A taxi with Serena and Cameron starts us off this week, both of them riding into work together, she says to him that he looks tired and is he sure he doesn’t want the day off, he insists he’s fine and doesn’t want to be off. Stepping out of the taxi Cameron carries Bernie’s ashes in the urn they’ve been put in, he then asks Serena what they do with Bernie, about sharing her, to which the older woman replies that she was his mum and she belongs with him.

In the locker room, Cameron is changing out of his suit and into his scrubs, when suddenly a vision of Evan in a hospital gown appears to his right in the corner of the room between sets of lockers, as Cameron frowns and turns in that direction the vision disappears and he continues getting changed, it seems this is only the start of another trying day for him.

Bea is back on Darwin, the repair that Kian did failed and Jac questions the work that he did to Bea, Jac then recognising her as someone who worked behind the student bar when she was at university, Bea confirms that yes that was her and then Jac says didn’t her and Kian have a ‘thing’ for a while, Bea replies kind of that they did. Can Jac help her out?
It’s not long before Kian has taken over Bea’s care from Jac and she questions if he’s covering his own backside due to the repair failing, but he says that that’s not due to his work, it’s due to weak tissue and he’ll sort Bea out.

Ric is being moved upstairs to Keller ward cos the AAU need a bed, Serena is the one who wheels him there, telling him that his recovery is going well and he’ll be back working on AAU before he knows it. Essie and Dom tell him that they hope he enjoys his stay and he replies that he’s not planning on staying long, something they smile at hearing, just wanting their colleague to get better.

As Kian is comforting a frightened Bea who is nervous and scared about her upcoming operation, the two of them share a hug and he tells her he’ll make it right, before they both lean in for a kiss, something that Nicky interrupts and sees, she pulls the curtain back to see them both and then closes it again quickly, apologising and then walking away. Kian follows her and asks if she needed anything with Bea, Nicky apologises for interrupting and then Kian says Bea is going to have another repair and can they keep what she saw to themselves, asking if he can rely on her discretion, to which she says she’ll do her best, he thanks her for this, you’re lucky it wasn’t Jac Kian!


In the toilets washing his hands, Cameron has another vision of Evan in the mirror in his hospital gown, the vision clearly distressing him, the thought of his inaction with Chloe’s dead ex a few weeks ago plaguing his mind.

Jac calls for Kian to resign as clinical lead as he steps into the office, a confused Fletch also in here wondering what is going on, she says due to an inappropriate relationship with one of his patients. Jac brings up in front of Fletch that Kian and Bea have history, that they were a couple in college, then Fletch asks Kian if he’s in a relationship with Bea now which he denies, Jac says he’s lying and she knows it, she says she’s asked Fletch in as a witness. Kian offers for Jac to join him in theatre to observe, assist and she takes up his offer.


Fletch and Jac discuss her outburst about Kian and then it moves onto her taking about how Jonny and Stacey are moving to Edinburgh, she found out today and that Emma is going with them, she lashes out about the fact she thinks he’s going snatch Emma away and take her away from her, saying to him that it’s not as though his ex is going to come back from the grave and take his children away from him, the look on his face says it all and he walks out of the office, slamming the door as he swings it open, that was uncalled for and cruel Jac!


Mr Lees, Ged, the patient that Cameron is treating is rushed into theatre after he’s been vomiting and had a raised temperature, Serena realises that the nail that he’s sat on that’s caused his injury is longer than Cameron assumed and has done more damage that originally thought, as he’s being wheeled in the direction of the theatre, Ged says that Cameron will look after him won’t he, because he doesn’t want to die, is he going to lose another patient so soon after the Evan incident?


Lofty makes his way to the antenatal class with Helen, the same place that Dom goes too as well, the three of them sitting on the floor together to start the class, can this really go as smoothly as they want it too? Dom ends up falling asleep briefly and then is woken up by Lofty, as Helen is then doing some breathing exercises, Dom keeps repeating for her to do deep breaths and breathe, she opens her eyes and glares at him that she is breathing, just then as he asks her if she wants both him and Lofty there for the birth, to which she asks him to be quiet and then tells them both to get out because she’s had enough, it easier for her to do the class on her own.

