Serena starts us off this week, she stands in the dark and rain with an umbrella and a bouquet of red roses, which she is pulling petals off, at the same time as she narrates over various shots of other characters from the hospitals, we see that Ric is returning for his first day back at work and is greeted by Fletch outside in the car park with a hug.


Moving onto the AAU to start her shift, Serena is so happy to see Ric back on the ward and wastes no time in telling Ric how much she dislikes Max and how much of a nightmare she is, just as the woman in question comes behind her at the office door to speak to Serena, not the best start to your day Ms Campbell.

Max and Serena talk about how the CEO is going to shut the YAU down, that it’s now an ex unit that’s been agree with the CCG. Max then asks why Serena is here when her daughter died three years ago in the hospital, that she doesn’t have to be here and for her to go home. Serena doesn’t like this approach, telling Max it’s not her job to stick her nose into her private business, then Max asks a rather annoyed Serena to keep the news of the YAU to herself for now.


Up on Darwin, Chloe and Nicky talk about Chloe getting back into dating again and she wants to ask Nicky’s advice, letting on that she’s interested in Cameron, funny that Chloe because so is Nicky.

A young woman called Jay Richards has been admitted to AAU after she became caught up in the stampeded that has occurred at a rave nearby, Elinor was one of Jay’s best friends at university and it seems that they were quite party animals when at university. Serena also asks Jay if she knows anything about some of the other patients who have come in from the rave, who are suffering severe reactions to a drug of some kind, Jay denies knowing anything claiming she doesn’t do anything like that to do with drugs. At the nurses’ station, Serena reveals to Donna and Cameron that Jay wasn’t just a student at university, she was the campus drug dealer and sold Elinor the cocaine the night before she died. Serena suspects that Jay sold the drugs that have caused this incident at the rave, that she got away with killing Elinor, but she won’t get away with this incident.


One of the girls that was effected by the bad batch of drugs at the rave dies whilst in theatre with Ma trying to save her, Max tells the girls dad the news as he’s sat in Serena’s office talking with her, Max explains that the girls aneurysm could have been there for years, but due to the drugs it caused her blood pressure to rise and the aneurysm to burst, all of this is being said as Serena looks on, her face on of pure anger at what she’s hearing, that Jay has literally killed someone else due to the drugs she’s provided them.

Knowing that Serena is on to her and knows she’s the drug dealer, that she’s trying to find evidence on her, Jay leaves the AAU in her hospital gown carrying her clothes, moving into one of the toilets, she retrieves her stash of drugs and a pen knife from inside the soap dispenser, quickly getting dressed, picking up her drugs and knife, then leaving the bathroom, being met by Cameron on the other side of the door, he’s come to find her and stop her leaving.

Making the decision to take Mr MacDonagh who is the dad of the girl who died due to the drugs to theatre to treat the stab wound he got off Jay, Serena then goes to speak to Jay as she wants to speak to Ms Campbell, the young woman says she’s sorry, that she lied, that Elinor loved Serena so much, saying nothing Serena walks away in silence.


Coming out of theatre and back into the ward, Serena sees Cameron and Ric giving Jay CPR, after a few moments Ric pronounces the young woman dead at 15:15, a silent Serena simply turning and walking away.
Moving into the office where Serena now is having gotten back into her clothes, and drinking a glass of Shiraz, Cameron gives Serena Bernie’s army dog tags, saying she deserves them more than him, that he’s not worthy of them like she is. Serena replies that there was nothing honourable about Bernie’s death, that she should never have been there, that she got what she deserved, as did that murdering, drug dealing bitch (Jay). Going on to say she doesn’t feel bad about it, that it’s the easiest thing she’s ever done and if she could she’d bring her back so she could kill her all over again, Cameron standing in silence just listening to her before he then leaves the room, Serena quickly grabbing Bernie’s dog tags and kissing them saying over and over that she’s sorry, tears in her eyes.


After finishing their operation together, Nicky tells Chloe that she should call him and be with him tonight, that if Chloe wants to know what love looks like its the glint in Cameron’s eyes whenever he looks at Chloe, or the terrified half-grimace/ smile when he thinks about Chloe, that Nicky knows this because she sees it every day, but to be careful with him because he’s brittle, leaving then to give Chloe some food for thought.

Up in Max’s office Serena says that she made the choice she did before knowing that someone would die and she chose the girl she blames for her daughter’s death. Max tells Serena she isn’t the enemy, but that Serena’s position as medical director is tenable given the circumstances, so Serena says she’ll hand in her resignation in in the morning and there’s only one possible candidate to take over the job. Ric.

Back up in the AAU office, Ric and Serena talk and he recommended Max to the board for CEO because things at Holby haven’t been working and Max recognises this. Serena admits to Ric that she lost herself today and she’s not sure she knows who she is, Ric reassures her that she’s Serena Campbell and that she’s his friend, before Serena warns him to be careful because he’s their shepherd now, that Max is a lion with jackals stripes.

In the last bit of the episode, Max is in her office on her laptop looking at news articles about her missing daughter Lily McGerry, who it seems has been missing since July 2015 as a seventeen year old. At the same time as this, as the sounds of Auld Lang Syne echo in the background, Serena is knelt in the pouring rain under her umbrella at the graveside of Elinor, looking at her headstone before she then drops the umbrella to the floor and closes her eyes, letting the rain drench her through, not seeming to care at all.