbles, add in most of the lights going out, I don’t think you guys are going anywhere anytime soon, hope no one is claustrophobic.

With Jac in one of the worse moods possible, Fletch and Freida discuss how they could possibly calm her down, when the idea of him being the one to maybe try, he says that he can’t do it, any other options Freida?

The injured woman is now in AAU being looked over by Serena and a few others of the AAU staff, some pills in a little plastic bag are found in her pocket, drugs? When Serena and Xavier rush her to theatre for emergency surgery to try and sort out her bleeding, whilst working on her, and then successfully stopping the bleed, Serena says to Xavier that he should tell Jason that he helped saved the woman’s life.

It seems the claustrophobic one in the lift is Lofty, having borrowed Leah’s brown paper bag from Pulses to breathe into to help calm himself down, hopefully the lift people can get them out asap!

Sian is the woman who was thrown from the car in the car park, it turns out she was in hospital 6 months ago and whilst in hospital she gave birth to a daughter called Kim.
When trying to find out how else he can help find Kim whilst in Sian’s hospital side room, Jason gets shouted at by Xavier, being told that he can’t help find Kim, because he’s just a porter, this outburst sends Jason walking out of the room, as Xavier comes out a few minutes later, Serena is outside and has seen the whole incident, informing Xavier that she didn’t expect that kind of behaviour from him, tut tut Mr Duval.

Attempting to pass the time in the lift, the 3 friends begin to ask each other questions regarding regret, Leah reveals that she regrets falling for a senior consultant and not doing anything about it, adding that its not reciprocated. She tells them that if it all ended today she wouldn’t have taken no for an answer, Lofty and Meena tell her to go for it and this seems to encourage Leah, the F1 saying that she is going to show the object of her affection the error of her ways, I don’t think Serena would agree at all with you here Leah. Will Serena have to fight to keep her away from her?

Xavier sees and then apologies to Jason, both of them shake hands and agree that they’re acquaintances since Xavier tells Jason that he doesn’t ‘do’ friends, Jason seems more than happy to be acquaintances, especially with Xavier. Still trying to find the car that threw Sian out, hearing that Jason has friends in the CCTV room, Xavier asks him to go to see these friends and find out what the reg number is on the car, the porter is more than happy to help with this!

Jason a little while later takes DCI Brown who is investigating the incident with Sian, into the AAU storeroom where he has various boards set up regarding all that is happening with the case, it literally looks like Jason is running the case himself! DCI Brown seems impressed at all he’s done and is more than happy when Jason has discovered the reg number of the offending car, also the detective and Jason, plus Xavier are going to find the midwife who Sian had when she had Kim, to try and find her address for where Kim is right now.

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Sharing a table in Pulses, Xavier and Jason talk about how they both find it hard to make friends, Xavier admitting that he doesn’t let people in, but Jason tells him that he let him in, which Xavier can’t argue with and also goes further to admit that he is a loner, it seems these two really are bonding.

With the ice seemingly on the thaw between them, Jac and Fletch talk, she apologises for what she said to him last week after they kissed, telling him that she’d like things back to how they were, he tells her that he knows about Emma being sent home from school from Frieda, seems he wonders if this is her motive for speaking to him and not actually being bothered about things between them.

With the three friends being freed from the lift, Leah heading off to sort something out, Meena discusses her burden with Lofty, talking about Roxanna and how Gaskell said she was mentally ill and therefore needed looking after, he says that he didn’t think that Roxanna was ill and that if Gaskell actually thought this about her then he should’ve made a referral, this seems to get Meena thinking, will she actually look if such a referral was made by Gaskell? Before then telling Lofty that she needs to speak to someone who knew Roxanna better than either of them, who could this be, Henrik??

Kim has been found and Xavier takes the baby girl to Sian, he tells her that if she co operates with police then they can keep her safe from the drug dealers that have been after her and abusing her, can Sian be convinced to speak out against them is the question, even more so now she has Kim to think about, this remains to be seen.

Freshening up with a shower, Leah and Lofty find one another at the main entrance, both of them going for beers together, with Lofty agreeing to speak to Dom about the fact he himself doesn’t want children, but says he’ll do it another day, could the children issue be a stumbling block for the couple?

Jac and Fletch are talking about things between them, Jac admits that there is something between them and if she was to be with someone she’d want it to be him, but that she can’t because she’ll mess it up and she can’t be the partner he deserves. Fletch questions if she is even willing to try, to which she says that she’ll find a way to mess it up if she did, that she doesn’t want to risk what they have, before questioning if he’d still want to be her friend? Just as we’re seeing more of Jac’s sensitive side and she is about to tell him what her heart is saying, they’re interrupted by Freida and Emma, the little girl is dressed up as a character Freida calls Jacula, Freida you rock! But what does this mean for Jac and Fletch, is there anything more that can get them together??

Heading for the end of the episode, Xavier is sat outside on the bench where he is joined by Jason, when asked by the porter why he pushes people away, Xavier says that bad things happen when he lets people in. In a touching moment between them, Jason asks him to be his best man, to which Xavier eventually accepts after being a bit shocked initially, Jason telling him that he’ll always be there for him, before leaving to go home, Xavier actually looks genuinely touched at Jason’s words, what a lovely friendship they are developing between them!

Donna then invites Xav for a drink in Albie’s which he accepts, whilst they’re there Xavier reveals that a friend of his at uni died of using from a bad batch of ecstasy, and that he was there when she died, and that at the time she was 8 weeks pregnant, another reason why he was so concerned about Kim, that it reminded him of her. Just as he’s about to go and get them some more drinks, Donna stands up with him and gives him a hug, telling him it’s nice to see this side of him, standing there looking at one another for a moment, it looks like something might happen, but before it does he says he’s going to get the drinks, leaving Donna stood thinking to herself as the credits roll, it seems Xavier holds a lot inside, but with Jason and Donna it seems he just might be softening!