Quite the energetic start to this weeks episode, well energetic for Fletch who is pushing his own car with Jac sat in the drivers seat steering, obviously it was going to be this way round, Jac push Fletch’s car, or any car for that matter, don’t be silly, he eventually manages to push it into the car park and then into a space, parking it up, next thing is actually to get it fixed so that he doesn’t have to push it anymore, well that’s the plan anyway.

Having not slept since coming back from Nairobi to visit Bernie and see the opening of her girlfriends new trauma unit, Serena is rather tired for her shift today, as is Ric as Donna’s children have kept him awake, both of them drinking an vitamin tablet dissolved in water to see if it aids in their tiredness during the day. Looking through the office window where they’re sat they see the new wave of F1’s coming onto AAU and they remark how young and fresh they all seem, Meena talking to them all in a group on the ward, presumably introducing them to things on their first day.

Due to there being a staff shortage in the hospital today, Roxanna and Henrik are teaming up in theatre to do a procedure together, the patient being Julie who was in last week for cancer treatment and spoke to Essie, this week has been involved with a hit and run and needs emergency surgery on a bleed to the head and brain, whilst in theatre he tells her he has a present for her for her birthday that he’ll give to her later, so that’s what the little box was you were holding in the office earlier Henrik, the neurosurgeon seems touched that he’s remembered at all.
You can always rely on Fletch’s children to cause him some headache or another, this week it’s Theo that’s been brought into AAU with suspected broken fingers, the result of apparently getting them slammed in the door at home whilst being looked after by Evie, but the problem is she’s not been seen in the house since the accident happened, if she’s not there then where exactly is she?

Julie’s surgery complete, Roxanna and Henrik are speaking outside the operating theatre, she says she has no plans for her birthday as she puts her earrings back in, her back to the Swede, just as he’s got the little box out to give her he changes his mind and puts it back in his pocket just as she’s turning around, earrings back in. Changing her mind about company on her birthday, she asks if he’s free, of course he’s free for Roxanna, the neurosurgeon telling him that he’s paying because it’s her birthday which he agrees fully with, will he ever get the courage to give her the little present he’s holding?

Essie doesn’t seem to be able to stay away from Holby, she’s back on Keller having been discharged last week, this week she’s asking Henrik about how Julie is doing, he informs her that they’ve done all they can for her. Talking to the woman herself the former nurse says she’s feeling better everyday, is this really the case or is she lying to her new friend.

With Ric feeling somewhat pushed aside by Meena and Nicky taking over some of the teaching of the new F1’s, he takes it upon himself to to lead and run one of the case studies that has been set for the new students, with none of the students, including Meena and Nicky able to answer the question of treatment on the study, between them they give the answers to the young people and make it sound like it was an obvious answer if they knew their stuff, leaving the room both of them high five each other, thinking that they’ve taught Meena and Nicky and the other students a lesson, letting them all know that they don’t know it all yet regardless of what they might think.

Due to the surgery that Julie has had and the recovery process for the next week, she’s told by Roxanna and Henrik that she’ll not be able to have chemo for her cancer whilst this happens, whilst not pleased at all, not suprisingly, she thanks them both for saving her life in the operating theatre, whilst talking to Essie about awaiting a visit from her son Josh Julie passes out with a bleed and is rushed into theatre by Roxanna.
Henrik and Essie move into the staff room to make a cup of tea each, whilst in here she asks him how long he’s been in love with Roxanna, also telling him that he should tell her, reminding him ‘No regrets Mr Hanssen’, can he pluck up enough courage to reveal his feelings?

Due to Theo’s accident the social worker from social services has paid Fletch a visit and said that there’s to be no more babysitting to be done by Evie and that he has to go on a parenting course, much to his relief given he was fearing a whole lot worse given the circumstances of the day as a whole.

Julie has had successful surgery, Roxanna meet Henrik in the corridor to tell him so, where he’s stood holding the infamous little box in his hands, eventually he gives it to her and he says he hopes that it’d bring back pleasant memories for her, inside when  she opens it is a pin badge of a red Doc Marten boot, obviously like what she must have worn in their younger days as students, on seeing said badge she tears up and gets upset, apologising to him as she hands the badge back and dashes off from where she came, leaving a confused Henrik stood holding said badge, what just happened there Roxanna?

After Steven Fletch’s dad who has made an appearance back at the hospital and is fixing his estranged sons car, and has turned out to be the reason Evie left the house with Theo’s accident and has been meeting him rather regularly recently, whilst successfully fixing said car and talking to Evie, it turns out that he upped and left Fletch when Fletch’s grandma was poorly, leaving it all for his son to do instead of him sticking around to help out his sick mum and never got in touch for ages, he tells her he feels ashamed but doesn’t blame Fletch for feeling as he does, especially given the circumstances and his behaviour, telling his granddaughter that it’s been a pleasure to meet her but he doesn’t feel welcome here, you can kind of understand why Steven surely?

Leaving the AAU to head up the stairs, Henrik is stopped by Roxanna coming out of the lift to find him, explaining that the pin badge he gave her was a thoughtful but painful gift, saying how her late mum got her a very similar one on her birthday and that’s why she reacted the way she did, he apologises, with her telling him that she knows he meant no offence at all, before she walks away he extends the offer of them going for a drink together like they were going to that morning, the neurosurgeon telling him that she’d like an early night, leaving the Swede looking a little bit lost, will he be able soon to voice his feelings for her and let her know what he truly feels for her?

Fletch and Steven end up on the staircase talking about what’s gone on today, with Fletch saying he wishes he could trust him but he doesn’t have it in him before heading on back up the stairs and past his dad, not long later as they head down the corridor and back towards the ward, Steven says that he was a rubbish dad and that he made Fletch look like he was one today, better late then never I suppose for you to admit that Steven.

Albie’s is the place to be for Dom and Lofty’s engagement party, Serena and Ric move into the bar and sit with Meena and Nicky, Serena says that indeed the F2’s did ‘win’ today and that Ric should admit so too, seemingly admitting defeat by the younger pair he buys them all a drink as a peace offering, even in defeat Mr Griffin is a gentleman.
When the younger pair have departed from them, Serena and Ric discuss their marriages ending said discussion by cheering to being ‘early mammals’, we love you both!

Coming to the end of the episode we see a upset and slightly tearful Henrik sat in the office of Keller looking at the Doc Martens pin badge, come on Mr Hanssen we’re here for you, you just need to tell Roxanna how you feel, even though it’s so hard for you to do.

Finishing in Pulses, Fletch and Steven meet Evie here who has been waiting for the pair, it seems like Steven is actually going to do what his son wants and walk away like he asked earlier in the episode, after telling his son he’s proud of him and takes after his nan, but in a little twist he smiles at his granddaughter and says that after talking to her dad, he’s going nowhere, the pair of them sharing a hug as Fletch looks on. Well now, how is this family, uncomfortable situation going to work, can it actually work at all given all the tension and bad history and feelings between father and son? 
I guess next week we’re going to be given a little more insight into whether it can or not, we waited with baited breath!