We start in a similar, tense position to last week, the Keller team including Roxanna, Gaskell and Dom are running around Jac doing various tests, she’s in her hospital bed hooked up to various machines and in what looks like a coma. Roxanna suddenly sits up in the chair beside Jac’s bed as if she’d had some kind of nightmare, we find out from her when she’s talking to Gaskell who puts his head in the room to ask after Jac, that she’s stable at the moment.
Roxanna reckons that Jac has a post op infection that’s effecting multiple organ systems, we’ve certainly heard this diagnosis before where Gaskell is concerned, she says to him that she needs to do something about what’s happening because she can’t just sit and watch Jac die, at least one of the two of them is doing something!

There’s a very tired Ms Campbell on AAU today, it turns out that she’s not had much sleep the past 3 night having been up volunteering with a colicky Gwenivere, enter new porter Steven on AAU when he comes in pushing a patient on a trolley with Jason who is training him at the moment. Jason then asks if Serena can help again tonight, although apparently Greta had told him not to ask, he says that since Bernie isn’t here at the moment then Serena hasn’t got anything better to do, a little taken aback and put on the spot, add in tiredness and a good heart, Serena agrees to be there tonight again, I think you need sleep instead Serena!

Still the tensions between Roxanna and Gaskell are simmering, both are now in the lab talking over all that’s happened and currently happening with Jac and the trial, she tells him that she wonders if she’s made the right decision in what’s she’s done in regards to sticking with the trial and him and everything else that’s gone on.
Back up on Keller Henrik being the nice man he is and wanting to look after a clearly tired and overworked Roxanna, he brings her a coffee and a bacon sandwich, since she looks like she’s not eaten let alone slept for quite a while. She’s resistant at first claiming she hasn’t got time, but then he turns the tables a little and says about taking his concerns to Abi about her not eating or sleeping etc, just like she said she would when he was running himself ragged a few weeks ago, nice move there Henrik! She gives into his kindness and wanting to make sure she’s alright, the both of them going into the staff room and they talk about the current Jac situation as she drinks the coffee that he’s got her, he tells her that if she needs to talk about anything then he’ll listen, will she tell him what’s been happening?

Finally Jac wakes up, at last, Roxanna though tells Dom not to tell Gaskell that she has just yet, she doesn’t want him involved right now it seems. Still groggy but coherent Jac slips her mask off and whispers to the neurosurgeon to ‘fix me’, is this actually possible though? With no other options right now they take Jac into theatre, working together for now on this procedure Roxanna and Gaskell managed to remove all the pus from Jac’s spinal cord which has done the trick for now, no sooner is the operation over than Gaskell is scurrying back to his lab, using the excuse that he can now Jac is ok, yet again leaving everything to Roxanna, who looks rather unimpressed to say the least.

Victor is on AAU again after being on the ward once this shift having been dared by Steven to put his arm in a prosthetic leg and got it stuck, Serena successfully removed it will only bruising, but because of how stupid she feels they’ve been she pretends that he has gangere and that she’ll need to amputate his arm, quickly telling him she’s kidding and then gets mad and tells them both how mad she is at their time wasting, letting Steven know that she’ll not be taken advantage of by him, so now you know Steven!

Roxanna and Gaskell still aren’t agreeing and this time it’s about Jac’s treatment, Dom tells one of them to decide what is happening, obviously concerned for his colleague and how ill she is, with Gaskell flouncing off to ED where he’s apparently needed, we’ve heard that one a few times this episode, Roxanna makes the decision herself on his departure and tells them to book a theatre, she’s going to operate, this is followed by Fletch panicking when he hears the news about Jac and takes himself into the staff room to try and compose himself.
Roxanna is on her own in the operating theatre at first, but Henrik is quick to join her and offer his assistance, not wanting to see her do it alone, such a gentleman Henrik! She thanks him and they work together to try and save Jac since Gaskell at this point is back in the lab and banging his head on his desk, now you know what Roxanna has felt like working with you John!

It seems that there’s more to Victors symptoms than Serena first thought, after looking at his test results it turns out that he has rickets, due to his poor living conditions, diet and working long extra hour, she reassures him that he’ll be fine though and tells him that they all make mistakes, her way of trying to say that she got it wrong in regards to thinking he was pretending that he felt unwell, when in fact he was genuine.

Roxanna is back in the lab after Jac’s successful surgery, good double team of her and Henrik again, on speaking to Gaskell she says that he’s made catastrophic errors over the past months which he denies, obviously because it’s what he does, she tells him that she’s compromised herself for him and that really all this is about his ego and not about the patients, when he mentions about Henrik and herself could get into trouble if anything was to be said in regards to the trial, she says that knowing Henrik as she does, that he’d sacrifice his career if it meant stopping ‘this madness’ and madness is exactly right Roxanna!

Serena apologises to Steven for accusing him of slacking off from work when he brought Victor up to the ward when he didn’t feel well, he tells her that he’s enjoyed having conversation with another adult for a change, and asks her to say hello to him again as a favour from her, she obliges him and says hello to him, just before he leaves the ward with an empty trolley he tells her that she’s ‘one hell of a woman’ a compliment that makes Serena’s eyes sparkle, I fully agree with what you say Steven, Ms Campbell is definitely one hell of a woman!

Henrik is just about to depart for the day but Roxanna catches him in the office, seemingly about to talk to him about all that has been happening wit Gaskell and the trial but at the last minute she stops and makes conversation about how he’s handled things with the staff in regards to Jac being so ill, instead she compliments him and he leaves the office to go home, after this she then heads down to the lab once again having been given some food for thought after the days events and her conversation with Henrik. As she reaches the lab and she talks to the Professor, getting rather emotional as she does, she says that he’s not been honest with her for months about anything, and that without trust she can’t work with him on the trial anymore, stepping across the room to where he’s stood and has been since she starting talking, she tells him to remember the man he used to be when they were younger, with tears in her eyes she leaves the lab, it seems she couldn’t and can’t take anymore of what’s been happening and this today has been the final straw for her, you made the right decision to get out of the trial Roxanna!

It’s been quite the day for Fletch again, having dealt with a woman with a form of psychosis who changed beds to be able to see the ward entrance, and then ran off to the chapel and nearly stabbed herself with a needle full of Potassium Chloride to try and help herself and how she was feeling, add in Steven now working for Holby as a porter and Jac being literally at deaths door, oh yes also him and Nicky clashing over the lady with psychosis, it’s been quite a day for him again. Outside of the hospital Steven finds his son who is getting some fresh air and throwing a ball against the wall, he tells Fletch that he took the job to try and make up for his mistakes, that he’s here now and that he thinks that Fletch needs to go and see Jac, he’s been avoiding doing this too due to their cross words last week, Steven tells him that it’s what you do that counts, not what you say.

Serena determined to get some sleep and relax after being so sleep deprived and exhausted finds Jason just as she’s about to leave for home and gives him a business card for a night nanny, telling him that she’s going home to rest and sleep and that if they need someone in the night, the night nanny is highly qualified and suitable, you deserve your rest Serena!

With the final scene of the episode, it seems Steven has gotten through to his son in terms of him seeing Jac, Fletch enters Jac’s room on the ward and makes his way over to her beside, getting upset as he says ‘If I’d lost you’, she tells him ‘Don’t’, the pair of them hold hands as he perches on the side of her bed and look at one another, could Jac’s brush with death mean that the pair of them might consider how they feel about one another, and maybe see their way to making a go of things this time? Will Jac recover or will she become another victim of Gaskell?