Lofty riding into work on his bike is how we’re starting off this episode, he glances at the set up for his and Dom’s vow renewal, the same place that they got married in, right in front of the entrance to the hospital on the grass. This casual cycle is cut short as he crashes into Max Walker the old porter from Casualty, who is emerging backwards from behind a parked van, and knocks him to the floor injuring his right arm.


As Dom, Lofty, Ange and Carol are looking at the winter wonderland set up for the vow renewal, a passing Essie goes to hand Dom some papers she’s found for him, handing them to Lofty first, the problem is, they’re papers about the adoption process, not exactly the best or great timing for Lofty given that he’s just lost his unborn son. Inside in the corridor Lofty makes his feelings clear on how bad timing the whole adoption subject is, telling Dom he never wants to feel a pain like he’s experienced losing a child again, that it’s all too recent for any talk of any adoption at all.

Essie is going to stay with Sacha for a little while since her neighbour above fell through her ceiling in her bath, so her and Isla need somewhere to stay, Sacha agrees to let them both stay for a while until the repairs are all done in her place, is this wise of you Mr Levy?

Phoebe is back to see Chloe….again, this time up on Keller where Chloe is stationed this week, she comes to see how Chloe is getting on, if she needs anything, also asking if she’s had her scan yet. Chloe quickly gets rid of her, saying she’ll meet Phoebe downstairs and then they can talk, does she really want to talk to her, doesn’t seem like it.


Carol is the next to ask Dom if everything is alright between him and Lofty, since she saw their heated discussion after the adoption process papers fiasco. She asks him if this is all he really wants seen as Lofty doesn’t want children, but it seems Dom does and is just going along with things so Lofty is happy, Dom doesn’t answer Carol’s question of if this is what he really wants in terms of no children, instead he walks away in silence.

Whilst Lofty is looking at Max’s medical records as he’s led in bed, having been taken to AAU for treatment, he says that Lofty seems unsure about things in terms of him and Dom, but Lofty dismisses it and says he isn’t unsure. But then gets Donna to do the blood gases he was meant to be doing and walks out of the ward, straight into Carol. The pair of them go and sit on chairs in the corridor and talk, she asks him that if he doesn’t want children, then why is he with Dom. Lofty says he’s with him because he loves him, but after that he doesn’t know, she tells him that if there isn’t anything else then one will be lying to the other for the rest of time, that it’ll put lots of pressure on the relationship and marriage is hard enough. Then she questions why they’re doing today, is it to start again or to cover up all the mistakes?


Out in the winter wonderland, Chloe talks to Dom about having the baby and whether she wants to have to tell them where they come from like Ange had to with her a little while ago. Dom asks her what she wants and she says no more secrets, does this mean she’s made a decision about what she is going to do? Then Chloe goes and talks to Phoebe, she tells her that she needs to know what kind of man her brother was, going on to tell her that they didn’t plan this pregnancy, that they didn’t sleep together, that Evan raped her. She in not so many words tells Phoebe that she isn’t going to keep the baby, just as Ange arrives at the end of the corridor as Dom told her that Chloe needed to see her.

The ceremony for Dom and Lofty has no sooner began, when Lofty turns to his husband, in front of the guests and tells him he thinks he should break up with him. Off to the side, away from full view of their waiting guests the two men talk about why they’re doing this, Lofty saying that they tried being married but it just didn’t work.

Meanwhile in the locker room whilst getting changed for said vow renewal, Chloe reveals to Ange that she’s pregnant from Evan’s rape, Ange telling her daughter that she’s not to blame that that’s Evan still in her head. Ange goes onto say that she wanted Dom and Chloe, that it had nothing to do with the fathers, so she just carried on with things despite the bad situations and circumstances, because as a parent that’s what you do when you have children.


Lofty goes to speak to Max and tells him that he was right in what he was saying before the ceremony, that he did lose his confidence and this is a chance for him to do something about it now. Dom then appears on AAU to find Lofty and the two talk, Dom says it’s the most expensive breakup that he’s had, Lofty then says how they can’t be friends, nor live and or work together, that it’ll not work, also that he doesn’t like coming home to himself, that he just wants a chance to be himself again, pointing out that Dom too has changed in the last year, that they aren’t the same people they were a year ago, that Dom gets to be him finally. With Lofty saying Dom doesn’t deserve him being the one to break up with him, not after all Lofty has put him through, it’s Dom who takes off his wedding ring, hands it to Lofty and tells him he thinks they should break up, then walks away.

Chloe has made an appointment to have an abortion, saying that she doesn’t want children and asks Ange to go with her, which she agrees to do.

Lofty hands in his resignation to Serena, telling her he needs to do this, that he wants to try and build something new, that he can’t do that here.


For the last scene of this emotional episode, Lofty is getting on his bike to go to his grans and says to Dom that he’ll sort getting his stuff somehow. Dom gifts Lofty the present of a saxophone and tells him to keep going with it. Lofty tells Dome how much he’s helped him, that he came out and he couldn’t have done that without him, before the two of them share a hug and tell each other that they love one another and how much they’ll miss each other. Then Lofty is gone, riding his bike out of the Holby car park and away, leaving Dom stood watching him go. Be safe Lofty!