It seems beauty therapists are relaxing places but also lethal if you fall asleep in the massage chair, and then have a nightmare when asleep in said chair, this being the case for Essie as we start the episode this week, her nightmare consisting of Josh in a wheelchair and she is his nurse who is feeding him from a bowl, when she suddenly wakes up and realises where she actually is and that it’s a nightmare, not the best start or advert for the beauty therapy chair.

Xavier just can’t help himself when it comes to women, especially women in Holby, Meena and Donna see him in his car in the car park, kissing the face off Shelley, the blonde from occupational therapy, leading Meena to say that she’s over him and she can do better, is that just a line she’s using in front of Donna though, is she actually really over him for good? When Xavier reaches the locker room, or stands outside it whilst Donna changes, he is told by her in no uncertain terms that he should keep business and pleasure separate, especially when Shelley is a client of theirs.

With Gaskell still apparently set on doing Josh’s operation, Roxanna goes to see him in the lab and they talk about the young man, he tells her that he changed his mind about Josh and therefore decided to go ahead with the surgery. She tells him that she feels that Josh isn’t the right candidate just like Gaskell himself said the last time Josh was being considered as a patient, it seems her visit has given him some food for thought and he says that maybe he should investigate some more, have her words had some effect on him and will he hold back from operating? Not long later he’s back on the ward and in front of Essie, informs Julie and Josh that he can’t in fact operate today, that he needs to consider others options for the young man. Julie shouts at him about how unhappy she is at his decision, she thought or was pinning her hopes on him helping her son and maybe changing his life through this surgery, Gaskell informs a shocked Essie that his hands are tied and this is why he’s come to this decision.

Meena has been drafted in somewhat by Roxanna to act as her eyes seen as he hides things from the neurosurgeon, but when she goes into the office on the ward, Gaskell is rude to her and says that neuro isn’t for her and they don’t need her on this ward at all, despite her trying her best in her work, she leaves the office visibly upset, what’s next for her now and Roxanna’s monitoring of Gaskell? AAU seems to be the next port of call for Meena, Ric giving her a little pep talk before setting her on her way with some patients, could she possibly settle here?

Having a clear out of Roxanna’s things, almost like he wants any trace of her out of his lab, Gaskell is boxing her belongings up and puts them outside in the corridor, just as the lady herself appears at the lab door, informing him that she’s saved him and his project a few times and that he should show her more respect than he does and has, especially considering how he is treating her belongings, also adding that he is like a spoilt child, before picking up the box of her things and leaving, you tell him Roxanna, I like the stronger and no nonsense side of her that is coming through this week!

The idea of the original operation for Josh seemingly up in smoke, Gaskell, Essie and Julie are once again discussing other available options for him, they move onto talking about how Julie could donate her frozen embryos to his project, but they couldn’t be directly used for Josh because it wouldn’t be in any way legal to do so. Due to her shortened life expectancy because of her terminal cancer diagnosis, Julie says she doesn’t care whether it’d be legal or not because she’s dying. A little while later the three of them plus Josh are in the office again, this time Julie has a consent form in her hands, without properly reading it she just skims through it and signs it, telling them she doesn’t need to read it, I’d be reading it if I were you Julie!

During all this Essie is paged by Roxanna, nice timing Rox, and is called down to assist her in a operation they talk about Josh and the operation, leading the neurosurgeon to say that the worst thing would be Gaskell creating his own failure and then warns Essie to be careful, after all Roxanna knows what he’s like and part of what he’s been up to, adding that Gaskell is capable of amazing, but terrible things, you’ve been duly warned Essie!

Donna is starting to have doubts about her new business venture and whether she’s capable or making it or a success, step in Xavier to reassure her that she can do it, could the pair of them be building something a bit more than friendship and a business partnership possibly?

