Holby City S20 E46 Review:- Report To The Mirror, Part Two


And so here we are, the second episode of the two part that we’ve all waited with baited breath a week for!
Starting in creepy style with Professor death Gaskell himself in the operating theatre that he used to operate on Roxanna in, casually having an hallucination of a conversation with an imaginary Henrik, this is before he’s brought out of his daze by Henrik himself coming into said theatre and asking if he’s ok, the answer would be definitely not Henrik if you asked us as viewers.

Meena is the next one after Fletch and Sacha trying to dissuade her from having the operation and anything to do with Gaskell, telling her that he shouldn’t be operating on another person, let alone her. Once again Jac is firm in her decision, telling the F2 that he will remove the conduit and then it’ll all be done and over. But at the same time she says that if the worse does happen in theatre, then she has Meena to expose him, that he’s not getting away, a slight worried look in her eye as she says this.

Essie and Henrik both make their way to ITU to check on Lana and Josh, whilst there Essie tells him that she found Roxanna’s death sudden, and she knew the coroner who is her friend, so she leaned on her and insisted on a postmortem, it turns out that it was clear, this seems to make both of them more believing in Gaskell than they were before, can anyone get through to them what’s really been happening and what he did to Roxanna.

With Jac’s MRI clear, her and Fletch talk about the results in her side room, she tells him that she still wants the operation despite the scan being clear, coming into the room Henrik tells her that he can’t let it go ahead, a power he holds as acting CEO.
This news by Henrik sends her down to the lab in the basement, gown still on, throwing a couple of Gaskell’s test tubes onto the floor as she once again argues with him. She says that Roxanna found him out and she will too, and now she knows what she knows, that she is in control of this, not him.

Joining forces, Serena, Ric and Sacha are in ITU, all of them talking about what’s happening and trying to work out what’s going on, suddenly Josh crashes and Serena has to ask for a crash trolley, is this another victim of Gaskell’s?!

Having been nursing a headache for a while, and Sacha’s head massage not doing anything, Essie heads for the lab with tests that have been done on Josh, she says that when she’s looked at them they seem to show he has some kind of parasitic twin. As she’s talking Gaskell moves to the side of the lab, swapping the paracetamol he was going to give her, for some crushed up diazepam tablets, putting the powder into water and bringing it to her, lying to her that it’s something else that he gives people for headache, unaware Essie drinks it as they continue to talk about said test results.
When Essie becomes emotional, thinking she’s somehow to blame, he tells her that she hasn’t done anything wrong, there’s a first time for everything, even from the death Professor it seems, even if it too little too late. A look of horror appears on her face when it’s revealed that he didn’t use Julie’s stem cells at all for Josh, she attempts to leave the lab to inform the other of what has happened, but ends up passing out on the chair due before she can do anything.

Despite all their efforts, they’re unable to save Josh and he dies in front of Serena, Ric and Sacha, with Ric unfortunately having to call the time of death for the young man, meanwhile Gaskell is dragging an unconscious Essie to an empty theatre and leaves her on the floor with a glass of water by her head, not that that is much use to her Professor, and then he departs said theatre.

Meena finally decides to go to Sacha and tell him all that she knows and suspects, this prompts Sacha to ring Ric and tell him what Meena has told him.
With Henrik and Gaskell both taking part in Jac’s surgery, Ric and Sacha stand outside the room and watch on at what is happening, with Gaskell holding Essie’s phone in his pocket they can’t get through to her this way, but her pager which she has on her goes off, the noise seemingly enough for her to react to, a movement from her hand towards the noise as she’s led on the floor, could she be coming around from the effects of the diazepam?!

Unable to remove all of what Jac wanted off her spine, Gaskell can only remove some of the scar tissue, anything else would be fatal, so encouraged by a watching Henrik he has to stop and admit ‘defeat’, thank god for Henrik being there!

Ric and Sacha then talk to the acting CEO about Gaskell and all that’s happened due to the information that Meena told them, and that they themselves believe it’s more than likely true, still not believing it himself, Henrik tells them to prove it all.

Eventually managing to escape the theatre thanks to a couple of porters, who ironically are transporting Josh’s body to the morgue, Essie sits and catches her breath after her ordeal, get to the others Essie!

In the meeting room, Serena, Ric, Sacha and Fletch discuss Gaskell basically ‘stealing’ Lana from the hospital in Lisbon, given the fact they’ve received a phone call telling them that she shouldn’t be there at all, being informed not long later that Lana has vanished from ITU.
After a frantic search, Ric breaks into the lab with Sacha and Fletch, where they find Lana laying face down on the lab table, her spine wound exposed, it seems Gaskell has been trying to operate and cover his tracks even now. Jumping into action the three of them begin to find out if she’s still alive and then if they can help her, which they manage to do and then take her back to ITU.

Whilst in the hunt for Gaskell and then the discovery of Lana, Henrik spills the neurotoxin on his hand that Gaskell has been making in the lab, the same one that killed Roxanna. Knowing exactly where the Professor would go, Henrik drives to and finds the man in question at a nearby lake, this is after ringing his friends phone several times and getting no response, eventually finding the Professor waist high in the lake itself, Henrik himself standing on the jetty looking on at what is happening.

Unable to and unwilling to defend his friends monstrous actions, the two men talk about what exactly has been happening, Henrik tells him that he needs to face all that he’s done and face justice. With the neurotoxin starting to effect him, the acting CEO starts to have some hallucinations about Gaskell being near him on the jetty and not in the water. Still not moving from the lake, Gaskell tells Henrik that the neurotoxin was actually for Jac and that he put it in her drip, almost taunting the fact that it’s too late for her now.

Back at Holby Serena, Ric and Sacha are desperately trying to find out what to do to help their colleague who is currently in ITU, Sacha being the one whose eyes zoom on on her drip, realising what the Professor has done.

To the lake we are again, Henrik finds out that it was indeed Gaskell that delivered the final blow that killed Roxanna, the Swede shouting out to his friend how he loved her, unfazed still the Professor of death tries to get Henrik to join him in the water, but far from doing this the acting CEO collapses under the effects of the neurotoxin on the jetty.

In another switch we’re back to the hospital, Lana, who is also in ITU opens her eyes suddenly and then they close, it seems Gaskell has yet another victim to his list. As Lana’s eyes close, Jac’s open, this all happening as her three colleagues are flushing her system through, trying everything to rid her of the toxin that she’s been injected with, but will it be enough to save her??

One final visit to the lake as this tense and drama filled episode comes to a close, Henrik comes to consciousness on the jetty, getting to his feet he looks out over the water, but there is no sign of Gaskell anymore, realising what’s happened, that Gaskell has killed himself. An exhausted and fraught Henrik simply stands for a few moments on the jetty before disappearing into the parting of the woods where he came to first find his friend, it seems the Professor wasn’t going to relinquish control even to the bitter end, controlling everything including his own demise, it seems the Professor of death, is dead.