Sacha goes into the office to say goodbye to Jac before he flies off on his holiday with his daughters, he senses that something isn’t right with his friend and asks if she’s ok, just as she begins to maybe say what’s really troubling her, she lies that she’s totally fine and that he should go and enjoy his holiday, you should’ve told him Jac.

Just when he thought that himself and Serena had successfully operated on Ged, Cameron hears Serena shouting for the crash trolley just as he’s walking back into AAU, she informs him that Mr Lees is in septic shock and they need to shock him and perform CPR, after a few shocks they get an output and transfer him up to ITU. The test results whilst he’s been on ITU show that he’s going into multiple organ failure because they can’t get the sepsis under control, Serena telling Cameron that there’s nothing they can do, she tells him that no one could have predicted it would turn out like it has, that Ged’s family is on his way and does he want her to talk to them, Cameron declines her offer saying that he will talk to them himself.

Discussing the baby and what’s exactly happening, after Helen walked out of the hospital telling Lofty to call her when he’s sorted himself out and what’s happening with him, the husbands can’t seem to say the right things without irritating each other, Lofty telling Dom that he himself, on his own, needs to work out how he feels about it all. This not going down well with Dom, he replies that when he does know if he wouldn’t mind letting him know what role he wants him to play in this ‘utterly ridiculous situation’ before leaving Lofty in Pulses on his own.


Getting dressed into his own clothes in the locker room having finished his shift and looking to go home, Kian is confronted in said room by Jac who tells him that he might have been able to con and lie to Fletch but she knows he is lying, Kian tells her maybe she should concentrate on her own performance on the ward, and that he made the right call with Bea and that if Jac had been there in theatre like he offered her to be then she’d have seen this wouldn’t she, with Jac not having any comeback for him because he’s right, he walks out of the room leaving her there in silence.

Cameron tells Serena he can’t talk to Ged’s family like he said to which she says it’s alright she’ll talk to them, he then admits he shouldn’t be in work today, that she was right in what she said this morning when they were both coming into work together, she tells him to go home, that that is what compassionate leave is for, just as Serena goes to talk to Ged’s family, Cameron tells her the last thing Ged said was how much he loved his family, can she make sure they know this and she says she’ll tell them.

Kian goes into Bea’s room just before he leaves asking if he’s got any part in her future and she says maybe, admitting to her she makes him want to be half of something again, she says he should go so Jac doesn’t catch them red handed, he tells her he’ll see her tomorrow, her reply is that it sounds like they’ve got a few tomorrows ahead of her, both of them sharing a smile as Kian leaves.

Cameron releases Bernie’s ashes next to the bench at the front of the hospital, before saying ‘Bye mum’ and heading across the grass.


For the last scene of the episode, Jac has a heated confrontation with Stacey on the stairs, after hearing the other woman on the phone she accuses her and Jonny of brainwashing Emma of moving to Scotland with them, Jac suddenly grabbing Stacey’s arm as the other woman goes to head down the stairs, telling her that if she tries to take Emma away from her then she’ll come for her and Jonny and she’ll eviscerate her. Stacey then tells Jac she’s hurting her and her arm, to which Jac says good, before the other woman says that its Jonny pushing for custody not her, that she’s tried to tell him that you can’t split a mum and daughter up, but now after this outburst she can see he’s right and that Emma would be better off with them, be safer with them, saner with them and she’s going to do her damnedest to make sure that that is where she ends up, then she heads off down the stairs. Jac stands reeling at what she’s just done and what she’s just heard, has she just succeeded in maybe losing Emma for good to Stacey and Jonny, and what effect will this outburst and the threat of losing her daughter do to her?