Holby City E52 S20 Review:- Best Christmas Ever


Christmas day at Holby, 4:20am to be precise, we have Henrik in his office, lighting a couple of candles to add that little more light to the dark, early morning surroundings he finds himself in, sat at his desk he’s trying to write Christmas card to Kara and Oskar, but all he has so far is both of their names.

It seems Xavier isn’t in the Christmas spirit either, when Nicky gives him a present as he’s sat in Pulses, he tells her that he doesn’t ‘do’ Christmas, because it doesn’t hold good memories, her suggestion being that maybe it’s time he made new ones, I’d agree with this.

The little mystery of the young man appearing on Darwin looking for ‘Mr Fletcher’ is solved rather quickly, Jaidyn Duggan is his name and when Fletch sees him hugging Steven, he looks on horrified, Steven quickly saying he can explain, I hope you’ve got a good explanation!

Still with no news yet on who the new CEO is going to be, Ric and Henrik discuss the matter in Henrik’s office, Ric telling Henrik that it should be the Swede that does the job, that they need a leader, that they need him, can anyone or anything persuade Henrik?

Talking about the arrival of Jaidyn, Steven tells Fletch that Jaidyn knows about him being his son, and then in another bombshell piece of news Steven tells Fletch that Evie knows all about Jaidyn, that he told her what the situation was when he first met up with her all those months ago, all this news makes for a rather angry looking Fletch, not that we blame him at all!

With Donna’s daughter Mia finding out that her mum has been seeing Xavier, but is sceptical, Xavier goes to find the young girl and talk to her, Mia tells him straight out that they won’t work as a couple, then she walks out of the room when Xavier can’t say that he 100% loves Donna.
A little while later, Xavier finds Mia in Pulses, trying once again to talk to her, he explains that he might well in fact love Donna, but right now he’s not sure, but then goes on to ask Mia if she can give him a chance with her mum, after a little bit of thought she agrees, telling him she’s affording him one chance and no more.

Mrs Claus, AKA Karen, who has moved from AAU to Darwin following a heart incident and collapse, has got what is known as BHS ‘broken heart syndrome’ as informed by Jac, and is in fact Steven’s ex, she thinks that Steven has been cheating on her and seeing a younger woman from texts she’s seen on his phone, has he though?

Jaidyn is the one trying to help Fletch and make him feel better, if that’s possible, the young man apologising for all that happened to Fletch as a kid, saying that he himself would be angry too if it’d been him, but at the same time that Steven has said how proud of him he is and his family. Not long later, Steven manages to find Evie who wandered off after a row with her dad over the appearance of Jaidyn and the fact she knew.

The supposed woman Steven was ‘cheating’ with, that Karen was so fixated on and threw him out for, wasn’t another woman at all that he was going to meet, but was in fact Evie, Steven informing his ex, in front of Fletch and Jaidyn, that the young girl is his granddaughter, the stress and emotion of these revelations causes an already poorly Karen to collapse again, Jac rushing her into theatre.

Outside theatre waiting for any kind of news on Karen, Steven and Fletch talk, he apologises to his dad for being so angry, but that he can’t forget, that most of his life and especially as a child, he felt that he’d done something wrong and that this had caused Steven to walk away. This prompts Steven to apologise for all the hurt and anger he’s caused his son, although this doesn’t seem enough for Fletch, who bluntly states that the hole he feels inside himself just can’t be filled, is this the end of their relationship for good?

After good news that Karen’s operation has been successful, Fletch is back in his office on Darwin, going into his desk drawer he pulls out an envelope that Steven gave him earlier in the episode, opening it his eyes are met by a drawing he himself did as a little 6 year old boy, the year that Steven left, for his dad, the drawing making him cry but smile at the same time. When Evie comes into the office, he says to her that Steven kept it, it being obvious that he thought his dad had thrown it away all those years ago, when in fact he’d done the complete opposite, he’d kept it in the same envelope and kept it safe!

Following surgery on one of their colleagues, Essie is talking to Henrik up on Keller ward, still no nearer to the new CEO position being filled, although it’s obvious who a lot of the staff want for the role. She tells her friend that he’s the heart of the hospital, head of the Holby family and that it should be him as the CEO for these big reasons. Then Henrik’s phone rings as they’re talking, it’s Ric, on answering the call, Henrik tells Ric that he can tell the board that the answer is yes, he accepts the position of CEO of the hospital, much to the delight of Essie and a smiling Henrik. Yes Henrik, you’re exactly who and what Holby needs!

A mysterious figure dressed in a Father Christmas outfit has been making their way around the wards, with a sack, handing out presents, but who it is has been a mystery. Heading into Jac’s office, Mo seems to have solved said mystery, when on opening Jac’s top desk drawer, there’s a beard and Father Christmas outfit in there, Jac has been the mysterious Father Christmas! Jac quickly tells Mo that if she breathes a word of it to anyone, she’ll kill her. It seems not even Ms Naylor is adverse to spreading some festive cheer around Holby for the staff and patients alike!

Albie’s is the one and only venue for the Christmas celebrations for the staff, there’s even a special appearance from Derwood, he’s on the stage of the bar, dress as an elf, singing Christmas songs. Mo joins him and they sing together, much to the delight of the other staff, many of them are dancing with each other or in their couples, enjoying the festive cheer, they all deserve it too!

Meanwhile in the final scenes of the episode, it’s back to Holby we go, quickly seeing Henrik in his office, having a happy video call with Oskar and no doubt Kara for Christmas, a smile on his face. And then to Karen’s side room, Steven, Fletch, Jaidyn and Evie are there eating some food and having a drink, with paper hats on, greeting each other Merry Christmas. When Steven says to Fletch it’s not been too bad a Christmas has it, Fletch, with the final line of the episode says, ‘Best Christmas ever’, dad and son sharing a smile as the credits roll on another Christmas at Holby.

Merry Christmas everyone!