It’s a little bit of a strange opening to this weeks episode, we are met with Fletch stood looking at an unknown person through the glass into what looks like a room in ITU, but besides hearing the beeping of the machines and a rising and lowering of a chest we don’t actually see who the person is, it seems as though this scene is a flashback, because we are then taken back to what seems to be the beginning of that day before all whatever happened, happened.

Serena is making her way into work and sees Evie walking in the same direction, the young girl isn’t for talking about why she is there at the hospital, seemingly giving the excuse of work experience which Serena quickly sees through, extending the offer of a listening ear if Evie needs to talk, but she doesn’t get much response back to her offer, Evie striding into the building ahead of her.

Back on Keller Essie is again this week but not as a patient thank god, she’s come in to see Julie but also is informed by Sacha that her results are in regarding her cancer, they both make their way into his office and he opens them, revealing to her that she’s clear of cancer since the operation and is in remission, he can’t help but cry tears of relief for her, before she reveals that she wants to come back to Holby, is she ready to though?

Darwin have a bit of a tricky and somewhat mysterious patient in Tom Wyrick, the young man won’t open up to any of the staff about himself or where he lives or stays, the question people can’t work out at the moment is why?
It doesn’t take Gaskell long to make his way to Keller to where Julie is, the man seems to know too much sometimes as to who is in the hospital and putting his nose in things that don’t concern him, he says that if he can help to just let him know, it seems more than a coincidence he’d put his nose in with Julie, given he rejected Josh when he was younger for an implant operation.

Steven can’t keep away despite Fletch’s warnings last week, only this time it’s due to the fact that Evie has been on her dads phone and texting her grandad, duping him into thinking Fletch himself when in fact he didn’t, after last week I think texting you is the last thing that your son would do Steven given the circumstances. Steven tells Fletch that he’d do anything to be a part of his and the kids lives, is that what his son wants though given his 17 year absence.

Gaskell hasn’t left Keller and headed back down to the lab, in fact he’s in the staff room where Essie finds him, this leads them to talking and she says that it’s a shame that he didn’t treat Josh because it’d have helped the young man, is she putting doubt in his mind about not taking on Josh’s case the first time around? This certainly seems to be the case, because a little while later, Gaskell is in the lab and looking over Josh’s file from when he rejected the young man when he was younger, is the Professor seriously thinking that he could take his case on now due to Essie speaking to him?

Thanks to Fletch’s bedside manner, it turns out that Tom is actually a squatter and he’s doing this due to being on the run from someone, but won’t reveal who this someone is. Fletch asks him to let him help him, the director of nursing seeming to really want to help Tom who doesn’t seem to have anyone else, the question is will Tom let him?
Fletch is really having a day of it when he argues with Steven again in his office, giving his dad his train ticket to Scotland back that Steven had slipped into Fletch’s pocket a short time ago, and tells him basically to leave and get on the train to Scotland because he and the kids don’t want him around, will he listen to his sons wishes this time around?

Not one to give up on someone she cares about, namely in this case Josh, Essie is back down to Gaskell in the lab, he shows her Josh’s file and explains that he rejected him from the implant operation the first time around, because of how young he was and he didn’t want to risk Josh’s life, but then surprises Essie by telling her that he’ll have another look at Josh’s file, Essie tells him that she’ll wait for him to do this, could the Professor seriously be thinking of taking Josh on as a patient, given all that’s happened with the implants?!

We’re back in the lab with Gaskell and Essie again, he says that if they act now things for Josh can be restored for him to be able to walk properly, with this bit of a revelation Essie is undoubtedly worried for the young man, especially given the implant that would be being used, Gaskell goes onto say that they’ve perfected the nerve implant and the risk of immune reaction has been eliminated, Essie still doesn’t look sure, sounds like she’s every reason for feeling like this given what’s happened recently with implants with the Professor and what the actual truth is that Roxanna knows all about.

