Back to the wonderful world of Holby we go for part two of two and we start we Gaskell and Jac where we left them last week, just as she’s about to go in for her operation, the look from Meena through the swinging doors causing her to ask the Professor if there’s some kind of problem, to which he says no, Jac doesn’t look the most convinced, but it’s quite a bit too late now it seems just as she’s been taken to theatre.

With Greta still being in pain and it not being anything to do with her being lactose intolerant, Serena examines her and thinks it in fact might be her appendix, but wants to do tests and scans before she definitely says this is the problem. On her way to her office, Bernie stops her and asks if she’s angry with her, to which Serena says she isn’t, then Bernie gets a phone call which Serena tells her to take since she has ones of her own to make, who could Bernie’s call be from? It turns out that it’s from the HR department in Nairobi from the trauma unit she’s been setting up, they’re asking her if they need to get an alternative co lead, but Bernie steadfastly says no because she has one sorted over here and that the paperwork will be on it’s way to them today, all signed and completed, does Serena know this revelation though and does she actually even want to go there anymore?

Enter Fleur Fanshawe the obstetrics and gyneacology specialist who has been called by Serena to help Greta prepare to have her baby, Fleur wastes no time in greeting Serena with a kiss on her cheek, a move that causes Bernie to be rather surprised and somewhat jealous, before both Serena and Fleur move away to go and take a look at Greta together, something Bernie seems less than pleased about.
Not long later Serena and Bernie are sat at the nurses’ station in AAU whilst Fleur is examining Greta and the baby, Serena remarking that she can smell smoke on Bernie, to which Bernie admits to a couple of drags even though she had given up, Bernie then presents her girlfriend with the co lead Nairobi contract which she needs signing, this causes Serena to feel ambushed and she lets her feelings be known to Bernie about this, mid discussion that looks like it could get a little heated, Fleur informs them that Greta and the baby are doing fine and that she’s in fact 3cm dilated already, it seems the baby is on its way!

Meena reveals to Gaskell, in the presence of Roxanna about the connections in results between Mr El-Awari in Morocco at the moment and Fiona Fawcett, all three of them casting their eyes over the similar numbers and results, to which Meena is then excused from the room, leaving Roxanna to talk to the Professor and tell him that if these same or similar results are still being seen, then the original problem that happened with Fiona hasn’t been fixed.

Greta is refusing a c-section because she’s researched what possible implications it could have, even though Serena has tried to assure and reassure her it’s what’s best for the baby and herself. Back in the office, she asks Bernie to talk to Jason in order that he could possibly change Greta’s mind, Bernie says that she can’t do that because Greta has already made her mind up, this starts to cause an argument between the couple in which Serena expresses how she’s about to give up her life here to move to be with Bernie, but Bernie can’t help her with this one thing, Jason being at the door mid way through this argument and asks about Serena leaving them.

Gaskell tells Roxanna and Meena that he doesn’t want anything to be said about the results and what’s happening with the patients, because it might jeopardise the trial, so asks that what they know be kept between them three and no one else, Meena agrees, but Roxanna doesn’t answer him, can she really keep this kind of information quiet?

In a meeting about his project with Abi, Fletch and Nicky, Sacha gets a little side tracked and starts talking and joking about Fletch’s mystery woman and the fell walking and making fun of her being a ‘bunny boiler’, this makes for some uncomfortable looks across the table between Fletch and Abi and eventually leads to a smack for Sacha from Nicky….shuts him up though.

Taking to Bernie about how much Serena talks about her, despite her trying to flirt with her, and that Bernie should cut her some slack, it seems Fleur isn’t as bad as the trauma surgeon thinks she is and that Serena’s heart is and always has been Bernie’s.

Taking a bit of a rest bite in his lab after having a video call about Mr El Awari, Roxanna puts her head around the door to ask about the patient in Morocco, the Professor blatantly lies to his friend and colleague by saying that he’s responding well to the treatment that he’s being given, when the actual truth is that he is in a coma at that exact moment, will she discover the truth?