Henrik is definitely the wise man of Holby and a good giver of advice, Essie is the first to come to him this week to ask about Josh and that situation but doesn’t mention him by name, telling him after they talk that Henrik is wasted as a doctor, referring to the good advice that he gives out. After her talk with Mr Hanssen Essie then goes to talk to Gaskell in the lab, she airs her doubts about Josh’s operation and the use of the embryos, questioning why he’d take the risk, she says that it’s the equivalent of playing God and if this is reason enough to do it, concluding that in fact it’s not enough to risk Josh’s life and that she can’t be a part of this plan, telling him she’ll tell Julie and Josh that the procedure is off, Gaskell looks not best pleased to say the least, looks like you’ve had your plan gatecrashed by Roxanna and her warning and a little help from Henrik.

Due to Meena not able to gain anymore insight or information from Gaskell after she was banished to AAU, Roxanna then turns to Henrik, bringing him into the staff room and saying that she needs to find out what’s going on with Gaskell and project Laszlo, but without him knowing, to find out what exactly has been happening and what he’s been hiding from them both and everyone else, but to do this she needs to collect information from the facilities in Hungary and Morocco, needing Henrik to cover for her whilst she goes to these places. After hearing what she is saying and needs to do, he agrees to cover for her whilst she’s away, it seems now Henrik himself is somewhat curious about what Gaskell could have been doing behind all of their backs.

Essie breaks the news to a very unhappy Julie and Josh, she explains that the operation can’t go ahead because of what it entails and it not being legal, it seems she’s taken the brunt of their anger and upset at the entire situation. Josh collapses in pain, pain he’s been hiding for quite a while it seems, pain that then causes Essie and Gaskell to have to perform surgery to lessen the pain for him, whilst their in the theatre Gaskell makes the comment that Essie is an excellent nurse, but she’s learning about her limits, a cutting remark and insult due to her not going along with his scheme it seems, very mature Professor, not. With the operation a success Essie asks him if he’s destroyed the paperwork that Julie had signed to give him her frozen embryos, he says that he has and she takes him at his word, something tells me that he hasn’t destroyed said forms at all.

Albie’s it is for Donna and Xavier, she’s taken him for a drink to say thank you for his help and support today, whilst they’re here he offers Nicky’s bedroom for her treatments which she gratefully accepts, this smiling response leading Xavier to quickly tell her that all of this is purely business, a comment that drops Donna smile like a lead balloon, she quickly changes the subject and asks him about his relationship with Shelley, but seems rather unhappy that he said it was just business, it seems she was hoping for possibly a bit more than just a business arrangement between them both.

Roxanna is jumping into a taxi with her suitcase to go on her mission to uncover just what Gaskell is up to, good luck Roxanna, we known you can find out what’s been going on with the Professor and what he’s hiding, let’s face it it’s about someone did and you’re the best person for the job!

Back into the lab we go with the mad Professor himself, and it seems that he was in fact lying through his teeth, yet again, as he is in possession of a metal container with Julie’s name on, that’s filled with liquid nitrogen that is pluming into his face as he takes the lid off and then starts to remove straws that have been frozen and contain Julie’s embryos, what on earth could he be doing with them, are they going to be used for his own egotistical research and project, despite Julie wanting him to have no possession of them. And will anyone be able to stop him in what he’s doing? Or at least discover that he’s lied to this extent?

The final scene of this weeks episode is between Henrik and Sacha in the locker room, Sacha says that Holby needs more Essie’s, Henrik agrees and says it also needs more Roxanna’s too, he’s so in love with the neurosurgeon and can’t help talking about her or at least mentioning her in subtle ways such as this, it’s so sweet! Sacha tells Henrik that he feels that a storm is moving closer, but doesn’t know what he needs for said storm, as Henrik leaves him alone in the room he suddenly says ‘a compass’, it sounds like this is a rather big storm that you’ve got in your head and mind Sacha and may need more than the support of a compass! It seems Sacha’s storm has been brewing for quite a while, a storm that is going to hit with rather a lot of force for him and those around him!