And this weeks episode to celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday is off with quite a bang, not a literal one, but an action packed start as Serena announces to the staff of AAU after a phone call, that there’s been an emergency incident at the local market and the roof has collapsed, Holby is the designated hospital to take the patients and that the first wave of incoming patients are arriving in 10 minutes, not long after as announced the first wave of patients start coming in thick and fast.

Jac is back at work after her operation, getting a welcome from Fletch and Abi, something she doesn’t seem to like or want, seeming to just want to get back to normal and get on with her work on the ward.

One of the first patients that arrives on AAU is a man called Lenny who it turns out is someone Serena treated 30 years ago, his arrival on the ward leading her to talk to Ric about it, she says that it’s one of those cases that doesn’t leave you, she reveals that Lenny got stabbed and she was the one who saved his life.

Abi, still unsure about Jac being back at work so soon, asks if she is ok to do the heart transplant operation that is planned for today, especially so soon after having her own major surgery only two weeks ago, Jac insists that she is fine and well enough to do the operation, Abi doesn’t look convinced but takes her at her word.

It’s Sheilagh’s day to be let out of the hospital and be allowed to go home, but only when her care package is fully sorted for her, whilst talking to Lofty about going home, she says that she’ll miss Holby, mainly the people in the hospital and that she thinks that they’re all amazing, his grandmas sentiment makes him smile as he goes back to work, you’re right though Sheilagh, they really are all amazing people in Holby!

One of the patients that was brought in from the emergency incident, Mr Lloyd is being disruptive and impatient, wanting to be treated asap before the many other patients that were there before him, seeming to have a lack of regard for the fact the staff are doing their best to get through the other patients so they can then treat him. When Xavier tells him that they’ll get to him as quick as they can, that there are other people that need treating too, he gets angry and put the registrar in a head lock, choking him, this leads to Serena to step in and defuse the situation, then ordering one of the security guards to put Mr Lloyd in a treatment room and keep him under guard, she then escorts Xavier to the office to check him over after his assault. Whilst in the office she says that he’s fine and it just might be sore for a few days, he apologises and says that even though he lost his temper with Mr Lloyd he wouldn’t have hurt Serena, she says she’s glad to hear this, before offering him to go home if he wants to, but he says he wants to stay, at which point she says that if he isn’t going to go home then he can go for a break instead before continuing, you do as your told with Ms Campbell, Xavier.

Serena and Lenny have a little catch up together, he tells her how he 5 kids and they’re either at university or out doing something else now, letting her know that every one of the kids know and have been told by him about Serena and the fact she saved his life, it seems to surprise her that she’s so well known to his family, given at the time she was probably in her eyes just doing her job.

Jac’s heart transplant patient, the elderly gentlemen Neville tells her that he’s not sure if deserves the heart, because of the fact he’s no family or anyone relying on him, thinking that it’d be better if someone else who actually needed it maybe had it, is he going to refuse the heart he needs?

With her care package still not done, Sheilagh has taken herself off and away from waiting on the ward, to a meeting room in the hospital to do her reading there, telling Henrik who finds her there that she came in here so that she’s out of people’s way. He joins her in the empty meeting room, complete with his lunch box, when he sits down the two of them partake in eating a boiled egg each that he’s brought with him for his dinner.

Lenny has been rushed into theatre with a bleed that caused him to collapse, Serena and Ric managed to bring him back after he arrests on the operation table, having then the dilemma of trying to fix his bowel that’s also now stopped working as well as his bleed, it never rains it pours it seems today in Holby, but he’s in the best hands with Serena and Ric. The pair of them managing to put Lenny back together and the operation turns out to be a success, nice going Serena and Ric!

Neville has decided that he doesn’t want the heart transplant and decides to give it to Mrs Clark, a middle aged lady on the bed across from him also waiting for a transplant, he says that he doesn’t want it and because she has a family, which consists of a husband and 3 children, by giving it to her he says he feels that he’s making a difference in the world by doing this for her, Jac isn’t best pleased because she knows he needs it, but at the same time she understands why he’s chosen this option and also has to respect his wishes.

Resting in his side room, Lenny has come around after his operation, hooked up to wires as he starts his recovery, his eldest daughter makes an appearance to come and visit her dad just as he’s talking with Serena, he introduces her to the vascular surgeon and reveals as he does so that her name is also Serena, now if that isn’t a nice touch from Lenny! It seems to strike quite a chord with the woman herself, her eyes showing just how pleasantly surprised she is!

As if the AAU hadn’t been busy enough for one day, Serena receives a call to say that some paramedics and firefighters that have been working at the market collapse are coming in and need treating, asking if anyone on the team by way of a show of hands would be willing to stay behind an extra hour or so to help the incoming night staff to treat them, letting the staff know she doesn’t expect them to stay if they don’t want, given the day they’ve had, plus their NHS party at Albie’s, but being the true heroes they are all the AAU team raise their hands to let her know they’ll stay to help, something she is obviously grateful for. A time later Serena and Ric, after sorting out the hand over and patients make their way to Albie’s, the party having already finished, the remnants of the party over the tables just inside the door and the other tables around the bar, she grabs a bottle of wine that is still over half full and they sit down on one of the sofa’s together with a couple of glasses, a well earned drink!

At last Sheilagh is on her way home, care package sorted, the old lady being helped into the provided transport by Lofty and Dom, good luck Sheilagh, you’ll be missed!

With the wine at Albie’s flowing between them, Serena and Ric joke about how long they’ve both been working for the NHS, after Serena makes a comment about him being in the job since the 1920’s he threatens to pour a glass of wine over her head unless she takes her comment back, cue laughter from the brunette and a smile from Ric.

Heading towards the end of this weeks episode, Abi and Fletch are at the nurses station on Darwin, the CEO then suddenly asking him if he thinks that her and him are a good idea, with her saying that she doesn’t feel like she’s the one for him, he interrupts and tells her he thinks she’s great, but she says that it’s been fun and there are no hard feelings between them, this being her way of breaking them up,  knowing that his heart doesn’t belong to her but to Jac, something it seems like she’s always known, fair play Abi.

It seems wine mixed in with a busy day, has the effect of causing two senior colleagues to fall asleep on the sofa and get locked in Albie’s, just what happens to Serena and Ric, but instead of it being cause for concern for the tipsy two, Serena simply laughs and asks him if he wants a cocktail, leading her to get up off the sofa and make her way behind the bar smiling back at him and starting to look for the things she needs, Ric finding the whole thing quite amusing too.

A voice over from Jac is bringing the episode to a close, as on screen she makes her way to the lift talking about the various reasons why others like the NHS, saying that why she likes the NHS is none of your business, staring back into the camera in true Jac style as the lift doors close and the credits and music roll.

NHS you do a marvellous job, what would we do without you, thank you for 70 years and here’s to another 70!