Serena and Bernie have been sent away from Greta and Jason by Fleur whilst the young woman’s labour is progressing, the couple whilst sat on the floor of the nearby corridor, bringing back memories of that first kiss in theatre anyone? They start to talk about their kids and when they had them, Serena starts to talk about the birth of Elinor, the fact Edward went to work or so he said on the actual day so didn’t see his late daughter being born, she reveals that she felt relief at her being born, but also joy because one day her daughter might have a baby of her own, this causes her to break down and say how much she’s missing her daughter, collapsing into sobs in Bernie’s arms.
The conversation then moves into their current situation and being in different continents, admitting that whilst they both still love each other it might not be enough, Serena can’t leave Holby and Bernie says she can’t stay at Holby because of the trauma unit in Nairobi. With heavy hearts it seems that the pair have decided that their relationship isn’t going to work no matter how much they want it to, deciding it’s better that they part ways now, Serena then goes to meet Jason’s and Greta’s new baby girl, leaving Bernie still sat on the floor, is this really it for the couple?

Taking a break from the meeting, Fletch and Abi are talking on the stairs over a coffee and the conversation turns to why neither of them are saying they’re in a serious relationship, is it because they’re both scared of being in one is a question that Fletch asks. Abi then gets a message through to her to say that Jac has woken up from her operation and that maybe he should go and see her, thinking that he might want to, but he says no, that he said what he wanted to before the operation and he’s just going to let her recover.

Gaskell visits Jac when she has woken up from her operation, but finds out that she can’t feel her left leg, causing a look of panic over the Professors face, this is interrupted by Jac telling him to finish the job, for him to do what he needs to do in order for her to get the feeling back in her leg, but he doesn’t say yes, in fact in a strange turn of events he says he can’t do that and walks out, will he really leave Jac as she is now without going further to help her?

Double teaming between them whilst Serena is meeting the new baby, aptly named Gwenivere Elinor Haynes, Elinor being a tribute to Serena’s late daughter, nicely done Jason, Fleur and Donna tell Serena in not so many words that she needs to go and find the woman she’s madly in love with and make things right between them, that she can’t give it up because of how in love they are with one another.
Just catching Bernie before she leaves the main entrance, suitcase in hand, they kiss before Serena declares that she wants Bernie to wait for them and her no matter how long it takes, that she needs them to work because she can’t imagine a life without her, cue Bernie going in for the next passionate kiss, jokingly saying no at first to Serena’s request, but seeing her girlfriends face drop quickly says yes and giggles, confirming that she will indeed wait for them and her ‘for eternity’, Berena are officially back! Yes to Berena and the Holby writers, this is the kind of thing we love seeing and the show is so good at doing, bravo!

With Jac seemingly not willing to give up on getting the last stage of the operation, she and the Professor talk and he tells her that the implant could do more harm than good, he knows this from his previous failures with the past implants, this nugget of information he’s kept to himself though, Jac says she knows it could but she’s all in now and wants the implant. Cue the implant being fitted as she wishes and the feeling is back in her foot, but could this success be short lived for Jac and the trial team given what has happened to previous patients.

Leaving the hospital together, Berena vow to make the most of the 48 hours they have before Bernie heads back to Nairobi, wink wink nudge nudge ladies, Bernie speaking to Fleur as Serena gets the car and she says she’ll look after Serena whilst Bernie is away, this after being asked to by the trauma surgeon, it seems a truce has been drawn here, the happy couple then leave in Serena’s car, with Bernie looking out of the car window at the hospital with the parting words ‘I’ll be back soon enough’ as the car leaves the car park, we look forward to your return Wolfe.

Abi and Fletch are heading out on a date, this after he asks her if he can take her for some dinner which she accepts, seems they’re taking things in a positive direction after the air had been cleared somewhat after the slightly awkward meeting earlier in the day.

Ending the episode sees Gaskell kicking Meena off the trial, claiming that the damage has been done, probably referring too the F1 divulging the information she’d found out in the last episode, this seems to have rattled the Professor and he’s taking action by getting rid of her from the trial, telling her further that when he’s back off his leave he doesn’t want to see her again, this causes Meena to leave the lab upset, doing some damage limitation or control Professor, what remains to be seen is if Meena will speak to someone else regarding what he’s been up to, or if the other lead of the trial, Roxanna, already has her own doubts about what the Professor has actually been up to and hiding behind closed doors and if so what would and could she do about it, it’s all getting quite tense and edgy in this hospital, some cloak and dagger goings on, one thing is for sure these stories are all a long way from being over.