Straight into the action this week, Ric and Sacha are in theatre trying to save a patient by shocking him once and then twice, before we see Sacha walking onto the roof and seems rather agitated, Ric follows after him, before Sacha says that he the patient from the theatre a promise. We’re then taken back to Sacha talking to Connor and telling and promising him that he’d be fine, that he’ll fix his problem connected to Connors’ Crohn’s disease. Back on the roof he admits to Ric that he had depression last year, something that Ric says he didn’t know anything about, to be honest Ric a lot of colleagues didn’t know about it, Sacha refers to Connor as ‘The right patient, at the right time’, the young man came into the hospital last year when Sacha started experiencing his depression.

In a flashback we see Sacha telling Connor that Essie is in fact his ex and that he’s not jealous of her being with Raf, but just jealous that she’s with someone at all, Connor reassures him that they have one another despite of this.
Back on the roof and Sacha makes a statement about how it’d be easy for him to say that that’s it, they can’t do it anymore, but it’s not quite clear at the moment in what context he is meaning this, Ric doesn’t understand the context either it seems.

Back to when Jac was breaking down in her office a while ago with Fletch in there with her, we see that when this happened, Sacha was in fact outside the door the whole time and was listening to it all unfolding, visibly getting upset as he stood outside and listened to his good friends upset and distress. On the roof Ric says that Sacha is part of the furniture and they’d all be lost without him, but Sacha doesn’t agree with his sentiment at all.

It seems that Sacha had a conversation with Connor about how he was feeling at the time of the shooting, telling the young man about operating on his friend in the basement, this friend being Jac, and how he thought he was in fact going to kill her by doing said operation, he then talks about how he found Raf in the lift and he was dead, then it was left up to him to go and tell everyone this, it seems that these are thoughts and feelings that he’s not shared with anyone since he told Connor and he’s just suffered in silence with them since.

On the roof Ric and Sacha talk and Ric says how it’s easy to over invest in work, because it’s exactly what he did after he came back having been released from prison. Sacha then starts talking about the ‘deal’ that Ric did with Gaskell, and that due to this ‘deal’ it landed him the funding for his project over his own, Ric seemingly annoyed by this and what his friend maybe insinuating, says that in fact he feels that Sacha doesn’t like Gaskell because it causes him to see his own mediocrity, also telling him in his anger to stop moping. This hits a nerve with Sacha and he storms off the roof, in the lift back to the ward he kicks the side of it a couple of times in anger, seeming to compose himself somewhat before arriving on Keller. When he steps out, he heads straight to Connors body, which is in the theatre and still on the table where he died at the moment, collecting his Hebrew Bible and Jewish cap from his own locker, he makes his way to stand next to Connor, and then starts to read from his Bible.
It turns out that Connor and his parents were spoken to by Sacha before the operation and they understand what they’re letting themselves in for, Sacha himself says to them all that he won’t let anything happen to him, something that really he couldn’t 100 percent guarantee, but his intentions were one hundred percent true.

Sacha asks a colleague of his to perform the postmortem as a favour for him and she agrees, she concludes that Connor’s cause of death was a massive haemorrhage, a 4 cm tear and his Crohn’s disease, she tells Sacha that there isn’t anything he could’ve done that would’ve made a difference to Connor, basically telling him that it wasn’t his fault what happened, after receiving such upsetting news regarding his patient who’d become a friend to him, Sacha quickly goes to the locker room and breaks down in floods of uncontrollable tears.
On emerging from Keller a little while later, Sacha meets Serena who is coming onto Keller, she asks if he’s ok and he says he is whilst he steps into the lift, she seems unconvinced but lets him go and heads into the ward anyway. With Connor’s body and his parents leaving the hospital for the final time, Sacha turns to Dom and tells him that he’s ‘done’, but also expresses how proud he is of Dom too.

The next person he goes to see is Jac, who is asleep in her hospital bed and he says goodbye to her, she stirs and half asleep asks him if she’s dying, on him saying no she isn’t, she then questions why the goodbye from her friend, not answering her question, he tells her to go back to sleep, which she does and he leaves the room.
Back up on Keller, Ric has come to see Serena, he reveals that him and Sacha had a disagreement, on hearing this she tells Ric to go and find Sacha and kiss and make up, that if Ric himself had lost a patient then they’d afford him the same slack as they’re going to give Sacha, Ric heads off to do as he is told, you don’t say no to Serena in these circumstances, Ms Campbell knows best!

Next for Sacha is visiting Essie in Gaskell’s lab, he tells her about Connor and how he’s died, they share a long and meaningful hug and then he kisses her forehead and leaves, giving her a simple ‘bye’ as he exits the lab, are all these goodbyes heading for a tragic end for him, and if so can Ric find him in time if that’s the case?
Reaching the main entrance and Pulses, Ric is told by Dom how Sacha told him not long ago that he’s ‘done’, the comment seems to worry Ric and with good reason too, given that Sacha said about his depression not long ago. Heading outside the main entrance, Ric looks up to the roof where they had their disagreement and sees Sacha step over the railing and stand on the edge of the roof, it seems that Sacha may just jump off, causing Ric to sprint to the stairs on the other side of the hospital and head for the roof, hurry up Ric!!

In a series of quick flashbacks, we’re shown quick snap shots of all the things that have happened in the last year, things that it seems have piled up to contribute to the situation that Sacha now finds himself in, the weight and upset he’s been carrying and suffering with in silence, it culminating in him feeling like it’s all too much and suicide maybe his only option.

Arriving on the roof, Sacha starts crying and tells Ric that he can’t do it anymore, that he’s tired, Ric tells him that the feeling won’t last forever, that it’s all one day at a time, offering Sacha his hand and telling him that he’ll help him, that there’s a way through it, but this isn’t that way. After a few tense moments Sacha takes Ric’s hand and climbs back over the railings and onto the roof, both men embrace in a hug, Sacha clinging to his friend in relief it seems at someone hearing his cry for help and helping him in one of the biggest ways possible.Both men are then seen sat talking on a bench in the garden in the grounds of the hospital.

At the end of his shift, Sacha is leaving the hospital where Tyler, Connor’s friend and also a Crohn’s sufferer catches Sacha as he leaves, he gives the doctor a gift that Connor had bought for him a while ago, it’s the gift of a bright patterned shirt, due to Connor liking Sacha’s so much. After giving him this, Tyler then asks if Sacha will be his doctor, the young man doesn’t like his current one at another hospital, at first Sacha says no he can’t, the memory of Connor quite fresh and raw. Tyler then tells him that he doesn’t expect a miracle for the condition he has, he just wants to know someone is on his side, basically like he saw Sacha was for Connor despite the tragic outcome. A few moments of hearing the words and letting them sink in, Sacha has a change of heart and tells Tyler to go and see his GP and have him refer Tyler to him, that Sacha has told him that he can, and that then when Sacha comes back from his few weeks off that he needs, then Tyler will make an appointment to see him and between them they’ll make a plan, the happiness of the young man is plain to see all over his face!!
Everyone is here for you on your return, keep strong Mr Levy!!!