Holby City E50 S20 Review:- The Right Sort of Animal


Xavier in his claret coloured suit is walking us into tonight’s episode, he is taking his best man position very seriously, even if as he’s heading into the hospital to find and collect Serena, Fletch delights in making fun of him, good old Fletch.

Talking of Serena, there’s been a little bit of a mix up with her dry cleaning in regards to her wedding outfit and she has currently been left with a very sparkly, coloured dress, one that she clearly refuses to wear or even go near, claiming to have already worn such a frock in the 80’s, very fetching Serena!

Suddenly we’ve got Jason, Greta, Lexy the vicar and Sydney accompanied by Bernie coming into AAU, there’s been an accident at the church with a falling stained glass window, Lexy seeming to come off the worse with a big section of it impaled in her abdomen, all hands on deck people, not ideal wedding preparation.
With so many injuries on AAU and all needing treatment at the same time, Bernie asks to borrow Leah as an extra pair of hands, and she says she can. Then it’s Serena and Lexy who are talking, the vicar asking Serena ‘How much of a mess is it?.. The mess between you two?’ don’t lie to Lexy now Ms Campbell.

Still with faith in Nicky on Darwin, Mo has put the F2 up for a junior lead position, saying that the place needs someone like her. She also tells her that she’s booked her in for an interview that afternoon for the role, seems Mo has real belief in the young doctor, just needs Nicky to have the same kind of belief in herself, that’s if she really wants to do this.

Lexy once again persists when Serena heads back onto AAU, calling her over and saying that if Serena won’t talk to her about what’s going on with¬† Bernie, then talk to someone, or better still talk to Bernie herself about all of it, this causes a little sigh in the surgeon.

It seems that the expression over Serena’s face, teamed with her behaviour has told Bernie all she needs to know about what’s troubling her girlfriend, and she says as much as Leah departs from their conversation in the corridor as Serena comes around the corner, she tells Serena that it’s to do with herself and Dr Faulkner isn’t it, got it in one Bernie.

In their office in AAU, they discuss all about what’s been happening with Serena, Serena herself telling Bernie that none of this is her fault. This is counteracted by Bernie saying that Serena should’ve told her sooner so she could’ve helped her sort it out, then going onto saying that she feels hurt by the news, but does think that this issue isn’t insurmountable and thinks that it is solvable, this seems to bring a bit of relief to the tense and upset expression Serena is wearing, is this a glimmer of hope for the couple?

There seems to be big trouble between Dom and Lofty, after Dom’s ‘grand gesture’ of rhyming off all the reasons why he loves Lofty in front of the whole of Keller, Dom is brought back down to earth with his fiance telling him that if they can’t just sit and talk together, without needing big gestures like has just happened then it won’t work, can they find some common ground before it’s too late?

Not knowing what else to do to try and save his relationship, Dom expresses his feelings of wanting to marry Lofty to Xavier, who points him in the direction of talking to Greta, her straight to the point and honest view of how she views her impending marriage to Jason, seems to stir something in Dr Copeland, a smile appearing on his face as he heads out of her side room, does he have a plan?

With her video interview seeming to have gone badly, when Nicky talks to Mo after it, she tells her how badly she thought it went, thanking Mo for her help but telling her she thinks that nothing will come of it, her attitude seems rather defeatist and like she’s given up on the whole idea.

After a brief conversation with Robyn of Casualty in Pulses, the pair are then joined by Dom, he tells his fiance that he stills wants to marry him, then going on to have a brief talk with Lofty about the both of them figuring being married out together and any problems they may come across, telling Lofty that he loves him, this seems to be the kind of talk Lofty was on about before, admitting his love for Dom and agreeing to marry him, it’s back on!

Two couples preparing to get married in the one ceremony, Serena helps Jason with his bow tie in the office, reassuring her nephew that her and Bernie are ok. As all the guests and couples head outside to the little wedding venue in the green of the hospital outside the main entrance, Reverend Richard Coles makes a guest appearance as Henry de Havilland, a friend of vicar Lexy to lead the proceedings. After a reading from Bernie, and the vows, they exchange rings and then are encouraged to kiss to seal the ceremony by the reverend, all of them then heading to Albie’s for the joint receptions.

It’s whilst they’re all in Albie’s that Serena and Bernie sit and the bar and start talking, Serena mentions Jason comment a little while before the weddings, that he couldn’t imagine Bernie pushing a swing and not being in some fast paced work place abroad, they then go onto talk about things between them and where they both are in their lives, and what Bernie would be leaving behind if she gave up things in Nairobi. Serena saying that she wouldn’t forgive herself if Bernie gave it all up for her, this prompts Bernie to say that she feels the same if she made Serena move to another country and leave her family and her Holby family. Bernie adds that although they love each other, they can’t be together, as both of them hold hands, it clear that it’s a painful conversation that they’re having, but one that has been needed, Bernie trying to lighten the situation a little by saying they’re ‘just not the right sort of animal’ in reference to part of the reading she did at the wedding that she was asked to do by Jason and Greta.

Lofty takes up the microphone to sing his version of ‘Only You’ to his new husband, Dom looking on with a big smile on his face. The camera then pans to Serena and Bernie who are watching him sing, Bernie whispering to Serena that if anyone hurts her then she’ll be on the next plane home, this seems to make Serena that bit more emotional, forcing a smile and not tears at this point.

Back up on Darwin, Mo tells Nicky that she made it through to the second round of interviews for the junior lead position, thinking that Nicky may have totally given up, she surprises Mo by telling her that she’s think about it, go on Nicky!

In the last scene of what has turned out to be another brilliantly put together roller coaster of emotions, Greta throws her bouquet into the sea of guests, and Serena catches it, she then immediately looks through the crowd to see where Bernie is as she mouths to herself ‘Where’s Bernie?’. Bernie in the commotion has made her way to the door of Albie’s, looking across at Serena as she pauses, giving her a smiling salute and then a little wink before leaving the party and Holby, but before Serena can react to seeing Bernie go, Donna and the others get behind her and start a conga around Albie’s, Serena leading them with a smile on her face and clutching said bouquet, enter the famous Holby theme tune and credits!