A bright and healthy start to the episode, Nicky is up and in the kitchen of the flat making herself a smoothie for breakfast, quite the difference for her considering usually she’s nursing a hangover and just about getting into work on time, a new leaf been turned over Nicky?

It’s not so much of the sprightly start for Sacha though in Holby, he’s looking at himself in the mirror in the locker room, quite an expressionless look on his face as he does so. Then he’s off to visit Essie, carrying a rather large teddy bear in with him, his face now with a big smile on it for his friend.

The board meeting regarding the investigation into Sacha’s trial is wanting to get started, but there’s a little bit of a problem, Sacha isn’t there and Fletch is looking rather concerned given the fact that Gaskell and a few others are getting restless, telling him that they’ve got work to do and can’t be hanging around much longer here. Meanwhile the man himself is found by Fletch in theatre and performing an operation, not in his meeting, whilst the director of nurses stands on the outside booth of the theatre, Sacha tells him that he doesn’t need to go to the meeting because he’s pulling the plug on his own project, that it was his responsibility and he’s going to take the blame for what happened with it.

Up on Darwin it’s very much guns drawn between Nicky and Meena for the remainder of the day, the F1 has come up there because she’s not needed on Keller, she tells her best friend that she’s going to try her best to impress Jac, does this mean she wants a move up to Darwin, on Nicky’s ‘patch’? She then proceeds to tell Nicky it’s game on, sounds like a war is brewing!

After collapsing outside the main entrance with abdominal pain, Patricia is brought into AAU on a trolley by Sacha and Jason, when Serena takes her as her patient, Sacha then decides that he wants to take her to Keller and treat her himself, when he has her taken up to the ward, Serena asks him if it’s wise that he treats…friends, seeing that Sacha maybe likes her more than a friend.
On Keller he brings her her radio and a pair of headphones so she can listen in peace to her music that she likes, also informing her that her hernia needs repairing and she may have a blockage, but the CT scan they’re going to do will definitely tell them if this is the case.

Nicky and Meena are arguing again on Darwin, Meena telling her friend that she wants to be a doctor like Jac, not one like Sacha, after their row Nicky heads to the toilets visibly upset, will Meena do anything and trample over anyone to get to try to be the kind of doctor that Jac is, this including over Nicky?

With Patricia’s operation having gone well, Lofty tells Sacha that she’s lucky to have him, is this pushing Sacha to say something to her?  Sacha goes to visit Patricia on the ward now she’s come around from surgery, whilst they talk, he says that he’s had a good feeling since they first met and that when she’s better he’d like to take her out. She tells him that he’s been a good doctor and that he’s sweet, in not so many words it seems that she’s rejecting his offer of a date, feeling silly and embarrassed he gets upset and walks away. A little while later Jason comes onto the ward and asks him for a list of things to help him be a better father, seeming looking up to the doctor a bit, Sacha tells Jason in not so many words about how he feels no good enough or anything since his children have grown up and left home, leaving him alone.

If it’s not Berena or Serena on the roof, it’s now Donna and Xavier,they talk and he says about how he’d not purposely make a woman feel bad about herself and that he treats people how he’d like to be treated, probably in reference to their prickly exchanges on the ward during the day,she tells him she likes him better when he’s like this and has dropped the ‘macho’ front. He then agrees to be her prescriber for the cosmetic nursing course she has signed up for, Ric and Serena declined to do it, but Serena said Xavier would be a reliable person for Donna to consider, they shake hands on the ‘deal’, could this be the start of a blossoming relationship?

Visiting Essie again, Sacha says his day has been fine when she asks, but she tells him that she knows he’s lying, she knows his ‘Sacha the clown’ act. Telling him that it’s good to talk and that he’s not doing things right by not talking, leading him to tell her about his project being binned, Beka pulling out of their spa weekend and the Patricia exchange not going well, the first time he’d told anyone about his day and the stresses of it.

After the operation that Jac and Nicky take part in together, the younger doctor goes into Jac’s office and tells her that she pulled one over on Meena to be able to be the one in theatre with Jac. Jac says she’s knows about everything that goes on on the ward and knows about Nicky and Meena arguing and bickering, but that Nicky shouldn’t apologise and that what she did, she did right in order to better her career and try to climb the ladder, this seemingly a surprising reaction to Nicky, who in all honesty expected to get both barrels of fury off Jac. 

With the chance on Darwin seemingly not there anymore, Meena heads for the infamous lab she once worked in, Roxanna and Gaskell are both in there working and she asks for another chance, saying that Gaskell told her she had potential and that he saw it, so could she be given another chance to prove said potential. He says that he needs time given what’s happened in the past between them, with him not flat out saying no, Meena retreats while things are still maybe possible, thanking them both for listening to her, could it be that she does get given a chance on the trial team again?

Making his way back to Patricia, Sacha apologies for their earlier exchange and how he behaved, she tells him she was flattered not offended by his offer, but she’s already seeing someone else, she tells him that she’s worried about him, you’re not the only one Patricia, leading him to say that there has been some stresses today but that’s all, she gives him a knowing nod at his answer, does she really believe him because we all don’t, just as it seemed Essie didn’t before. This worry is gathering more fuel as when he’s in the locker room not long later at the end of his shift, he finds his old box of Citalopram from the last time he had his bout with depression, could he be thinking he needs his medication again, the things that helped him last time??

The episode is drawing to a close, in Albie’s of course, this place is seemingly needed after the day it’s been at Holby, Sacha finds Serena there who is sat at a table, he asks what she’d like to drink with a smile over his face, you shouldn’t have to ask Ms Campbell’s drink choice at Albie’s, no one should, but we’ll let you off. Smiling as he ordered their drinks, this smile drops away as quickly as it appears, leaving him staring into camera, he eyes starting to fill up with tears, it seems that our Mr Levy isn’t happy in the slightest and maybe that depression and those feelings are rearing their ugly head again. Can his friends and colleagues see through his smiley mask he’s putting on and get him to get the help he needs?? Hang in there Sacha, everyone cares and loves you so much!