Communication broken down between dad and daughter, Serena is acting as a mediator between Fletch and Evie in one of the hospital meeting rooms. Both of them air their feelings and differences whilst in there, both shed some tears as Evie reveals to her dad that she’s struggling due to everything that’s happened over the past few years to her and the family in general. When the discussion is over and they leave the room, Serena says to him that she’ll take Evie with her to give the young girl some space, he then asks his friend and colleague what to do, she tells him to do something because if he doesn’t then he’ll lose her, get thinking Fletch!

Newly engaged Dom and Lofty are in the AAU office after a tense and pressured morning, both men having sniped at one another a bit and not looking very happy, whilst in the office they talk about things in general between them and the wedding and wedding plans, both agreeing to be more open with each other and compromise.

More arguments ensuing but this time on Darwin between Fletch and Jac, after his ‘meeting’ with Evie and Serena, he goes to Jac seemingly looking for some support from his friend, but she doesn’t exactly give him what he hoped for, instead he’s met with some unsavoury comments from her which don’t exactly give him the comfort and support he’d have hoped for, not being very helpful for him in his current situation, this leading him to tell her that he’d have thought she’d have supported him like he supported her, a war of words resulting in her telling him to get out of the office, which he does leaving her alone at her desk.

Up on Keller Essie tells Josh that Gaskell might be able to treat him, this good news is cut short as Julie reveals that her cancer is terminal, but also tells him that he should take this chance of the Professor being able to help him, question is will Josh take that chance?

Getting Tom in the community hospital is Fletch’s good deed for the day to enable the young guy to safely receive his post op care, the young man is visibly extremely grateful for someone not giving up on him and helping despite how difficult he was at the start when he came in.
Fletch’s next job is finding Steven, who is in a closed Albie’s having a whiskey, having talked himself in there when it’s closed. As they sit at the bar and talk, Steven gets upset as he explains he was 14 when Fletch was born and didn’t think he’d be a good father at that age, also that him and Fletch’s mum split when they were 16 and he felt still too young to do a good job. When he’s about to leave for Scotland Fletch stops him at the door by calling him dad for the first time since he’d been at Holby, challenging him to put his money where his mouth is and apply for a porters job at the hospital, if he does this and plays by his rules then they’ll see, could this be a shred of hope for them both and the Fletcher family? Will Steven step up?

Back to the lab we go again this week, this time Roxanna is there with Essie and Gaskell, he tells Roxanna that he’s chosen Josh as the next candidate for the implant, that he fit the criteria and that his decision is final, the neurosurgeon looking more than displeased by his single minded decision, so much so that she leaves the lab, will this operation actually go ahead?

Wedding talk is the topic of the evening for Dom and Lofty in Albie’s, both of them deciding that they want a small and intimate wedding, nothing too big and over the top at all, far from wanting to wait for however long, Dom surprises Lofty by telling him that he thinks they should do it ASAP, get your hats everyone!

Heading towards the end of the episode, standing outside of Julie’s room, Josh sat inside said room with his mum, Essie and Sacha look in at the duo, she says that she’s staying in Holby because it’s where she wants to be, he looked pleased with her decision. You belong at Holby Essie and it seems as though Julie and Josh need your support too.

With the last action of the episode, and action it is, Fletch goes into Jac’s office to find a bottle of water tipped on it’s side on her desk and dripping onto the floor, a bit confused he investigates why it’s like this and find the reason, Jac collapsed on the carpet beside her desk, shouting immediately for help and for a crash trolley. She’s then taken to ITU and it’s here that the flashback from the start of this weeks episode all becomes clear, it’s Jac who is the person hooked up to all the machines in an ITU room, with Fletch looking on through the glass at her, the director of nursing sensing someone else is behind him, but isn’t quick enough to see Gaskell look in at Jac and then disappear from the room before he’s spotted. Can Jac pull through and if so what does this mean for her in terms of her prognosis and life, and what does this also mean for Gaskell and his infamous implants, will he just carry on as normal, especially with Josh being the next patient on the list, or will Roxanna do something when she finds out about Jac?
So many questions and possibilities, hopefully we’ll get the answers to some if not all of them next week!