Mr Hanssen is back in the building this week and a welcome sight he is too!
We are then taken back to 24 hours before he arrived back to Holby, himself and Gaskell were in the now infamous Lisbon hospital, both sat at the bedside of Lana, the Professor telling his friend that he didn’t know his parents and as a result he grew up with Lana’s mum who looked after him, so him and Lana became close friends.
Henrik then asks him why he kept Lana a secret, to which Gaskell replies he didn’t, telling his friend that Roxanna knew about her, this seems to surprise Henrik.

Back in Holby in the present day, Meena is heading into the lift because she’s been called to see Henrik, as the doors are opening for her to get in she nearly bumps into Gaskell who is coming out of the lift, he picks up her pen that she drops and hands it too her in silence and then walks off down the corridor, Meena looking rather relieved that the Professor didn’t say anything to her, decided to come back to the place you work then John.

Stepping into Abi’s office where Henrik is, Meena is questioned about Lisbon, he asks her what she knows about the place and what has been going on there, she replies that she knows nothing, he seems to take her answer at face value, that isn’t strictly the truth though is it Meena.

Next in Abi’s office with Henrik is Essie, he reveals to her that he has a niggle about things regarding the Professor that he can’t get rid of, will he act further on this hunch about his friend that he has?

Nanette, the mysterious at first patient on Keller ward turns out to be none other that Xavier’s mum, who has bipolar disorder, this explains her rather erratic behaviour, but not the accusations of Xav himself trying to poison her. Taking Xavier aside he tells him that she has kidney failure and very well may have been poisoned due to what is wrong with her, but the question is by who?

In the staff room, Nanette now calmer than before thanks to Sacha, talks to Xavier, he explains that due to him prescribing the wrong dosage of lithium for her bipolar, it has caused her to feel ill as she does, he then apologies and admits that if he was to admit to Sacha etc what he’s done then he could well be struck off. This is when she steps in and tells him no, that she won’t have him tell anyone what he has done in regards to prescribing her medication, what now though?

Fletch and Essie share in the news on the stairs of her 3 month cancer check, he opens the envelope with the results in because she’s far too nervous to do it herself, smiles all round when it comes back that she’s fine and is given the all clear!

Sacha comes to talk to Xavier who has been sat in Pulses, he informs him that Nanette, who is now stood by the main entrance doors, is going to the psych unit at St James’s, it turns out that she’s told Sacha that she’s been buying said tablets she’s been taking online, Xavier knowing full well that she’s done and said this to protect him and avoid him being struck off. He reassures Xav that she’ll get the help she needs there, and that she’s still his mum, before he departs and heads back up to Keller. Still sat in the same seat taking in what his mum has just done for him, Xavier receives a text message from Meena that reads ‘I’m doing it x’, all systems go it seems!

Josh’s heart operation was a success, but when Jac goes into see him just as he’s waking up, he tells her that his chest feels tight and that his legs feel odd, immediately she orders an MRI scan via Essie, these symptoms she herself had after her own operation courtesy of Gaskell.

Teaming up together to find out more about Lana, Meena and Xavier find out that she in fact a trial patient, and she’s had the operation, Meena telling him that this must be what Roxanna was calling her about the day she had her accident, question is what will they do with this information, if they can do anything.

With Abi resigning from the CEO job, Henrik says to Serena, who has now joined him in the CEO office, that he’ll step in, Serena herself being unsure if this is a wise choice by him given the current circumstances, I share your concerns Ms Campbell.

Just before Jac is about to perform a 2nd operation on Josh, an emergency one to try and help in the symptoms he’s now experiencing, Meena tells her about the grafts and implants and how she thinks that Gaskell has known all along about them and the damage they’re causing.
In the operation itself in which Gaskell is present, unfortunately, it is revealed that Josh has a growth on his spine, and that said growth can’t be separated from his spinal cord because there is too much of it. Jac has the terrible realisation that it’s from Gaskell’s neo conduit graft, the exact same one that she herself has in her.

Next it is Sacha who is voicing his concerns to Henrik, telling the acting CEO that he’s always had concerns about Gaskell and that he really hopes that Henrik knows what he’s doing in all of this, I hope Henrik knows too Sacha!

Still in Josh’s operation, a sudden bleed occurs, this causing Gaskell to just walk out of the operation, almost like he’s given up, Jac follows him soon after, telling the other surgeons to page Henrik to finish and close up the wound on Josh, she herself is in pursuit of Gaskell. She bursts into the lab and confronts him, questioning how long he’s known about all of this, leading her to tell him that he’s cheated everyone, that the mutated stem cells and him are killing people, that he’s been experimenting with lives, basically yes Jac, basically yes.

Next it’s Henrik, maybe acting on his niggle and Sacha’s words and things in general, he finds a scar on Lana’s stomach, causing him to breathe out an ‘Oh John’ into Lana’s ITU room, seems like the pieces about Gaskell are slotting into place for Henrik about his friend too.

With the last scene of the episode in this two part, Jac, still in the lab with Gaskell, tells him that she wants the implant out of her, that he will take it out of her and when she wakes up from said operation, he’ll be gone and it’ll be over, the massive question is will he honour her wishes and does Jac really want him operating on her yet again given what she now knows, personally I’d want anyone but him anywhere near me….next week is going to be tense and drama filled to say the least and I can’t wait!!!