Quite a relaxed and luxurious start to this weeks episode, relaxed due to Jac and Sacha waiting outside in the car park together, the luxury being brought by Ric in the shape of Bentley, he’s hired it as the vehicle for their road trip to the funding conference the three of them are attending, nice choice of car Ric!

Having been in Holby for goodness knows how many hours, Serena is looking forward to and ready to go home, well that is until an admittance of a little flurry of patients swiftly changes her plans for her. Essie is on AAU picking up some extra shifts over the new year, and then another pair of hands is also on AAU, in the shape of Cameron Wolfe, who Serena turns around and sees directly stood behind her, looking surprised to see him to say the least.

A horrified Serena has Greta on the ward, the young woman having been hit by a car and having an awful broken leg, she asks Essie to ring Jason and get him to Holby in any way she can, but not telling him about Greta, that she’ll break that news to him when he arrives.
When he does arrive with his daughter, she breaks the news to a distressed Jason, while she cradles Gwenivere he takes on the news, and Essie is told by Serena to page Mr Rankin for the operation that Greta needs, thinking that it maybe best someone else besides herself do it, especially when it’s family.

At the hotel for the conference, Jac tells Sacha that maybe Emma should stay with Jonny where she is at the moment, that she might be better off with him than with her, then she can do things she’s good at, is something else behind her saying this?

Tom Campbell-Gore is also vying for the funding at the conference, someone Ric knows well and has for some time, both men end up involved in a scuffle with one another, after Ric has been talking to Tom’s wife, and Tom becomes jealous and accuses Ric of trying to steal his wife, quite the ladies man is Ric!

With an exhausted Serena being all but pushed out of the AAU by Donna, and told to go home, she meets Cameron on the corridor as she’s leaving, he’s on a double shift. She informs him that there’s a place for himself and Morven at Holby if they should ever want it again compared to what other jobs they’re doing at the moment. He makes a sarcastic remark in regards to Holby and maybe it not being the most exciting place or work, Serena telling him straight away that there’s more to the job than chasing excitement, this shuts him down straight away and might have given him some food for thought.

No sooner has Serena supposedly left the hospital and she’s suddenly back when Greta’s leg is causing concern, and Donna didn’t know who else to call. After an assessment it turns out Serena’s fears of the vessels clotting after the surgery by Dr Rankin are correct and the more serious operation Greta now needs is one Serena and the only one other person she knows, Ric, have performed. Donna and Essie speak to her in the office about the risks that are present about she herself doing the operation, and what may happen if the worst happens on the operating table, will Serena take it on?

Next up to do his pitch is Sacha, standing on the podium in front of the conference, he’s honest in telling them that his idea is rough around the edges and needs more polish, screwing up the paper with his idea and dropping it on the floor on the stage. Then he goes on to talk about and admit about how bad his last year has been and his suicide attempt, that for him to have this idea for his pitch at all is progress for him in itself and a victory. The end of his speech brings Ric and Jac to their feet and applauding their friend and colleague, their faces showing how proud they are of him.

The source of Jac’s bad mood is revealed, when she tells Sacha that Jonny is getting married and she’s scared of Emma calling another woman ‘mummy’. Sacha reassures her that Emma is a Naylor through and through, cue a smile from Jac, you can always rely on Sacha.

Before the New Year’s party at the conference starts, Sacha is named the winner of the Silver Knox Anton Meyer Award for his pitch, along with the funding for his idea, well done to Mr Levy!

Next it’s Ric and Tom’s turn to clear the air between them after their scuffle and share a laugh, before the New Year is brought in by all at the conference, even Jac is on the dance floor, under protest.

The next day sees Greta, awake and sat up in bed, Serena had successfully operated on her, the pressure of the last couple of days gets too much for the surgeon who break down in tears in her office, composing herself as Cameron comes to see her, telling her that Bernie misses her, and that himself and Morven have broken up. That when he arrived a couple of days ago he didn’t know what he wanted to do career wise, but seeing Serena in action has inspired him, this leads her to say she’ll have a word with Jac about him going up to Darwin as an F2, he thanks her and leaves the office.

Jason is the next one to thank his auntie as she’s finally leaving the hospital to go home, telling her that by her saving Greta she’s saved them all, then he hugs her, something that she looks like she’s been needing all day!

In the car park, Essie, Serena and Donna wish each other happy new year, with Essie revealing that she’s thinking about adoption as one of her plans for the fresh, new year.

In the final scene of the first episode of the year, Ric, Jac and Sacha are getting in the Bentley to head back home, just as Sacha suggests they listen to his cd mixtape for the journey home, as they did on the way here, basically Holby carpool karaoke, Jac takes said cd and throws it out of the car onto the grass at the side of the gravel track leading away from the hotel, she obviously not willing to sit through a repeat of the journey they had getting here, cue the famous Holby theme tune for another week!

Happy New Year everyone!