Jac starts us off this week, she’s sat at her desk in the office and is having flashbacks from all that went on last week, this until Elliot calls her name from the office door, but she ignores him and walks straight past him and onto Darwin.


Bea has been rushed into Darwin yet again, she’s suffering from chest pains and a high temperature, what could be the matter now? It turns out that she’s got an infection and needs to stay in hospital whilst they put her on antibiotics. Chloe suggests taking the valve out before it gets septic, but Kian says he doesn’t want to put her through anymore surgery unless he needs to.

Helen makes her way back into Holby to see Lofty, as they sit in the staff room downstairs talking, she says she has a solution to the expense of different things like the cost of two buggies etc, that they live together. She says she thinks they can make a go of it, that they must have been attracted to each other for her to get pregnant, that they can do it together like a real couple, real parents. She tells him she loves him when he asks for confirmation that she means them two living together with no Dom, that could be rather tricky to say the least given that it is his husband Helen.


Lofty tells Helen that him and Dom are a unit, that he is the one that he loves. Helen replies to this that as far as she’s concerned, Dom isn’t part of the equation and he needs to respect this, just as the man in question comes into the staff room. With Helen walking out of the room, Lofty tells Dom what she’s said about him not being involved. Lofty apologises to his husband, telling him that she can’t cut him out like this because he’s the baby’s dad and that means he has rights. Dom says he can’t do anymore than he already has done, and that Lofty needs to go and figure it out.

Elliot speaks to Fletch about Jac, he says to the younger man that handing over Emma has had more effect that she realises. Fletch agrees and says that Jac is hanging on by her fingernails and she’s the only one who can’t see it.


Making her way with Lofty onto AAU Helen tells Serena that she’s not felt the baby move for a day or even more than a day, could this head be heading very wrong and badly for her and Lofty, or is there an innocent reason for the lack of movement? Fleur makes her way to AAU to help with Helen and the baby, telling Serena it’s been too long since they both went out for a drink. Serena says she’ll fill Fleur in with the story of why Lofty is the father when he’s married to Dom. Fleur then says although Helen just has said she’s felt the baby kick, she’ll do a scan just to be on the safe side.


In one of the side rooms on AAU Fleur starts to do the scan,not long after she begins she looks towards Serena, who gives her a look back, then Fleur asks for anyone who isn’t her, Lofty or Helen to leave the room, because she doesn’t do well with a crowd. When Serena and Dom have left Fleur continues the scan, then breaks the news to Lofty and Helen that there’s no heartbeat, that the baby has died, she tells them both that everyone is here to support them during this time. Lofty tells Helen that he’s here for her, whatever she needs, it’s just him and her. Helen tells him she thinks she needs to deliver the baby now.


Jac is in her M&M meeting talking about the surgery she performed on Sandra last week, Max then asks why she did the chest wall resection,instead of the more straight forward wedge resection, Jac replies she thought it was the best option for her patient. Max then asks Jac some more questions about the surgery she performed and why she failed to let Elliot assist, just as Elliot is about to respond, Kian comes into the meeting having run all the way from Darwin, needing Max’s assistance with Bea, who is fitting on the ward, the infection she has having spread to her brain.

Elliot tells Jac the extent of his health problem and what’s been going on, he tells her that he needs that surgery and needs it now. He says no to her doing any tests on him, nor the operation, giving her another firm no as he raises from the sofa in the office and heads for the door, Jac looking annoyed.


Max gets all the staff together on Darwin, telling them that as of now Darwin is under special review, she says that ‘end of term report says must do better’, giving them all a smile and then walking away, leaving them all looking at one another.

Lofty speaks to Helen in the side room after she’s given birth to their stillborn son, he says that their little boy will always be an unbreakable bond between them both and that he needs to know that even now his mummy and daddy love him, just as she starts crying against him, Lofty telling her that it’s about time for her to meet him now. With the baby having been brought into them both in the room they name him William Chiltern, Serena and Fleur are in there too to support them.

For the last pieces of action of the episode for this week, Elliot once again is in the office with Jac, saying that she needs to take a step back from it all, he asks her if she feels better in herself. She replies and says that no one used to question her, yet now they talk about her behind her back and whisper she’s not up to it. That she thought she’d come back to work and get right back on track because she herself knows what she’s capable of, that she just needs to remind everyone else. Then asking Elliot to help her do this, that he would if he cares about her, she says that she needs to be the one who does the operation on him, not Kian, asking him to help her, that she needs this, the question is will he take such a risk?

In the final scene of this week, Lofty and Dom are sat outside on the bench where Lofty tells him his sons name and Dom repeats it, the two of them holding hands together as the camera drifts off them and into the sky.