Straight from the word go this week we see a returning Frieda arriving back at her flat, her suitcase in hand, she wastes no time in finding Xavier getting changed in her bedroom after spending the night with Meena and then letting him know in a few words that she’s not happy with how she’s found him in her bedroom, back on form already Frieda!

Roxanna and Henrik are talking on the stairs having arrived for their shifts, he tells her that if she’s not sure of any wrong doing in regards to Gaskell then she should let it go, but also that whatever happens she’s not alone, this is just before the mad Professor himself makes an appearance through the doors and past Roxanna, coldly addressing her by the single word of ‘Rox’ before heading on up the stairs that she’s just come down.

Not long later Roxanna is talking to Meena in the corridor, they discuss Gaskell and his trial, she tells the younger woman that she could find out things by getting into the lab, but she needs the code and doesn’t know what it is, it turns out from Meena that the Professor changes it every time that he kicks someone off the trial, but Meena has noticed some kind of pattern in the code itself and maybe she could work it out, but she’s unsure about doing this, rushing off because she’s late for her shift already, she says that she’ll get back to Roxanna about the code, could Meena hold the literal key to get the neurosurgeon into the lab?

Frieda wants to be a consultant and expresses this to Jac, looking unconvinced by the younger woman’s desires and wants, she says that Frieda can have a dummy run of being in her shoes and running Darwin to see what she can do, is Frieda up the the challenge of being Jac for the day, can she handle the pressure?

It’s not been the best start to the day for Meena, from breaking Serena’s car light, Roxanna wanting the lab code and being late for her AAU shift. She apologises to the brunette for what she’s done and that she’ll obviously pay for the damage, clearly thinking that the AAU lead will hate her or kick her off the ward, but Serena surprises her, she says that it’s ok and that she’s not an ogre despite what people think, this bit of slack she gives to Meena seems to lessen the weight on the young doctor and she gives a smile, collecting her patient files and starting her shift, onwards and upwards from here?

The first woman Meena is treating is a familiar face to her, it turns out Rochelle is a woman who she knows from school, but it seems like they’re not good school memories as it turns out Rochelle and a few others used to copy Meena’s homework and make fun of her.

Roxanna has managed to sneak Laszlo into the building and not alert Gaskell, she lies to Laszlo that the Professor has asked her to check things against his records and tests that have been done, she’s clearly on edge because she’s doing this behind Gaskell’s back, also what will the tests show?

Rochelle’s pregnancy diagnosis quickly turns sour as it’s found out that it’s not a viable one, but an ectopic one, one that the young woman is distraught by, because she’s gone from being elated one second, to gutted the next at finding out that there’s no baby after all and having to tell this sad news to her fiancee, it seems that she’s not like Meena remembers at school, has she changed?

Laszlo’s test results have come through and cause a big sigh from Roxanna as she reads them in her office, her attention is drawn as she reads to a note pushed under her office door written on the back of a prescription paper bag, this note is a code, but when she opens the door whoever pushed it under isn’t there, Meena? With the code in hand Roxanna enters the lab, looking around and searching before she finds the tank containing the frozen embryos that Gaskell said he’d destroyed, a look of horror spreading over her face, this turning to fright as she hears the lift reach the basement and Gaskell making his way towards the lab, scrambling the tank back into the cupboard and putting everything back as she found it, she manages to get out just in time and hide behind a linen trolley, the relief clear on her face, leaving a voicemail on someone’s phone saying that she’s found something and for them to call her back, but who is this someone?

With Frieda clearly feeling the pressure of running Darwin and screaming in frustration when alone in the toilets, her and Jac have a conversation in Jac’s office in which Jac says that maybe she’s not ready for the responsibility and questions whether Frieda wants to be here at all, telling her to decide by the end of the day if she’s all in here or not, will Frieda stay?
After her conversation with Jac and feeling like Jac doesn’t believe in her, Frieda heads to the locker room where she’s joined by Xavier, he offers to be a listening ear should she want one, its revealed that in Pakistan a boy that Frieda was treating and got close too died the day before yesterday, this has hit her harder than she’d care to admit to anyone, after finding out this information Xavier tells her that everyone needs a support network, that she should channel her rage into something positive, something that’d make her dad proud, he seems to be giving her some food for thought, you can be helpful and nice when you want Xavier.

