Back to our favourite hospital we go and we see Gaskell is once again back at the Lisbon hospital in Lana’s room, the woman still in the same hooked up to all number of machines state that we’ve seen her in since we were introduced to her many months ago, the Professor at her bedside, he gets handed a plane ticket to take him home presumably, but doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere any time soon.
Meanwhile back at Holby, Roxanna is talking to a dementia patients daughter, her father it seems is due to have an operation with the neurosurgeon and Gaskell himself that day, but at the moment the man himself hasn’t appeared, leaving it to Roxanna to explain the procedure that is going to be done.

Still not making an appearance on the ward, Roxanna rings Gaskell to find out where he is as the operation draws nearer, she leaves a voicemail for him to call her back, as she can’t do the operation without him here.
Over in the hospital in Lisbon, Leo and Gaskell are talking about the woman patient in bed who is in a coma, Lana, they discuss waking her up but Gaskell says no, that they’re close to a break through and that they can’t lose faith now, but are they even close to anything given the amount of time that Lana has been in the same state?

Sheilagh is celebrating her birthday while being at Holby, Lofty, Donna and Dom are helping her celebrate by giving her the presents that they’ve got her, her favourite seems to be the book Dom has given her called Luscious Lads, which is a photo book full of pictures of topless male models in various poses and outfits, the old woman’s eyes light up as she sees it, seeming more than happy with her gift, go on Sheilagh!

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Meena informs Roxanna that Gaskell has dropped her from the trial, this surprises Roxanna and she asks if it’s because of Meena telling her her concerns in regards to the patients on the trial, the F1 tells her that she’s not sure but that Gaskell has also dropped Victor who was working on the trial in Morocco too, the neurosurgeon seems a bit perplexed and irritated at these revelations coming out about what her colleague and co lead seems to be doing behind her back.
Not much later on she gets a voicemail that Gaskell has left her, telling her that he’s sorry but he isn’t going to make it in today, whilst going into the lab for any sort of hint as to what exactly is happening at the moment, Roxanna finds his phone in a locked drawer, so that’s one answer to him not answering her calls and her getting his voicemail, she takes it upon herself to ring Dr Aloui to see if Gaskell is there with him which he isn’t, finds out that the Moroccan patient Mr El-Arawi that Gaskell had lied to her and said had rallied and had improved actually hasn’t at all, the opposite in fact. This leads her to finding Dr Leo’s number and ringing him in Lisbon and asks after the Professor, Leo confirms that yes he’s also involved with the trial too and there is a trial patient here in his hospital, but that she should probably talk to Gaskell herself before hanging up the phone on her.

Xavier gets Nicky’s assessment underway in Sacha’s office of all places, since this is where Nicky headed too in looking for painkillers to aid her latest hang over from her drinking the night before, clutching a flask she found on Sacha’s desk the assessment begins, eventually Xavier wants to know what’s she hiding to which she says nothing, after a back and forward discussion she ends up dropping said flask and it smashes over the floor, the biological matter spilling on the floor. When Sacha finds out what’s happened, he tells them both to stay inside the room because of what is in the flask, it is potentially deadly?

Abi is the one to inform Roxanna that Gaskell has called in sick, this little detailed being revealed to the neurosurgeon after the CEO asks how she’s getting on since Gaskell called in sick, a fact Roxanna knew nothing about since he’s nowhere to be found. The CEO says to Roxanna that it’s not up to her to pick up the pieces and not to let Gaskell take advantage of her, with this thought in mind the neurosurgeon heads to her office and looks up flights to Lisbon, if Gaskell won’t come to her.

Going to the scene of the smashed flasked, Abi is told by Sacha that ‘controlled cultures’ were in the flask, but there could be a risk of contamination because it’s E-Coli that’s the culture, after finding out these facts, she tells Sacha that there’s going to be an investigation due to this incident and there better be no more secrets in his office, you’ve been told Sacha!


Being shut in the office together gives Nicky and Xavier a chance to air out some of their issues with one another, Xavier telling the F2 that she drinks too much and is messing up her job at Holby by doing so, having informed her earlier on that she’s a nature doctor. Nicky counters this by saying that he’s a mystery and that no one knows him, including his own girlfriend Meena.
After a little more talking Xavier reveals to Nicky that although he has money it doesn’t make him happy, this after she said that he was kind to lend her the money to clear her debt. He reveals to her that the money he has reminds him of his little brother who died, and that his parents blame him for the death, when they’re released a little while later from the office when the contamination control team arrive, she says that she’ll say nothing about what he told her, could the two colleagues have made a breakthrough in their working relationship? And just what else could Xavier be hiding behind that cool exterior?

Having taken matters into her own hands, Roxanna arrives at the Lisbon hospital the next day in search of Gaskell, she doesn’t hang around does Ms MacMillan! After seeing Gaskell in the hospital room with Lana his patient the Professor comes out at seeing his colleague, Roxanna, Gaskell and Dr Leo then start talking, Leo saying that he doesn’t actually know why Gaskell is there anyway, after finding out a bit more about who Lana is and that she’s a trial patient the Professor kept secret for a year, Roxanna asks how he couldn’t tell her and that he doesn’t respect her, because if he did then he wouldn’t have left her at Holby like he did for the last 24 hours, that he wouldn’t have done it if it was Henrik.
The Professor is flustered by Roxanna being there and goes on to ask her what he should do, that he doesn’t know what to do for the best after what’s been happening to the patients, she says that if he stops the trial then there will be an investigation, and it’ll not just be his career that’s over but other people will get dragged into the scrutiny of what has gone on with everything too, suggesting that he continues to make it worthwhile, this after he insists that they’re so close to a breakthrough, we’ve heard that one before Professor, a main force of her asking him to continue being when she mentions that he carries on because of Jac and the operation she’s just had, will he continue with the trial and if so has he managed to swerve Roxanna actually discovering anymore secrets he’s hiding in regards to the patients and the trial itself, any more skeletons in your wardrobe Professor?