Starting off straight in theatre with Dom and Lofty, Ange looking on from outside said theatre, the pair of them discuss the woman in question and the YAU that Dom says he’s interested in being a part of, Dom reassuring his husband that she can’t hear them due to the intercom being switched off, this is quickly shown to be not true when she talks to them via said intercom, letting them know that she has heard every word, maybe not the best way to show your interest in YAU Dom!

Ric seems to have been in the wars before he’s even set foot in the hospital, walking into work he’s stopped by Xavier, the younger man seeing a cut on Mr Griffin’s left eyebrow and explains it away by telling him that he fell. Then it’s Serena who is coming up behind them both into work, and she sees said cut on his head voicing her concern for her friend, concern he quickly dismisses, putting his sunglasses back on and moves past both of them and into the hospital, what has happened to Mr Griffin?

Breezing into AAU with Serena, Lola Williams is introduced to Ric, but it turns out she knows Ric already, when Serena is out of ear shot Lola takes the chance to reassure him that she’s not here permanently, she’s here for a conference, history between them it seems.

With the mystery still between them a little while later, Serena, Xavier, Ric and Lola are at the nurse’s station discussing that very matter, Lola reveals to them that she and Ric were married…..twice, this shocks yet amuses Serena, causing her to chuckle at the revelation of her close friend Ric. Lola too laughs at the reaction of Ric to the news she’s just exposed to his colleagues, delighting in winding him up by stroking the back of his neck as she leaves the station to attend to patients on the ward.

Still very keen to get a chance on the YAU, Ange tells Dom that she’s not sure if he’ll fit the unit, but that despite this she’s willing to give him a chance, this news seems to please him, but can he prove himself worthy of said opportunity?

Mr Turnbull the patient who Ric is treating on AAU with a leg injury isn’t the most pleasant of older men, he tries very much in vain considering his right leg is in a brace and he has blood on his face, to leave AAU, saying he doesn’t want to be there. Seeing and hearing this, Serena comes over to try and help, but he is rather rude and abrupt to her, enter Lola coming over to the incident and telling him that it is no way to talk to a lady, her firm manner getting him to apologise, as well as telling him to co operate and let them help him, suddenly he isn’t as mouthy as he once was, nice going Lola!

Still curious about the relationship Ric has or has had with Lola, Serena catches him in the corridor and they talk about this very subject, Ric eventually revealing that they slept together last night after a couple of bottles of wine, this seems to amuse Serena greatly, Ric is the dark horse!

Harriet, a sixteen year old patient on the YAU has had scans to try and work out her abdominal symptoms and pain that she’s having, the young girls mum is deceased and her dad is overseas in the forces. The scan results say that she has ulcerative colitis, with the diagnosis in hand, Ange says that Dom can do the operation, another way for him to prove himself to her maybe.

Mel Simons, the patient Jac has put under the lead of Nicky, with Cameron helping needs surgery and before Nicky can say anything, he steps in and reels off her entire list of options not allowing the F2 to get a word in edge ways. She seems to feel pushed out and like he maybe trying to take over, even though Jac stated she was the lead.

With Harriet’s operation under way with Dom and Ange, she gets called away to an incoming patient, when the young girl starts bleeding out in front of him, Dom is forced to cut her open and continue with the operation without Ange being there. When she returns at first she’s rather displeased, Dom explaining that he didn’t have much choice, that she’d have bled to death if he’d not have done what he did.

A couple of mistakes later in regards to Mel Simons care and this ends up with Jac, Nicky and Cameron in theatre with the patient, Jac telling them that there’s no theatre for either of them for two weeks due to their silly mistakes, they both don’t look happy, but more so Nicky who glares at Cameron.

After Mel’s operation, Nicky and Cameron are outside the theatre bickering, Nicky understandably unhappy about what’s happened, telling Cameron that the pair of them are very different, that he gets second chances if he messes up due to the various connections in and out of the hospital he has, whereas in her case she gets no second chances, that if she messes up then that’s it, after which she walks off down the corridor away from him, leaving him with some food for thought.

A little while later Cameron finds Nicky on Darwin and admits that he’s messed up and is in need an actual and real friend, she tells him that he needs to come to the karaoke at Albie’s if she’s to give him a chance.

Lola is on her way home, Ric walking with her as she leaves, he is still on shift, telling him to look forwards and not backwards with his life, that after their night last night he’s still ‘plenty of gas in the tank’, sharing a goodbye kiss and then she carries on towards the exit, a smile on Ric’s face at the encouraging comment, giving him a little ego boost for the future.
Just as she reaches the doors she bumps into an incoming Serena, giving her a goodbye hug, and informing her that the phone call she overheard earlier on wasn’t to a man, but to a woman, this seems to catch Serena off guard. Lola says that her grandmother used to say ‘You only regret the chances you didn’t take’ cue a smile from Serena, it seems she likes the sentiment in the comment, both of them sharing a smile before Lola turns and departs, we’ll miss you Lola!

Heading for the end of the episode, Nicky and Cameron are also heading out of the hospital as their shifts finish, destination Albie’s for karaoke it seems, as they discuss what songs are good ones to sing.

In the last scene for this week, Ange herself is also heading home, Henrik catching her before she leaves, giving her the chance to tell him that she’s not found she’s clicked with anyone in the hospital yet, as Henrik moves off down the ward, Ange shares a look with Dom, who was informed not long ago that Ange didn’t think him suitable after all for YAU.
Dom gives her a weak smile, but receives nothing back from Ange, who then turns and leaves the ward, a disappointed Dom looking on, is this it for him on YAU now? And what actually does Ange think of him? Will she give him another chance?

Bring on next weeks episode for more!