Meena is the one who has the upsetting job of breaking the news to Rochelle that due to her ectopic pregnancy and then subsequent bleed, that she might never have children. After hearing this news Rochelle admits that her relationship with her fiancee hasn’t been as good recently as she’d made out and that the baby news would help it, but now she’ll have to tell him there’s no baby, after which she then apologises to Meena for how she treated and bullied her at school, it seems that Rochelle’s life isn’t as happy and ‘better’ than Meena’s than she first made it appear.

Trying one last time to try and make Gaskell stop his work and make him see sense, Roxanna meets him in Albie’s and they discuss the project, it turns out that Gaskell didn’t reverse and or ‘cure’ Laszlo’s motor neurone disease, because the man didn’t have it in the first place! She then begs him to trust her for his own sake and that all she’s found is between them two and will stay just between them both if it stops now.
Roxanna also reveals to him that she found Julie’s embryos that Gaskell claimed to have destroyed but didn’t and about how due to his work he basically left Lana for dead in the hospital in Lisbon, this is the tip of the iceberg as Gaskell in not so many words lets slip that there were quite a few patients before Lana, this piece of information shocks Roxanna and leads to her posing the question to him, how many more patients it’ll take before he stops all this, I don’t think there is a definitive number for the Professor! This seems to hit a nerve with Gaskell in which he tells her that he’s so close to finding a big discovery in his work, that he’ll not let anyone stand in the way, not even her.

Successfully operating on her stubborn patient Clive, Jac comes to see Frieda outside the operating theatre and tells her that if she’s good enough for Elliott then she’s good enough for her, I guess that means you’re staying then Frieda judging by the big smile gracing your face!

Still not listening to anything his friend and colleague has said, Gaskell tries to manipulate Roxanna again by telling her she’s not thinking clearly and that she’s not been well for years, I’d say that’s the lies you’ve been spinning her for decades Professor, this making her realise that Gaskell has indeed been manipulating her and Henrik for years, that years ago as herself and Henrik were getting close Gaskell introduced her to her late husband David, this was so that he could use her and Henrik as pawns, had they gotten and been together as a couple then he wouldn’t have had this chance. She tells him that her mind is crystal clear for the first time in years in regards to him and that whatever happens now he’s on his own, telling him that she’s off to tell Henrik all she knows and has found out.

Clive finally caves into realising that now he’s had major surgery for his bad breathing, he’ll need somewhere to stay whilst he recovers and that place is going to have to be one or both of his daughters house or houses, Frieda tells him that home isn’t a place, it’s where you make it, just like Holby for you eh Frieda.

Xavier passed on her offer of an after work drink, and as she heads out of work to go home, Meena then sees Nicky with new friends she’s made and is happy with as they’re all leaving work, her friend seemingly unaware of her presence as all the group chat, you’ve had quite a day of it today haven’t you Meena.

Frieda has indeed listened and took on board what Xavier suggested, as she taken herself down to the punchbag after her shift has finished and is punching out her days frustration and rage, a wide smile on her face as she does so, remind me not to make you angry!

Leaving Albie’s and heading through the hospital grounds to go to find Henrik, Gaskell follows her before trying to stop her walking away, when he fails the first time, he runs after her and pins her to the wall telling her that if she goes against him on this matter then she’ll regret it, Roxanna is clearly frightened by the side of him she’s seeing, managing to push him off of her once again, but in her haste to get away from him and find Henrik to reveal all, she runs across the car park and then into the path of Meena’s car, the young F2 not having time to see the sprinting neurosurgeon come from between a couple of the parked cars to be able to stop, Roxanna goes flying over Meena’s bonnet and lands on the other side on the concrete, a pool of blood at the back of her head, and then the credits roll.
Could this really be the end for the woman who holds the key and information to exposing and stopping the mad Professor?
Can Henrik assist in saving her, along with the man who caused her to be in this state in the first place, Gaskell?
Or could she actually pull through and get all she knows to the one man she knows could help her in all of this, Henrik?
So many questions!
The wait until next week is going to be a tense one.
We’re all rooting for you Roxanna, we need you to pull through and stop or at least help stop Gaskell, you hold the vital evidence, hurry up next Tuesday, we’re all on tender hooks here!