Cameron and Nicky off the bus and into work start the episode this week, he tells Nicky that the previous night with Chloe didn’t go according to plan, in fact it was a disaster and that everything he’s done for her apparently seems to count for nothing.

Up on Darwin Jac thinks that because Stacey wants to see her before the first unsupervised sleep over with Emma, it automatically means that Emma doesn’t or won’t want to stay over or doesn’t want to see Jac, Fletch tries to get her to calm down and rationalises that it doesn’t mean anything like this, but Jac doesn’t seem to be hearing him at all.


A familiar face comes up the ramp as a hung over Dom is sat outside the main doors trying to get himself together enough to go into work, Henrik is back! They both walk into the building together and talk, he says he’s here to fill a gap because the hospital is understaffed, Dom telling Henrik it’s nice to have him back, a lot of other people will share the same sentiment too!


Carole turns up on Keller ward as a patient, something Dom knew nothing about, it turns out that she’s been having her Diverticulitis which is a digestive condition that effects the large intestine monitored for over a year and now she’s going to have an operation to remove this infected and damaged part of her intestine. When she tells Dom she’s scared, he does his best to reassure her that she’ll be fine, that it’s all going to be fine, that she’ll be looked after. Her spirits are somewhat lifted when Henrik appears at her bedside too, telling her that he’ll be her surgeon and it’s lovely to see her, cue a big smile from the lady herself, I think she’s a bit pleased!

Stacey and Jac talk in Pulses and she says she came to clear the air between herself and Jac, that they all just want the best for Emma. Stacey lets Jac know that she’ll still be able to see Emma today as planned, that she’ll be dropped off at the hospital after Jac’s shift like they agreed, telling Jac that Emma is really excited to see her mum, a look of relief mixed with happiness washing over Jac’s face.


Chloe tells Ange that her and Cameron broke up this morning, that her head says no but her heart says the opposite, that she wanted to make things right this morning when she came into work, but then she saw a side to him she’d never seen before, she means when she heard and saw him talking to Xavier about them in the locker room.

Unable to keep her mouth closed, Ange goes and sees Cameron on AAU and says that he seems distracted in his work due to all that’s going on between himself and Chloe. Ange is horrified when he says that he thought Chloe was ready, meaning to sleep with him, the look on Ange’s face says it all and she’s far from pleased and rather angry at his behaviour towards her daughter, especially given all the trauma Chloe has been through with Evan.

In Carole’s surgery Henrik calls for an extra pair of hands, and that pair of hands is Ben, Dom is worried for her because he says it’s not like Henrik to ask for help. When Ben gets into theatre it turns out that Carole has a bleed but Henrik isn’t sure where it’s coming from at first, after a few moments he finds it and starts sorting the problem, a worried Dom looking on from outside the theatre.
With Carole being wheeled off into recovery after her surgery an angry Dom asks Henrik what happened in theatre, the older man replies he was just trying to do the right thing for Carole, Ben backs up the older man to Dom and tells Dom what a good job Henrik did, the best that he’s seen and he thinks Carole herself will be really pleased.

When Carole wakes up Henrik goes to see her in her side room and says that he feels he let her down, because his emotions got the better of him and he took his eye off the ball temporarily. She quickly tells him he hasn’t let her down because thanks to him she hasn’t got a stoma, that Holby puts too much pressure on him and it’s not fair, that he needs someone to share the burden with and make him smile, also that he should put his dancing shoes back on.

Chloe has said she’s moving out of the flat and staying at Ange’s after what has happened between her and Cameron, whilst she’s moving her cases and bags to the door he comes back to the flat and they talk about what happened, Chloe says no one can understand what happened unless they’d been through what she has. She says he doesn’t have to move out, but she’s just not ready for that kind of relationship with him or anyone, that it’s too soon, and can they just stay friends because that is all she can offer, he says sure that he just wants her to be happy.


In the last scene of the episode, Dom is leaving work and Ben is too just slightly behind him, Dom starts to get a bit emotional as he says he thought that Carole might die, Ben reassures him and the two of them share a hug, as they release the hug Ben leans in and kisses Dom, then quickly apologies saying he got caught up in the moment before he heads off leaving Dom stood in the car park, now then Ben do you secretly like Dom and what would Essie say if she knew?!