We’ve got a different start to this weeks episode, one that is in 1987 and in Boston, more specifically the Ridgen University of Medicine, in class with a young Roxanna, Henrik and Gaskell, young Roxanna is narrating over the three of them taking the class and she says about how she feels that she doesn’t have the swagger like some of the other students, but she’s here and she feels happy. When the class is finished and she makes her way outside, she has a brief talk to Gaskell with Henrik looking on, when Gaskell walks away Henrik moves over to her and comments that he likes her bag, continuing to chat to her as they walk along outside in the uni grounds, before he mentions about how a group of them take over the labs at night, revealing to her that its the one with the yellow door if she wanted to come along herself.

She takes up the offer later on that night and finds the door with a yellow mark across it, muffled music playing from the other side of the room. She has a brief conversation with Henrik and then they go into the lab where Gaskell is, after a few minutes Gaskell says they can come back tomorrow seen as it’s late now. Back in her room, Roxanna is on the phone to her dad, she speaks about Henrik and Gaskell and what the three of them together are working on at uni.

A night or so later, Roxanna and Henrik talk in the ‘bar’ section that’s next to the lab, Roxanna reveals to him that her mum has locked in syndrome, that she’s aware of things but can’t actually communicate to people, and that due to this she’s going to find a way to reverse it, this seems something that she’s determined and passionate about, especially because it’s her mum.

Back in the present day, Roxanna is now on the operating table in theatre, where it’s found that she’s got a clot on her brain, Henrik makes his way into the theatre after finding out about the accident, himself still in scrubs because he’s come straight from a surgery he was performing. Himself and Gaskell then start talking about what to do to help her and what happened to Roxanna in terms of the accident. After leaving the theatre and dressing back in his suit, Henrik heads outside to the scene of the accident, that’s now a police scene and has been taped off by them. Jac joins him and he tells her not to get too close because it might be her next, to which she tells him to stop it, she says that it’s good that Gaskell is with Roxanna, but Henrik doesn’t answer her comment, he walks off in silence, if only you knew the Professor really Jac and what he’s done to so many including you, you wouldn’t be saying that.

Meena is distraught and in the locker room, quickly joined by Xavier who has come to see if she’s ok. She lets him listen to the voicemail that Roxanna has left on her phone after being in Gaskell’s lab. Xavier tells her to play it to Henrik or Gaskell, which she says she can’t because of being afraid of Gaskell, but also tells him that if Roxanna was going to do something they should support it, this causes Xavier to take the phone with him as he leaves the room, will he act on this message and if so to whom?

Seemingly unconvinced by his colleague and friend, Henrik walks into the theatre where Gaskell is with Roxanna and says that its not right and that he can’t let Gaskell work on her, that he wants to be in there with her, but Gaskell won’t hear any of this, he says that he’s the only one that can save her, that he won’t let her go, before heading back into the theatre, does he have ulterior motives more than he’s letting on and will he actually save her?

Back in 1987 Henrik whilst in his own room with Gaskell, reveals to his friend that his mum walked into a lake and drowned herself, he has also found out that he’s got a child on the way, this news was told to him when he went back home in the summer, before this new term started. Not long later as they’re sat together on the floor, Gaskell suddenly says to Henrik that he can’t leave him, that he won’t let him go, Henrik responds by saying that he won’t. Gaskell then goes on to say that they’ll change lives together, is there a reason why Gaskell doesn’t want Henrik to leave and has had this little outburst of wanting him to stay? Does he have some kind of feelings for his friend, feelings he’s not confronted or dealt with?

After being flustered and caught off guard by seeing Laszlo in the hospital and then sending him on his way, but through the back exit, which he specifically tells him to use, the Professor then goes to talk to a still shook up Meena, he says that they have to get details of what happened straight to then tell the police, then telling her to think about the truth, bit ironic coming from you Gaskell if you ask me. He lies to the young F2 and says that Roxanna wasn’t well mentally, that she was sick, but that he’ll sort her out and it’ll be fine, the word ‘sort’ sounds rather ominous to me, especially given who it’s coming from.

Trying to find out if where Roxanna ran out from has appeared on any of the hospitals CCTV, Gaskell along with Steven goes to have a look at it, under the pretence of him trying to somehow aid the police, which is the last thing that he wants to do, it’s him after all, turns out that there’s no cameras in that part of the hospital, unfortunately, he does however see Xavier giving a prescription to a patient in the car park and it seems to make his eyes light up, has he got a bit of something to use here maybe?

Back into the theatre we go and Gaskell is just finishing stitching Roxanna’s head wound up, giving Essie a wink and then being found by Xavier in the staffroom, who asks him about Roxanna and how she’s doing, surprisingly during this conversation Gaskell praises her and says how much of a good surgeon Roxanna is, a remarkable one to be exact, when he mentions the voicemail that she left and that when she wakes she’s going to say what she’s found, this causes Gaskell to change his demeanor and tell Xavier what he saw on the CCTV, then proceeds to tell him to tell Meena that he saved her and that Roxanna will be fine, but is all this just smoke and mirrors from him, deep down could he actually be worried about her telling all she knows?

Laszlo is here again and he’s found Gaskell in his infamous wet lab, whilst in there together he randomly asks Laszlo to forgive him and then it flicks back to the Professor at university drinking with Henrik in his room, his voice over says that he couldn’t accept intimacy of any kind, and due to this he had to fight back and lash at it if he ever saw it. In quite a big reveal, it turns out that Gaskell took Roxanna’s notes and made them fit his own work, and that due to this he won prizes for his work, which then led onto project Laszlo and everything else that he’s done, when in fact it was really Roxanna’s prize not his at all, that he admired her mind, but in his opinion she feels things too deeply, that it always must be about the work.

We’re now back in the present day and Essie informs Henrik that Gaskell has had to take Roxanna back into theatre, enter Henrik going straight there to stand outside said operating theatre and look in at the Professor operating, with Essie standing him outside too, before they both leave after a few moments, with the Professor poised over a ligature that’s in Roxanna’s brain, but he doesn’t appear to be going into cut it for her! You both leaving Henrik and Essie,that’s not a good idea for you both to do, come back!

We then find Gaskell at Roxanna’s bedside after said operation, saying to her because of the work he had no choice, before Henrik is then at her bedside, she’s calling out to Henrik in her mind not to leave her as he walks out, but he can’t hear her at all. It seems Gaskell has really sunk to the lowest of the low, he’s not cut the ligature in her brain that he should’ve done and due to this he’s given her, or caused her to have locked in syndrome just like her own mum!

In the final scene of the episode Gaskell says for Roxanna to forgive him, he then too leaves the room, leaving the neurosurgeon on her own in her room, hooked up to all kinds of machines and unable to communicate to anyone at all! Can this really be it for her, or can someone realise and see that she can in fact hear everything and everyone around her and somehow reverse what Gaskell has done?!

These next few episodes are going to be at the very least a roller coaster ride, Roxanna needs to be saved, she holds the key to Gaskell and all that he’s been doing, surely someone can help her and if so could this help come from unlikely sources, but ones that she needs more than ever now?!