Holby City S21 E2 Review:- China Crisis


Two new faces are starting the episode off for us tonight, Ange Godard and Tom Campbell-Gore, the both of them walking towards the hospital together, but Ange doesn’t get into the building because she’s helping a young man who is heading up the ramp, staggering with a stab wound to the chest.

Serena and Jac discuss Cameron starting on Darwin that morning, Jac guessing that it was Serena who had managed to get him the role up there, the pair of them even going so far as to have many civil words, no cross ones, wonders never cease ladies!

The two new members of staff, Ange and Tom are introduced to some of the staff on Keller, namely Essie, Sacha and Dom and a few of the nurses’s, both new staff members talk about the new unit that they’re opening, the YAU (Young Adult Unit), naming Essie as the head of the nursing staff for the time being as they get said unit going and established.

Laurie Stocks is the patient on Darwin that is being ‘used’ for Cameron and Nicky to try and find a diagnosis for him, Jac giving them both free reign to do their best to see which one can come up with an answer first, competition time!}

AAU we’re off to next and are introduced to Cherie Grimes, a former nurse of the hospital who is now a patient on the ward. Tom arrives on AAU and Cherie recognises him from her time at Holby. Serena appears and they’re introduced to each other, but it doesn’t go as well as he may have hoped, when he mentions Serena being ‘arm candy’ to Bernie and that he didn’t expect Bernie to go for someone like Serena, thinking he thought she may have preferred someone more ‘lipstick’, all these comments not going down well with Ms Campbell, the look on her face when he leaves the ward saying it all!

The mystery young man who has a stab wound is Duncan, who is being treated by Ange and Essie, telling Ange that he was attacked by someone but won’t reveal anymore details to her which makes her even more suspicious.

Cameron is the one who comes up with a diagnosis for Laurie, seeming rather pleased with himself, Nicky is the one who looks gutted that he got it before her, will she find out that maybe he didn’t do it all on his own.

Making her way down to Pulses, purse in hand, Serena finds Tom down here, wasting no time in asking for a word with him and then telling him not to speak to any member of her team, especially the women, in the prehistoric way he did with her earlier on, and if he does she’ll delight ‘in ramming your platinum-plated stethoscope, right up your over-privileged rectum’, oh how we love feisty Serena, have you got the message Tom?!

Duncan’s younger brother Damien turns up at the hospital, he was rang up as his next of kin, but why not Duncan’s parents?

In a sudden turn of events, especially ones that wouldn’t have been expected on a first day and a first day of the YAU, Tom, Dom and Henrik are in theatre, but this for Tom at least doesn’t last very long because he collapses on the floor suddenly, goes into VF and has to get compressions from Dom, he’s suffered a heart attack.

Enter Jac and Nicky now being the ones taking Tom into theatre, successfully performing his heart surgery, it turns out he’s been walking around with heart disease and needed life changing surgery.

Much to the annoyance of Ange, following Tom’s surgery, Henrik tells her that he’s putting the opening of the YAU on hold until he recovers, something Ange looks far from pleased to hear.

Whilst in Tom’s surgery, Laurie collapses and dies, this news horrifies and angers Nicky, she tells Jac if they’d have taken him in for surgery sooner and before Tom he’d be alive now, Jac tries to explain that sometimes these things happen, and decisions on patients have to be made, that they can’t save everyone all the time.

Next for her results is Cherie, Serena has the difficult job of telling her that the scan she’s had, show a mass on her gallbladder, said mass needs a biopsy taken of it, in not so many words Serena thinks it’s more than likely to be cancerous, but isn’t one hundred percent until they do said biopsy, telling the older woman that she’s not optimistic it’s going to be a good result.

After much waiting and gentle prying, mainly on Damien, Ange finds out that Duncan stabbed himself rather than telling his parents he didn’t get a place at the sought after university he applied for. With a little bit of advice and reassurance of help later, she tells him that she’ll ring and tell them exactly what’s happened, the brothers share a little embrace

Tom is now in his side room recovering from his surgery, he is visited by Jac who tells him about his operation they had to do, and how he is lucky to be alive. In what seems typical Tom style he tells her he wants to get back to work ASAP, and she tells him in not so many words it’ll be a while before he’s back on his feet and working, something he doesn’t look best pleased about to say the least.

Offering a small olive branch in light of the tension and competition between himself and Nicky, Cameron admits that it was Tom who gave him a clue that allowed him to make the diagnosis on Laurie, but also that he doesn’t want to step on her toes on Darwin, can they find a way to work on the same ward together any time soon?

Tom’s next visitor is Ange, he reveals to her that he wouldn’t mind her running the YAU as he recovers from his heart surgery, as well as the fact he’s not even rang his wife to let her know what’s happened to him. This seems to lift Ange’s spirits when he gives her his blessing, telling him that she’s only keeping his seat warm until he’s well enough to return to work, at the same time as telling him that he needs to ring his wife ASAP too!

In the last scene of another fast paced and dramatic episode, Ange walks into Henrik’s office, asking him to let her run the YAU on her own, that Tom has said she could. After a little thinking he tells her that she can do, but he hopes that he doesn’t live to regret it, to which she answers he won’t, leaving his office with a determined look on her face, will she be able to prove everyone wrong, can she run the unit without Tom? I guess we’re going to find out!