Rather a frenetic and dramatic start to the second of this weeks two episodes before Christmas, Kian bursting onto the ward and then into one of the side rooms as the team are shocking a woman, dressed in a hospital gown on the bed.

Dom is on AAU this week and seems to be running around doing all the patients, or at least he seems to be attempting to take care of them all, Serena noticing how busy he seems to be keeping himself. She asks him if he’s ok and he tells her he is, Donna adds in that she thinks he’s a powder keg and that he can’t carry on like this forever, I think you’ve got a point there Donna.


The doctor who is treating Bea suspects she maybe septic, but he won’t discuss anything further with Kian, at least not until Bea gives him the permission to do so. He tells Kian he’s not here to put him in his place, he’s just here to work. Kian then telling Bea that he’ll fix her up, that he’ll make sure of it.

Ben Sherwood arrives for his first day at Holby, he’s the new registrar and surgeon, he’s introduced to Sacha via Ange, having already met Essie when he first came onto the ward looking for Sacha.

Kian thinks Bea is strong enough for surgery to fix all that’s causing her problems, that the graft being redone would fix all that’s making her ill, he tries to convince Nicky to say that it’s her idea to do this operation, the problem is will she go down this road again with him.
The doctor treating Bea won’t give the go ahead for any kind of surgery, telling Nicky that if and when the patient beats the infection then they can review her situation. Nicky then tells this to Kian and how the doctor thinks she won’t survive any surgery, that he thinks Bea might die anyway.


Ange is the next one to check on Dom on AAU, she asks him his plans for Christmas and if he’d like to spend it with her and Chloe, he says he would but he’d already promised Carole he’d spend it with her since it’s the first one with Barry.

Talking again to Bea’s doctor about the surgery and how he thinks she should have it, Kian takes matter into his own hands when said doctor goes into the on call room for a sleep, taking the literal outside door handle off the door and putting it in the nearby bin on the ward, then walking off back down the corridor to Bea’s room, is he really going to risk Bea’s life, go against the doctors orders and do something himself?
Asking Nicky to step out of the room, Kian says Bea is going into theatre by any means necessary, Nicky says that forget what it’ll do for her career, but he’ll be struck off. She says they need him back at Holby, to which Kian says he needs Bea.

Fletch stops Kian pushing Bea down the corridor to the theatre and tells him that he can’t let him do this, Nicky had told Fletch all that was happening. Bea asks what’s happening, and Fletch tells her Kian doesn’t have permission to do any of what he’s said, Bea saying she wants to go back to the ward, upset that she’s been lied to.


When Carole asks about Dom’s plans for Christmas he lies and tells her that he’s promised to spend it with Ange, but this is the exact story he’d told Ange about spending it with Carole, come on ladies get your heads together. Which is exactly what they do a little while later when Carole goes onto AAU and hands out flyers, the two of them talk about the Christmas day arrangements and they realise that Dom has lied to the both of them, Donna adding in how Dom has put himself down to work all the shifts over Christmas. Both women go and see Dom and tell him they know he’s told lies to them both and he’s actually working all over Christmas.

Having been rushed into surgery and Bea’s doctor doing all he could for her, she’s back on Darwin in the side room with Kian, the pair of them talking about her having her operation and him buying a boat when she’s better. She says that she’s scared as she gets upset led in bed the fear all over her face.

With no improvement in Bea’s condition, her doctor says if she arrests again then they can’t do anything because of how weak she is and they can’t put anymore pressure on her and her heart. Hearing this news Kian goes to sit with her again, the pair of them holding hands as she gets weaker and weaker, her breathing becoming more shallow, and she gets upset. Within a few minutes she closes her eyes and then passes away next to him, the machine she’s been hooked up to flatlining, Nicky coming in to comfort him as he cries.


Fletch takes Kian into the staff room and the two men talk about Bea’s death, Kian saying that it’s his fault, that he killed her, that he didn’t act quickly enough or do enough. Bea’s doctor coming in to make a cup of tea and saying how he’ll tell Bea’s son that she’s died, seen as she was his patient, that it’s best coming from her.

Albie’s is where most of the staff have gather for their Christmas party, Ben coming over to speak to Essie about their day and how awkward things were at certain points of the day, apologising and saying that he didn’t mean anything by the things he’s said because he’d have said the jokes too if she was a guy as well. Suddenly Essie takes his face and brings it to hers, kissing him and him kissing her back as they stand just off to the side of the dance floor, Sacha happening to see this as he stands by the bar, a look of deep upset crossing his face, so much so that he leaves right away unable to watch it.

In the final scene of the episode Kian steps out of the hospital after visiting Bea in the mortuary, his phone ringing and it showing Max is the one that’s ringing him. Ignoring her call and putting his phone straight back into his jacket, he wraps his coat around him more and then heads off into the night. Is this recent death in his life, plus is suspension and all that’s been going on around him going to all become to much for him? Where does this leave Kian now?