It’s quite the start to the episode, Ric is at Max’s office door calling to her and knocking on said door. Inside the office there is stationary all over the floor, plus her purse and other personal items, as well as a bottle of whiskey that has no lid on it and the contents have gone too, the woman herself is what appears to be sat against her sofa, as we see the bottom portion of her boots, she’s fallen off the no alcohol wagon?


Having received a hand written letter from her daughter Lily that she collected with her post from AAU, Max sits in the AAU office reading it, her eyes fixed on the paper. Ric comes into the room to speak to her and have a word with her about her earlier discussion and then snap at Donna, also he tries to apologise for the comment he made about Lily the other day and asked her to talk to him about what’s happening with her, but before she can tell him Donna comes in and says they’re both needed on the ward.

After realising, seeing for himself and with a little help from Dom not being able to shut up that Essie is now with Sacha, Ben heads for the locker room and she joins him, the two of them talking about what’s happened between them and the fact she’s now with Sacha, she tells him it wasn’t planned with Sacha. Ben tells her he loves her and bowed out gracefully when they split, but is shocked it’s been because of Sacha, he says they could have had it all, that he was there for her and Isla. She then says she needs to know that what she shared to him stays between them, the things she’s told him about Isla, he’s hurt and says that that shows how little she thinks of him before walking out of the room.


After having heated words whilst in theatre together, Dom and Ben talk in the staff room about the kiss between them and Essie now being with Sacha. Ben tries to make out like it was all Dom’s doing about the kiss that happened the other week, saying he proposed to Essie and then thought he’d found a friend in Dom, but they’re both just as bad as each other.


Having donned his scrubs to step in and try and help the shortage of nurses’, Fletch finally gets to have a word with Max about the shortage and how it’s reaching crisis point, he tells her he’s not putting patients in danger so he’s been hiring more agency nurses’, this is even after Max froze his funding, Fletch replying with his arms folded and a nod. Max is seething and tells him that what he’s done is going to cost him, asking out loud why anyone can’t fall in line, sounds like you’re in trouble Fletch!

Ric goes to see Max in her office after she’s tempted by the bottle of whiskey she keeps in her desk side drawer, but she doesn’t drink it, she tips it on one of her office plants. She then reveals to him the letter she has got from Lily, Max reading it aloud to him, she then also tells him that when she last saw Lily she said the worst thing that a mother could say to their child. Lily’s dad got sick and died and that’s when things started to change between them both, she hid the booze, Lily called her names and found her one night drunk and the last thing Max shouted at her was that she told her she wished she’d died and not her husband, this is something that she can never forgive herself for, so how can Lily forgive her?
Max says that she’s beat the booze and now it’s time for her to fix her relationship with Lily, but that she’s terrified, Ric encourages her to text the number that Lily left on the letter she wrote, so when Ric leaves the office Max gets her phone out, will she text her daughter?
Instead of texting she rings the number instead, saying that she knows it’s rushed but she couldn’t stop herself, that she’s here and sober and she misses her so much, that she loves her, then Lily hangs up the call.


Up on Keller Ben tells Dom that Essie convinced Isla’s mum to give her up so she could play happy families, and how does he think Isla really ended up in Essie’s life, then walking away and leaving a shocked Dom to try and process what he’s just been told. Dom takes this news straight to Essie to find out what’s happened and if it’s true, which she confirms it is, but then he lets slip about himself feeling guilty, this then leads to him telling that Ben might be gay or bisexual, and that they kissed when he was together with Essie. She’s furious and says that Dom should’ve told her, and that now Dom isn’t her friend anymore.

Jac and Kian agree to run Darwin as joint clinical lead together instead of just one of them running it.

In the last scene of the episode, Ric finds Max sat outside the main entrance on the bench, she asks him what to do now about Lily, he says that this is on Lily’s terms and not something she herself can control, she thanks him for not giving up on her, he tells her that it takes more than that to shake him off. Ric heads off after sharing a smile with Max, and Max looking at her phone and smiling, is the icey, cold facade she has finally starting to thaw a bit thanks to Mr Griffin?