Ms Campbell, a tense looking Ms Campbell is heading the start of this weeks episode, sat in her car in the car park, almost steeling herself to step out, when she does, she heads into the main entrance. On a voice over as she makes her way to AAU she’s talking to Bernie about all that’s happening and how she’s feeling, but we find out this is due to the fact she’s now sat in her office writing an email on her computer, but then decides that it’s probably rubbish and deletes it all and just as she’s about to start rewriting it, Tara Doyle of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) appears at the office door, seems your email may have to wait Serena.
With Serena giving a team talk not long later, Leah claps her at the end of it, leaving Serena looking awkward and uncomfortable, I don’t think she likes that Leah, just a thought.

Up on Darwin Mo and Nicky are discussing Nicky’s future in Holby, with the F2 stating that after her F2 year she’d like to join Darwin permanently, and asks Mo to put in a good word to Jac, Mo says she’ll try, no easy task though is it.

Mr Vernon arrives on AAU in not a happy state to say the least and missing 4 of his fingers, courtesy of his wife who has cut them off after she suspected him of having an affair. A little while later, his wife and fingers appears on the ward, his fingers in a plastic, zip bag, just as it seems he’s smoothed things over and his wife is going to hand over said digits, his mobile rings with a woman’s name appearing on said call, with this happening right in front of her eyes, his wife vanishes from the ward, clutching the bag.

Again Serena is trying to write the email to Bernie, pausing to clutch her water bottle to her warm face, before Meena is the one to interrupt this time, asking for her help, it seems everyone is determined to interrupt at the moment, in a flash forward in time, Meena is sat in a meeting with Tara, when they’re talking, it seems the F2 is going to or thinking about quitting.

The scorned wife Vanessa, of the finger man Saul Vernon it turns out in her anger has binned said bag of fingers, so feeling responsible, Leah says she’ll go to the yet to be collected bins in the basement and look for them to see if she can locate them. Serena goes down shortly after to see if there has been any progress to which Leah says no, this causing the senior surgeon to help Leah look for them, since they’ve only got an hour left to find them in which they can still successfully attempt to reattach the fingers.
When they return to AAU having found no trace of said digits, Donna is the saviour of the day and has found them, this giving the green light for Saul’s operation.

In one of the more out of the ordinary things to be seen done by a patient on Darwin, is Ezra, who when he’s alone on his ward, shocks himself with the defibrillator, causing Nicky and Frieda to rush in and have to use the same machine to shock him back to life. It turns out he is or was doing experiments about death and if there is a life after death, trying to get some sort of proof to prove such a statement, vying for some kind of ‘fame’.

Henrik is next on Tara’s list of talks she’s having with staff members, but Mr Hanssen isn’t in any mood for what he sees as Tara ‘going around the houses’ getting irritated and telling her in no uncertain terms that he’s prepared to resign due to what’s happened with Fredrik and Gaskell, the guilt he carries obvious for all to see.
Mauve, the patient of Henrik, who has early onset Alzheimer’s, walks out of the ward onto the roof stairs, luckily Henrik and Dom manage to find her, and with some gentle coaxing, tells her he’s her Doctor and that she’s not alone, because he’s there, this gentle manner of his works and he takes her back to the ward, nice going Mr Hanssen, see this is why you can’t resign!

Concerned about Ezra’s ‘obsession’ with the life after death things, Nicky books him in for a psych consultation, telling him that it might help him, I think you maybe right Nicky.

With Saul out of surgery in which Serena managed to attach all but one finger back on, Vanessa appears in his side room and the husband and wife declare their love for one another, in this moment Leah glances towards her boss, when Serena then leaves the room and goes to her office, as she enters and then goes to shut the door, she glances up and sees Leah looking straight at her, giving the F1 a quick look and then closes her door, does the younger woman still want to pursue her boss?

Mo and Jac are talking up on Darwin just as Jac is due to go home, the head of Darwin is worried about going home due to how she’s been poorly when she’s returned home before and wanting to look after Emma. Mo tells her that all Emma wants is her love. Then it’s Nicky who is speaking to Jac, telling her she wants to stay on Darwin, Jac tells her that it takes a certain type of person to thrive on Darwin and it isn’t Nicky, the younger woman looks deflated at this comment. In the locker room a short time later, Mo finds out what Jac has said, telling the F2 not to give up just yet, that Jac will come round, will this give her the boost she needs, especially coming from Mo,and the fact she’s the acting head of Darwin and seems to believe in Nicky and her ability.

That email that’s been causing trouble for Serena all day, is once again being worked on by the AAU lead, as she’s attempting to write it, Leah appears at her office door, her and Serena talk and the F1 apologises for the various mistakes and mishaps that have gone on during the shift, Serena tells her it’s fine, mistakes happen and for her not to be so hard on herself, the next thing both of them know is a kiss is happening between them, Serena quickly pushing Leah away and apologising, Leah also apologising, saying she knows Serena is in a relationship. When the F1 walks out of the office, a horrified and visibly distressed Serena, quickly finishes her email to Bernie, letting her know she needs to speak to her tomorrow, before tearfully putting her head in her hands, the look of regret all over her face.

Meena and Nicky are heading for home, where Meena reveals to her friend that she’s resigned and taking the rest of her holidays so she can leave now, telling her that she doesn’t want this career anymore, but tells Nicky that she very much belongs at Holby, embracing one another, they both decide to head to Albie’s together, it seems that their friendship is back on track despite the change of directions for them both.

In the final scene of the episode, Serena and Henrik are in the CEO office, looking at the empty chair, discussing how the board are looking to appoint an interim CEO to steer the hospital through all that’s gone on recently,Serena saying how she doesn’t envy someone picking up the poison chalice of being the CEO of the hospital, with both of them turning to focus on the chair as the credits start to roll.

Question is, who is going to pick up the ‘poison chalice’ of the interim CEO, what is Serena going to do about the kiss with Leah? Is Leah going to back off? What is going to happen to Berena in the coming weeks?

We’ll all just have to wait and see, I’m more than buckled in for the ride, bring it on!