We’re outside in the Holby car park to start this weeks episode, with a woman walking purposefully towards the main entrance after she spends a few seconds looking up at the building.

Next we’re with Gaskell and his patient Mr Kurtzweil, the elderly man has been having problems with his vision, along with his ongoing MS diagnosis, it turns out that he’s read a lot on Gaskell and his trials and various medical works, something the Professor seems rather pleased with as does his ego, just as Roxanna comes into the ward and tells him that a new patient has been found for the trial, they go to look at the patients spine scan in the lab, apparently the mystery person is a friend of Abi’s and there’s a meeting that has been scheduled to talk about it all, but why the big secret?

The mystery patient friend of Abi’s turns out to be none other than the returning Jac Naylor, the reveal of this as Jac walks into the CEO’s office for the meeting seems to surprise Roxanna, the neurosurgeon seemed to expect someone she didn’t know, not one of their own. With Abi asking Gaskell to consider Jac as a patient, Roxanna looks on looking highly unsure, does she really want to operate on a fellow hospital colleague?

It’s Fletch’s turn next to speak to Jac, the first real chance he’s had since she appeared back on the wards, after some general chat she reveals to him about asking Gaskell to operate on her as well as asking if he’ll take bloods for her. Fletch voices his worries to her and tells her in no uncertain terms that no he won’t be taking her blood for her, mainly because he feels the operation is far too risky and he wants no part in any of it.

Sacha is approached by Gaskell to talk to Jac and try to talk her out of surgery, the Professor suddenly seeming highly unsure of himself as he tries to go down the friends route of Jac not being his next person for surgery, doesn’t want to have anything to do with operating on a fellow colleague all of a sudden.

In the quest for deterring Jac from surgery with Gaskell, Sacha approaches his friend, Jac expressing that she’s missed him before he says that he’s concerned with what could happen to her because of Gaskell’s methods and ways and that it’d be Jac that is his patient. Even after voicing his concerns they seem to fall on deaf ears as Jac tells him that she still thinks this is the best option of the ones she has, is she right though, can Gaskell really be the best option for her. Seeing Fletch in the corridor after speaking to Sacha, she thinks it was Fletch who asked Sacha to speak to her but he tells her he wouldn’t do that to him, but says he agrees with what he said to her about the surgery, telling her that he doesn’t want her rushing into this and for her to die, before asking agreeing to her offer of a drink.

Abi and Gaskell are talking about the subject of Jac and surgery, he says how because Jac is one of their own, it might look bad if it comes across like shes queue jumped, she replies with that if it’s not right with Jac being considered for surgery then she’ll go with his decision, is Gaskell really going to refuse to perform the operation?

Sheilagh is determined to prove she’s able to be released from hospital and therefore commences her assessment with energy and vigour, the elderly woman seeming to get through the tests with ease, Xavier informing her that there will be meeting to discuss how she did an other assessments for them to do before they then make a decision. After said assessment ends, she’s quick to sit down next to her hospital bed saying she needs a rest and a glass of water, is she really ready to be let home..?

Roxanna and Gaskell are in the lab, Roxanna has been looking at the MRI images for Jac from that day and says she sees deterioration in them after also looking at ones from six weeks ago,and that she could be using a wheelchair within a year. She says regardless of what is best for them, don’t they have a duty to help her if they can, Gaskell disagrees and says that the trial comes first, saying that is what Roxanna’s duty is, the neurosurgeon is seemingly confused at that moment why Jac might be ‘bad for the trial’, he adds in if something were to go wrong. She then sees his expression at that exact moment and says that he’s scared, also that if he doesn’t have confidence in the procedure then they need to halt the trial. He bluntly states that he’s made he decision perfectly clear and that they should move on, this is despite Roxanna being a partner in the trial, as he walks out Roxanna looks somewhat bemused and confused by his attitude, does she suspect something isn’t quite right?

It seems that Sheilagh hasn’t been totally honest with the people who did her assessment or Lofty, when he finds energy drinks and a knee brace packet in her beside locker after his gran has been deemed fit enough for release from hospital.

After helping Abi perform the life saving operation on Han, formally known as Hannah but the young woman decided she wanted a non binary name and chose Han, Fletch and Jac are sat on the floor against the wall in her office, after talking about the operation she’s considering, he says that he’ll be there for her when she needs him and then hold hands, cue Abi opening the door and seeing them holding hands before she quickly departs again, seemingly upset at her discovery, Fletch babbles to Jac about Abi’s reaction before he also walks out of the room leaving a visibly upset Jac sat on the floor of her office, does she hold some regrets in how things have been between her and Fletch since she’s been away, does she still want him?

Lofty finds Sheilagh sat in the corridor with her bags waiting to go home and tells her he knows about her fluking the assessment due to her using energy drinks and a knee brace to help her pass it so she could be deemed fit for release home, he says that he just wants her safe and looked after, even if that means she has some people come in to help her, will she swallow some of her pride and accept some form of assistance….

Frieda finds her mentor Jac sat in the locker room upset and they begin to talk, eventually it culminating in Jac telling the younger doctor that she should find someone who can help her better than she can, basically seeming to ‘abandon’ Frieda due to her not feeling good enough to help her, Frieda seems surprised and hurt as Jac throws this decision at her.

Catching Abi in the corridor to talk to about what she saw with him and Jac, he manages to explain as well as reassure her that Jac and himself are nothing but friends, this seems to be enough for the CEO and she says she believes him, Fletch looks relieved, is he as invested as Abi seems to be though or does the candle he’s held for Jac for so long still burn for her.

Sheilagh is back on the ward after her talk with Lofty, with the elderly lady saying she’s fighting for her dignity in being let home on her own without any to much help, he reassures her she has dignity and has always had it.

Abi comes to thank Jac for her help in Han’s operation also to tell her that she was right in her suggestion for the procedure to perform to help the young woman. She then tells the CEO that she wants Gaskell’s operation and that it’s her only option, Abi lets her know that she’ll arrange a meeting to talk about this but that she can’t force him to take her on. Enter the four of them in a meeting again, Gaskell once again saying that he’s concerned how this is going to look because she’s one of Holby’s own, Jac tells him that she’s not here for some miracle cure but because she believes in him, this seems to connect with the Professor and a slight smile can be seen on his face, could this ego boost persuade him to perform the operation for Jac?

With her coat on after finishing her shift, her bag in hand, Frieda approaches Fletch at the nurses’s station on Darwin and tells him that she’s using some of her annual leave and going to Pakistan to work with Elliot to clear her head, whilst he looks somewhat surprised and disappointed, she lets him know that she will be back at Holby at some stage, come back soon Frieda! Fletch faces yet another disappointing blow when Jac says that they’ll do the drink another time, does she have a touch of the green eyed monster due to Abi?

The episode comes to a close with Gaskell and Jac both riding the lift down together at the end of their shifts, as they step out he asks her if she’s any doubts or second thoughts in regards to having the operation, it seemed her ego boost to him did the trick in persuading him, not that he takes much persuading, she says she has none and he walks away, but as he does so her face says different to the confident answer she’s just given him, is putting herself in Gaskell’s hands really the right thing to do and if she does, is she practically risking her life with him?? I guess we will find out very soon!