We start the episode/day the Holby way and that’s in Pulses, both Henrik and Serena are starting the day with getting their coffees, as the brunette heads up to the ward, Henrik sees Josh arriving in the hospital on his crutches for his surgery, Henrik looks on an unsure look on his face.

Meena’s definitely arriving in style this morning, in the form of a shiny new black car, which turns out is a birthday present from her dad, the shiny motor is seen by Xavier as he makes his way into the building with Donna, much to the delight of Meena that he’s noticed her, even if it is due to her car.

Up on Keller Essie tells a curious Henrik, who enquires about Josh, that Josh is on the ward for his operation, that his candidacy was re-assessed and then approved, Henrik listens to what she says but doesn’t seem impressed at the reasons as to why the young man is now back after initially being told no he wasn’t a suitable candidate and was rejected.

Roxanna gets in contact with Henrik in the way of a video call on the stairs outside the ward, he tells her about Josh and the fact he’s having his operation today, she’s shocked to say the least and says to Henrik to make sure that Gaskell does the right thing, this presumably being not letting the Professor operate at all, which in itself isn’t an easy task because Gaskell listens to no one but himself.

Fletch is once again having trouble with Evie, she’s been sent home from school after an incident has happened that she’s involved with or responsible for, he’s understandably annoyed given how busy he is at work and how he thought they’d turned a corner, telling his eldest daughter to go into his office, it seems that they’ve more work to do on their relationship.

Not convinced by Gaskell and how Josh is now a patient who is suddenly a suitable candidate, plus Roxanna telling Henrik not to let the Professor operate, he takes it upon himself to head into the lab, sighing as he first enters the room and stands at the door and looks around. Essie joins him not long later and they talk about Josh and the upcoming operation, she tells him that she’s not worried about it, but when she heads back out of the lab he seems not convinced at all by her optimism, but can he do anything to stop what’s happening or delay it at all?

When Henrik talks to patient/acquaintance Margaret, who has been admitted to Keller, she’s someone he knows from his therapy group, he says that he has a dilemma at the moment of divided loyalties, in regards to Roxanna and Gaskell, she advises him to follow his instincts. After their conversation he moves over to the nurses’ station and picks up Josh’s file when no one is around and takes it with him to the office where he begins to look through it and Josh’s results.

Evie is in the toilets and comes out of her cubicle, just at the time when Kadie the patient on Darwin that Fletch and Nicky are looking after, is walking away from the bin and out of the toilets, having put something in said bin, this turns out to be a small tub of the legal high ‘Poppers’, accompanied by Steven she tells Fletch, who then goes to see Kadie herself who is on a treadmill as they test her heart function, having not been away that she takes such drugs, or that these are the cause of her problems. As Fletch confronts her about the discovery, she collapses on the treadmill and needs oxygen to help her catch her breath, can they help her get her life sorted and away from the drugs.

Margaret it turns out has a fear of heights, but still wants to do a sky dive in memory of her late husband, so to try and conquer her fear somewhat herself and Henrik go to the stairs on the side of the hospital roof and they talk about things in general, she says for him to use logic to sort his ongoing friendship dilemma out, can Henrik employ logic in this tense and difficult situation though?

Whilst Abi and Fletch are in theatre to help Kadie, they get onto discussing the issue Fletch has with Evie, she advises him to give her space if she needs it and to meet her halfway, can Fletch put his feelings aside in order to get a better relationship with his daughter?

Having a bad day in AAU and in general, this being made worse since it’s her birthday, feeling like she can’t do anything right, Meena steps out of the ward and tearfully sends a text message to Nicky asking if she’d like to go for a birthday drink with her like the old days, it seems she really doesn’t have many if any other friends that she can ask to share a drink with her or to spend time with, she’s rather lonely.

Trying again to talk to his daughter, Fletch and Evie discuss what’s been happening, she tells him that she just needs space for herself and she doesn’t hate him like he may have thought, this softens him and he says that he doesn’t know what he did to deserve her, this leading them to share a knowing smile between them, could dad and daughter finally be on the same page after their little heart to heart?

Finding Gaskell once again in the lab after Josh’s ‘successful’ operation, Henrik starts talking to his friend and colleague about his work, before the subject turns to Roxanna, the Professor lies and says that she stepped away from the trial for herself and that she’s lost herself, this seeming like a diversion tactic that Gaskell is using to take the focus away from his trial and work in the lab and in general, the mention of Roxanna in this way causes Henrik to look rather uncomfortable. Gaskell goes on to say that recent events have changed Roxanna, there’s a chaos about her, I’d say that that was you Professor not Roxanna. That maybe both herself and Henrik need healing time, that maybe himself and Henrik should focus their efforts on Roxanna, this again is Gaskell’s answer when Henrik brings up Gaskell’s work,it definitely sounds like he’s using Roxanna as a kind of scapegoat and smoke screen, come on Henrik you know Roxanna!

After the discussion of space for Evie and what’s happened at school, causing her to be now suspended for a week, Steven offers to have her at his house to try and help Fletch, telling his son that he’s got overtime owed to him as time off, that he just wants to be there for him as much as he is for Evie, telling him to think about it, will Fletch accept the olive branch and let his dad help?

The drugs that Kadie was found with turns out were from her ‘friend’ that has been bothering her by text since the young girl came into hospital, in recovery after her surgery, she tells Fletch that she wants to get away from her ‘friend’ hence her running away from the home, he says that he’ll talk to her social worker for her and help, maybe this is her chance to start again.

Margaret’s operation was a success, Henrik visits her in recovery and agrees to go back to the therapy sessions with her, after they both agree that they help each other and the sessions are better when they go together, it seems they’d definitely got a friend in one another, someone who can support them at therapy.

Resigning herself to Albie’s, Meena is sat having a drink with Xavier at the bar, he says that people don’t take her side because she can be hard work, but also that on the other side of this she’s strong and loyal too, this seems to pick up her spirits a bit. A little later on, both of them still at the bar, they agree to start seeing one another again, or having an arrangement of no strings attached, something that seems to be agreeable to both of them, the ‘deal’ is sealed with them both kissing as they sit at the bar.

Leaving the hospital at the end of his shift, Evie with him, Steven reassures a concerned Fletch that she’ll be fine as will Fletch, it seems that father and son have also found some common ground and that he is letting his dad help out, which in turn may help him with Evie too.

Heading to the end of the episode, with Roxanna telling Henrik on the stairs outside Keller that she has to carry on what she’s doing for all their sakes and hopes that he’ll understand in time, if he doesn’t quite understand right now. Outside in the garden area as the episode draws to a close, we see Roxanna pacing back and forth on her phone, leaving Laszlo a voicemail for him to call her back because she needs to speak to him urgently. Unbeknownst to the neurosurgeon, Gaskell is watching her from the window up on the ward, silently making his way to the window, Henrik sees Gaskell looking out of the window and realises what he’s looking at, before he himself then stands at the window looking down at Roxanna, it seems as though the Professor has no idea his colleague is also looking at her, the episode ends with both men looking down at Roxanna, the question is why is Gaskell looking at her like he is, does he suspect something and if so what action will he take? And will Henrik back his friend and colleague against Gaskell if push comes to shove? Roxanna I think you’d better watch your back because it seems Gaskell is watching and will stop at nothing to get his own way, even if these ‘obstacles’ maybe his friends and colleagues!