Holby City E51 S20 Review:- Family Ties


A hungover Nicky in bed is beginning the episode for us this week, she’s sipping water and looking a little bit worst for wear, add in the fact she fishes a pair of rather festive men’s boxers from under her duvet, the owner of them is nowhere to be seen as the F2 puts her head back under the duvet.

Now in work, Nicky makes her way onto Darwin and to her first patient of the day, said patient turns out to be Dan, this being the owner of said festive boxers and the guy that she slept with in a drunken haze last night, he’s on the ward after suffering from chest pains and also has a few unexplained bruises on his body, this could be an interesting case for the F2.

Another little surprise on Keller is for Sacha in the form of Beka, his daughter. As they talk about her turning up like she has, she tells him she’s been arguing with her mum and that things haven’t been good, that she can’t decide where she wants to go in terms of her next career move.

Dan is quite the persistent guy in regards to telling Nicky he wants to take her out on a date, but she’s suspicious, she knows him from school and during school he didn’t want to know her there at all, does he have some ulterior motive for being friendly with her now?

Sheilagh the lovely gran of Lofty is unfortunately back on Keller ward, the old lady has been suffering from a combination of tummy ache, bloated tummy and constipation, these symptoms she reveals have been happening for the past few months, but to a horrified Lofty she’s not said anything because she didn’t want to worry him.

To AAU we are next, with Serena at the nurse’s station and Jason comes over to speak to her about Christmas arrangements, much to his horror she tells him that she is thinking of going on a yoga retreat over Christmas, that he has his own little family to enjoy Christmas with, an upset Jason walks away, not happy at Serena’s news as he wanted her to spend Christmas with them, is she really going to go away over Christmas?

After tests and scans have been done, Sacha informs Sheilagh that she has intussusception, which is a polyp in her colon and that part of her intestine is folding on the part next to it, and that he needs to operate on her to help her feel better, we’re all rooting for you Sheilagh, you’re in good hands with Sacha!

The man who has been in the fight and ended up on AAU is having trouble breathing is taken into theatre by Serena, Leah helping her, the discussion turns to Serena’s yoga retreat idea for Christmas. Leah says that Christmas on your own isn’t fun, that she herself knows this from experience of having it on her own a few years ago. Serena admits there are too many memories for her to be here. Leah counters this by saying that she’d be here with Jason and his his little family, that it’s the chance for Serena to make new memories, that she deserves this, can this new perspective change the surgeons mind?

Thanks to the work of Sacha, Henrik and Essie in theatre, Sheilagh’s operation is a success, but she’ll have to stay in Holby over Christmas, Sacha and Henrik telling Lofty that they’ll both look after her when they’re away on honeymoon. She also tells the newlyweds to go on their holiday and leave her in peace, both men get as far as the hospital car park in the taxi, but before they properly leave to go to the airport, they both decide that they can’t leave her, especially not at Christmas and turn back round in the taxi.

Still suspicious of Dan, Nicky takes his phone whilst he’s recovering from the operation he’s had to stem a bleed that was on his heart, she looks through his pictures and nestled in the pictures of her he sees one of the injured man in AAU, confirming that Dan is indeed in fact responsible for the horrific and serious injuries the man suffered. Armed with this information she confronts Dan with what she knows, he tells her to keep quiet, Mo coming to find out what the heated argument is about, in her office where she takes Nicky, Nicky admits she slept with Dan the night before but also about the man in AAU and the fact there’s proof that Dan is the person responsible, Mo telling Nicky to do the right thing and tell the police who are still in AAU, what she knows, will the F2 do the right thing?

A little few words of wisdom from Henrik and Sacha is talking to Beka, telling his daughter about his depression and how he’s been suffering whilst she’s not been here, that he’s staying at Jac’s due to it all. Admitting today is one of his bad days, and that a while ago he thought of ending it all by committing suicide, but stopped before he did anything. Lots of tears follow and both dad and daughter embrace, Beka telling her dad that she wants to help him, well done Sacha!

Wanting to make amends with Jason, Serena speaks to him in her office, telling him that she wanted to run away from the memories of Elinor and Bernie, but knows that that isn’t the right thing to do and she should be around people she loves at Christmas. Jason in his lovely manner telling his Auntie that he wants him at his house for Christmas, that it wouldn’t be the same without her, aww Jason you’re so sweet!

Nicky does the right thing and tells the police about what she knows about Dan and how he is the person who put the man in hospital in AAU. Speaking in the office with Mo, she tells the F2 that she won’t allow Nicky to fail, but that in order to help her she needs to be let in by Nicky. Leaving it to the F2 to tell Dan that she’s told the police about him and that before giving his phone back and deleting the pictures he took of her, she sent the incriminating one of the injured man to her own phone as evidence for the police.

It seems Sacha won’t have to worry about Beka leaving him and spending no time with her any time soon, especially over Christmas as she tells him that she’s going to spending time with him and not going anywhere soon so she can support him with what he’s going through with his depression.

After quite a day of it, and it being Leah’s last day at Holby, herself and Serena are in the office together, where she presents the lead of AAU with a present of some lingerie, but is quickly reassuring her that it’s no way a come on towards the older woman, she is well aware of nothing happening between the two of them, but it’s so Serena can ‘celebrate how hot you are’ and encourages her to use the present to make herself feel better when she gets back into the dating scene, trying to help Serena’s confidence within herself. Donna is well timed at coming in and seeing the lingerie, making a quick exit, before both women say goodbye and good luck to one another and then sharing a friendly final hug.

Better late than never Nicky attends her presentation for the junior doctor lead, knowing she’s late but asking the three interviewers that she be able to do it, and they agree, can she make a good impression after all the chaos of the day?

In the final part of the episode we end in Albie’s, some of the staff have come along for a drink together, Sacha and Henrik are sat together and Sacha thanks him for his help today with Beka and telling her what’s been happening. Then Henrik suggests that they both have Christmas dinner together seen as they’re both working on that day, Sacha with a smile on his face says that he’d like that, oh you guys are both lovely! 

And there we go for another week, who knows what Christmas drama and emotions are awaiting us next week, with Holby it could be anything, even the roller coaster of drama doesn’t stop for Christmas at Holby!