For the second part of the two part crossover with Casualty, we start with Holby in darkness, the computer virus has shut off the power and the lights too, Henrik is making his way down one of the corridors with a torch.
Heading into AAU he gathers the staff here together to talk to them all about the procedure for the hospital, and what’s to happen next under the circumstances.

First it’s an arguement with Ric about the pregnancy test Sacha assumes is Beka’s, and then another one with Jac when Sacha feels that his good friend isn’t supporting him or taking his side in regards to things that have happened with his daughter. When both Ric and Jac walk away and go back to their prospective duties, Sacha collapses into the nearby locker room, his phone ending up on the floor, will someone come back to find him?

Talking of finding people, Essie and Beka are also trapped due to the virus shutting down the hospital, both women are in the CT scan room, an injured Beka was just about to have a scan when the blackout happened, and Essie the only member of staff with her.

After Elle and Darla do a pregnancy test in the women’s toilet the result is positive, the fourteen year old is pregnant, the question is how is this going to work with Ric being her grandad and his reaction, plus her dad and the fact she’s a Jehovah’s Witness.

Ric is the one who finds Sacha collapsed on the floor after stepping on his friend and colleagues phone on the floor, calling for help he and other staff get Mr Levy on a trolley and into AAU, whilst here, Jac comes to find out what’s happened and after a quick assessment and scan they discover that he has a life threatening clot, an after effect of the car accident, he wasn’t checked over properly in the aftermath and chaos at the hospital with the virus.

Still no nearer to deciding on the fate of Holly, as well as the current blackout in Holby, Serena and Ange discuss the situation, Serena says that the teenager needs to be moved to a fully functioning hospital, something Holby isn’t at the moment, Ange isn’t happy to say the least at the prospect of moving the young woman given she’s in the state that she’s in, telling Ms Campbell that basically they’re keeping her alive until the judge decides a verdict for her.

The next argument of the day is between two heavyweights Jac and Connie, both women are shouting at each other about which patient is going to take precedent over the other inside the operating theatre, Sacha or Iain?
After some heated and harsh words between them both, Jac pulls rank and says that given she’s clinical lead of Cardiothoracics and this is a surgical decision between the two men, after a few more words exchanged between them she tells the staff to get Iain off the table and goes to prep for Sacha’s surgery, Connie tells David to prepare for Iain’s surgery outside the theatre.

Unable to lie to her grandad, Darla reveals to Ric that the pregnancy test was hers and she’s pregnant. Leaving the office to try and digest the news he’s just been told, Elle follows him down the corridor near to where Sacha was found, as they talk about Darla, the topic turns to the one night stand they had, also the fact that she didn’t return his call. Ric goes onto tell her that he’s now seeing Francoise, this seems to upset Elle, is this the end for both of them and any chance that was there in the past?

Essie and Beka having still been missing somewhere in the hospital and no one knowing where they are, Noel goes looking for them, finding them both on the floor of the CT scan room, Essie has collapsed in a hypo from her diabetes, and Beka trying to get their rescuers attention got herself up from the spinal board she was put on and taking off her neck brace, her leg wound starting to bleed out as Noel realises this is where the two women are.

Back in theatre with two men’s lives hanging in the balance, Jac finds herself struggling in finishing the operation on Sacha, and due to Xavier not being a heart surgeon and having the necessary skills to help her, Jac has to swallow her pride and ask for Connie’s help, after a little thought Connie agrees and switches places with Xavier, telling him to just stem the bleeding with Iain until she gets back.

Ric now on scene with Noel to help him get to Essie and Beka, medical kit in hand, Mr Griffin turns into John McClane from Die Hard and starts to climb through the ceiling vents to try and drop into the CT room, since the virus has locked all the electronic doors tight shut. With a bit of trial and error and a few broken ceiling tiles later, he finds them, dropping into the CT scanner room and after giving Essie a injection of glucose, starts to attend to Beka’s now heavily bleeding, serious leg wound.

Unable to get Iain’s heart started again after doing his best to stem the bleed, Xavier is just in front of David about to call Iain’s time of death when Jac moves into the make shift theatre, she’s finished her part of Sacha’s operation and has seen and heard the struggle, taking charge and eventually manages to restart his heart, it seems Jac has done a favour for Connie, like for like as it were. Both men saved, just, and the lights all come on in the theatre.

Elsewhere in the ITU the lights are also back on and the power has kicked back in too, all this just as Serena and Ange are going to move Holly to the helicopter outside the hospital for her transfer to Aberdeen, Serena had found this hospital for the teen since Holby at the time with the lack of power wasn’t able to fully have the facilities for her, now the power is back does this mean the young woman is staying?

Both men in HDU and ITU, Noel has taken himself up to Henrik’s office, telling the CEO that he clicked on what he thought to now be a bogus email to do with staff awards, and that when he heard of the virus in the hospital computer system he thought maybe his actions had caused it, and therefore has handed in his notice, feeling guilty about the lives that have been put at risk. Henrik steps in at this point, whilst glancing at his letter, telling him that the virus started at St James’s and got into Holby by their shared computer software, and also that the email Noel received was in fact a genuine one, that he himself made the nomination for Noel, ripping up the resignation letter and telling the receptionist that he’ll see him at work tomorrow, Noel agrees he will, Henrik you’re such a lovely, lovely man and rock as CEO!!

Essie is sat up in her hospital bed recovering from her hypo, Fletch comes into her room and talks to about her overworking, and he’s given her time off, as well as giving her information and leaflets about adoption that Beka asked him to give to her, will this persuade Essie that she should go forward and try to adopt a child just like she wants too?

A little talking too from Serena on AAU later regarding him saying sorry to Darla about how he reacted earlier, and the fact the young girl needs him and his reassurance, Ric moves into the office and sits with his granddaughter, putting his arm around her and beginning to speak with her, she needs you Ric, now more than ever.

In the second to last scene of what has been a packed and tense episode, with action and drama at every turn, Connie makes her way to Iain’s room on HDU, standing outside with Ruby and Rash, Gem Iain’s sister is sat in the room at his bedside. Connie then reveals to both Ruby and Rash, that she doesn’t know how Iain will be when he wakes up until he wakes up, adding with a haunted look on her face, that’d be if he wakes up at all, it seems his life and what happens next really is hanging in the balance.

The last scene is a little bit of a lighter one, we all need it after what has been going on for the last hour, Henrik and Serena are finally going home after a frenetic shift at Holby, she asks what they should call the current state of things at the hospital, namely the Holly situation and the protesters that are still outside, although now they’re more peaceful in how they’re going about things, always ready with wit and wisdom, Henrik replies with Tuesday, cue a chuckle from Serena and a smile from the man himself, you really can rely on Mr Hanssen when the chips are down!