We’re right back in at the deep end this week, Sacha, Frieda and Fletch are all at Jac’s bedside looking increasingly like the worse is going to happen. Frieda informing all of them, particularly Fletch, that without intervention her organs will fail within a few days if not sooner, Sacha adding that the neurotoxin is too powerful in her system.

Xavier is busy on AAU but then gets a call from Alex, informing him that Nanette, their mum has gone missing from St James’s. With the burden of worrying about his missing mum, Xavier then gets annoyed and shouts at Jason, telling him that maybe it’d be best for everyone if he found a new best man. Not long later telling Donna that both her and Jason are better off without him, is this really what he wants though?

A certain neurosurgeon is back on Darwin in the shape of Guy Self, called by Sacha, telling Fletch that he is the only neurosurgeon in the country that they’d not tried, and that he’s the last one he made the call too and wouldn’t have been his first.

Essie asks Henrik to help Meena go and clean up the wet lab because a crime has been committed here and they need answers, the acting CEO looking less than enthusiastic. However he summons the courage to go down there with her, she tells him when they arrive at the door that he’s not alone. Meeting up with Meena in the lab itself, the F2 tells them both that tests on Roxanna show that she did in fact have the neurotoxin in her blood and that Gaskell did kill her too. With this news it seems too much for Henrik and he excuses himself back to Keller, can he fight the grief and pain to help find evidence and information to help Jac.

A young chef who arrived with a nasty hand wound from his cooking, and then Donna discovered scars of self harm on his arms, Xavier preoccupied with his mum being missing, tells her to discharge him which she didn’t do, asking for Serena’s opinion. When Serena has seen said scars and agrees with Donna that he needs extra help with his mental health and other things that might be causing him to injure himself, then calls Xavier into her office to speak to him about why he didn’t act on Donna’s concerns, which were clearly warranted.

Guy performs surgery on Jac, whilst in the surgery he says that the implant is killing her and that he needs to know exactly what’s happened with her. Whilst he’s talking to Henrik after surgery in the staff room, they discuss her previous operation that Henrik and Gaskell did together, the acting CEO telling Guy that Gaskell was an enigma to him, that he didn’t know Gaskell at all, which given the recent events is not far from the truth of things, given how little Henrik did know.

Back on AAU Donna puts herself on the line again with Xavier, admitting that she does want a relationship with him, friends or otherwise, but if he carries on as he is at the moment, then it’ll not happen. Xavier then apologises to Jason for his earlier outburst, reassuring him that he’ll not speak to him like that again, he then regains his position as Jason’s best man, because he wants to be and Jason wants him to be too, all of this in front of Donna, has this gone some way to making up for his earlier behaviour?

A little team meeting is called, one between Guy, Sacha, Fletch and Frieda, all of them talking about the plan of action for Jac, Guy giving his proposal of what he wants to do causes Fletch to walk out, undecided of whether he’s going to give the go ahead, even thought Sacha agreed to it. After spending a little bit of time with Emma, Jac’s daughter, Fletch returns to the room and tells Guy to do whatever he needs to do.

It seems Xavier has also been making some decisions, once again at the nurses’s station in front of Donna and Serena, tells Jason to tell Greta that he’d like to bring a date to the wedding, looking and smiling at Donna as he does so, Serena making the well timed comment of ‘Oh my’ as she sees the moment between them, causing Donna to reply ‘It’s nothing’, Serena giving her own reply of ‘That’s what they all say’, it seems Serena has you both sussed out at this moment, she sees everything on AAU!

Jac is once again in theatre with Guy at the helm, part way through the surgery he informs Sacha that he needs more information about the implant, the neurotoxin and things to do with all of Gaskell’s work to do anymore, then Mo returns to join in on surgery, telling them that they’re not giving up, welcome back Mo!

Down in the lab, the trio of Henrik, Meena and Essie are all rifling through the various papers and files to find the information that Guy needs to help Jac, just when it seems hope is lost, Henrik finds Gaskell’s dictaphone hidden under a secret compartment in a drawer. After a few different coloured substances in test tubes in the lab in the capable hands of Henrik, Meena rushes down with a purple one saying this is the one that’s needed to help Jac and to counteract the problem with the implant. Now comes a lot of tension and breath holding as Guy pours it over the implant to see if it’ll save her.

Henrik still in the lab with Essie, the pair talking about all that’s happened, gets a phone call to say that police divers have found a body, Gaskell.

In ITU Jac opens her eyes, surrounded by the onlooking eyes of Guy, Fletch, Sacha and Mo. When the others leave the room, leaving Fletch alone with Jac, they both say that they need to fill each other in on things that have been happening. As Mo is leaving as it’s the end of her shift, Fletch walking with her to the main entrance, she is going to run Darwin whilst Jac is out of action, she’s the best woman for the job for sure, telling Fletch that he has her for as long as he needs her, this easing his stress and mind.

Also finishing their shifts are Donna and Xavier, both of them heading down the corridor, after a brief conversation, the pair then end up kissing in said corridor, could this be the proper start of things for them both after months of dancing around one another?

It’s then Henrik and Fletch’s turn to talk about all that’s happened regarding Gaskell and his trial, Henrik saying that things need to be done about what’s happened, despite Fletch informing him that heads will roll due to what’s happened, this doesn’t dissuade Henrik and Fletch says he’ll call an emergency board meeting.

The last scene of the episode is rather a morbid, yet sad one in terms of Henrik, as he makes his way into the mortuary viewing room, looking at the dead body of Gaskell on the table, identifying him, and then talks to him for a short while, telling him that whilst he forgives him, he won’t have things brushed under the carpet, almost his way of getting justice and holding Gaskell responsible for all that has happened, not letting him, even in death get away with all he’s done, he then walks out of the mortuary, the credits and theme music following him.

It seems Henrik’s mission for justice could cause all sorts of waves and consequences for the hospital, seems like everyone better get ready for some heads rolling as Fletch says!