We’re straight into the action of theatre this week with Serena doing the operation and Leah looking on from the room outside, when Ms Campbell in scrubbing out, complete with scrubs, the senior surgeon flinches away when the F1 reaches out to touch her forearm, the conversation then being about their kiss last week. Serena telling her that what happened last week can’t happen again, saying she’s sorry if she lead Leah on at all, not that the F1 would take any to much encouragement at all, we saw that after her first shift in Albie’s, Leah letting her know it’s fine.

There’s quite a party, namely a stag party happening at Albie’s, Dom and Lofty the stags, dressed in dog costumes, as you do! When Lofty runs to be sick in the toilets, Dom follows him to see if he’s ok, the pair then talking about if in fact they’re rushing things in regards to getting married. Lofty telling his fiance he’ll stay at his nan’s seen as it’s the night before the wedding, kissing Dom on the cheek as he leaves. Is he having doubt about marrying Dom?

After another trip back to theatre to stop a bleed from the patient that’d not long been in theatre, Serena manages to stop it and then makes her way to the on call room, not wanting to go home in case something happens. As she’s led in the bed in there, there’s a knock on the door, Leah telling her that there’s a bed free on the ITU, so they’re going to take the guy patient up there. After the vascular surgeon expresses there being no point in her going home to an empty house and cold bed, Leah takes her chance and leans in to kiss Serena, telling the older woman that she can’t help herself, after a few seconds Serena opens the door to the on call room and Leah enters.

A little while later Serena is sat at the nurses’ station, seeming to have given up on attempting to sleep, Bernie appearing behind her covering her eyes and surprising her, and by god is Serena surprised having not expected to see her at all. Moving to the office the pair of them embrace and kiss, before Jason comes in the office and himself and Serena find out that Bernie wanting to surprise them both by just arriving without telling them.
With the three of them sat in the office, Jason showing Bernie baby pictures on his phone, Serena is daydreaming, preoccupied, Bernie sees this and asks if she’s ok, as Jason leaves and the pair of them go to kiss again they’re interrupted by Leah, Serena introduces them both and then goes onto the ward to a patient Leah needs her to look at, it seems Bernie is maybe a little suspicious of who Leah actually is.

Not long later Serena asks to speak to Leah, the pair of them move to a side room where no one else is, they discuss what’s happened between them, Leah says she’s not asking anything of Serena and that whatever problems her and Bernie have, she doesn’t want to be one of them, as she goes through the doors to go home, Serena mumbles that she kind of is one of the problems, the senior surgeon looks flustered and tense, not too mention guilty.

Bernie having been basically sent out of watching the surgery Serena was performing, by Serena herself, the vascular surgeon snapping at her girlfriend and telling her to leave and not watch the operation. This leads Bernie to the staff room on AAU, where her and Donna talk, the trauma surgeon voicing the fact she feels something isn’t right with Serena, Donna tries to reassure her and tells her that whatever is happening, they can through it as a couple because they belong together, will this help reassure Bernie?

With the surprising and also worrying news that Lofty didn’t go to his nan’s after the stag do last night, an obviously panicked Dom goes into Detective mode and enlists Essie’s help in ringing round places where his fiance might have gotten too last night, can she help find out where he is?

Deep in thought in the on call room, Bernie gets up off the bed as Fletch comes into the room, the two of them sharing a hug and then they talk about how they’ve both been, Bernie telling him that Nairobi is basically her dream job, as he asks if her and Serena have kissed and made up, that Serena is just frustrated. Bernie then admits that she’s going to be away for another 1 to 2 years, and that she’s worried that Serena is going to get her head turned by someone else, Fletch again tries to reassure her that Serena only has eyes for her before he leaves the room, is Bernie believing of what he says?

Still no sound or sight of Lofty, Dom tries to report him as a missing person, but can’t do this due to him not having been missing for at least 48 hours. Henrik then takes him into his office and they talk about what’s happening between them both and how Dom is feeling, half way through this talk, a familiar figure in a dog suit walks onto Keller ward, Lofty.

Auntie and nephew, namely Serena and Jason, engage in a talk in the AAU staff room about marriages and infidelity, as Jason has been reading divorce statistics. Guilt and tension is all over Serena’s face as they talk, reassuring him that himself and Greta will be fine because they’re good people.

Out of the dog costume and into his own clothes, Lofty explains that due to his drunken state, he ended up waking up in a bus depot and walked 18 miles, his phone and wallet missing, to get to Holby, assuring Dom that he wouldn’t just stand him up as Dom was thinking was the case. As they continue to talk, it’s decided all be it reluctantly by both men, that they need space to think about things between them, Lofty telling Dom he’ll go to his nan’s, is this the end of the relationship?

Riley the dog has been quite the prominent feature in Frieda’s shift since she found him in the car park, his owner, Mr Mosley who is a patient on Darwin that Frieda has been looking after, tells her she can borrow him till he gets out since her and the dog have bonded, with a smile she agrees to his offer, smiling Frieda is always good!

Back in her office, Serena tries to call Bernie but is met by her voicemail, she leaves a message saying that she needs to tell her something, this is going to be something that she won’t like. Enter Fletch, not for the first time today coming into the office, he sees that something is troubling her and they talk, as they do Serena breaks down and gets upset in front of him, saying that she’s ruined everything. He comforts her and tells her to just talk to Bernie, saying that the messing up that people think they do is after they’ve done something wrong, therefore making it worse, not a bad point Fletch!

Having gotten Serena’s message that she left, Bernie comes to the office, before Serena can reveal what she wanted to actually tell her, Bernie tells her that the long distance between them isn’t working, and due to this she’s handed in her notice at the NTC, and that she’s coming home and they can do this all properly between them this time. Embracing in the office, a guilty and fraught looking Serena holds on tight to Bernie as the credits roll.

When will she tell Bernie what’s happened and when she does, what will Bernie say? Will some divine intervention help to solve some of the issues the couple have?
Will Dom and Lofty get married after all?
Will Jason and Greta get married too?
All these questions I guess will be answered in next weeks and future episodes, hold on tight everyone, I feel the roller coaster still has a few ups and downs before 2018 is out!