And we’re off straight into the action on AAU, Serena and Xavier shock a patient back to life, just a normal Holby day and start then it seems.
Mia is also on AAU due to it being ‘bring your child to work day’, Donna is rather stressed because she’s also got her review for work. Whilst talking to Xavier she suggests giving him a spare key to her place, something he accepts gladly.

Re arranging YAU up on Keller, Serena makes her way up there to see how she’s getting on and show a friendly face, Ange doesn’t react much which puzzles and confuses Serena, the temporary head of YAU seems flustered and pressured.

It’s mystery calls for Frieda this week, the unknown number getting her angrily talking down the phone to it and then hanging up, does she know the caller?

Said mystery caller is quickly solved, when Roman is seen outside the main entrance near the memorial bench, displaying a banner with FRIEDA TALK TO ME on it. This gets Frieda outside, where they both talk, he tells her that he loves her, and he isn’t leaving until she talks to him. Obviously angry and annoyed, she bundles up the banner, and takes it back inside with her.

Mia’s been glued to her phone which keeps going off with notifications, and seeing this Xavier decides to take it off her so she can fully engage with her tasks she’s been set, also about how he’s reading that too much screen time is bad for children. She’s not happy at all, telling him is this how he’s choosing to use the one chance she’s given him in regards to ‘proving’ himself, before walking off. This causes Xavier to sigh heavily, does this mean he’s used his one chance up by trying to help?

The young woman that Ange found injured outside, is call Ellen and she’s homeless, and is carrying a nasty leg wound, the doctor bringing her onto YAU to try and help her and find out if she’s any other problems and to help her.

Sticking to his word of not going anywhere until he’s spoken to Frieda, Roman is still outside. She goes back out to him, and he tells her he’s going to ring the police in regards to a farm that people are using people as slave labour on, to give them the information on the gang running it to bring them down and help the people on said farm, but before he can do anything he collapses in front of her

Taking the phone off of Mia, causes Xavier and Donna to have strong words with each other, she’s not happy with what he’s done and how he’s gone about it, he gives her back the young girls phone and Donna exits the room clearly annoyed at what he’s done.

After an assessment by Jac up on Darwin, she tells Frieda that Roman has internal injuries due to repeated beatings, he then passes her a scrap of paper with an address on it, the place where the gang keep the slave labour, somewhere he wants her to tell the police about so they can free these people.

Ange hasn’t exactly got off on the right foot with Jason, causing him to run off and down to the basement, Serena telling her that he’d be down there if upset. On finding him exactly where his Auntie says he’d be, she apologises to him for how she spoke to him before. Jason tells her that he sees Ellen on his way to work everyday and buys her breakfast, but this morning he didn’t see her. With a little talk to clear the air between them, Ange asks if Jason would give her another chance, being the lovely man Jason is, he says that he will, Jason you’re a wonderful man!

One successful operation on Roman later, that Frieda assisted Jac with, he uses Frieda’s phone to ring the police, something that she couldn’t bring herself to do before when he asked her too, given the implications for him. But he says he needs to do this for himself, and to save the innocent people the gang are using and abusing on the farm.

A little help from Jason, Ange tells Ellen that she may behave and feel the way she does, because she may have a form of autism, Jason reassuring the young woman that it’s nothing to worry about, that he felt better when he understood the things that made him who he is. This seems to settle her down a little bit more, and she agrees to speak to the team in the hospital to offer her more help and support, and to maybe get her her own place and room after she leaves hospital, so she doesn’t have to go back on the streets.

Things on Darwin suddenly take a dramatic turn when Roman’s machines start furiously beeping, Jac, Fletch and her rush in with a couple of other staff members. There follows various CPR and shocking attempts with Frieda stood at the side of the room looking on, the words of Roman telling her he loves her echoing in her ears. Unfortunately there’s nothing to be done to save him, and Jac declares time of death at 16:32.
A stunned and shocked Frieda gently closes his eyes, with tears in her own eyes, kissing his forehead and then leaving the room after opening the window, breaking down crying in Fletch’s arms.

Mia and Xavier call a truce and she says he’s not wasted the one chance she’s given him. Then it’s his and Donna’s turn to smooth out their differences over today’s events, saying that whilst it’s a bit soon for that key that she offered him at the start of the episode, he does really like her and she’s a strong woman, who keeps him on his toes and calls him out when he needs it.

Heading for the end of the episode, Fletch finds Frieda in one of the empty theatres, sat on the floor, he hands her over a necklace that Roman had with him, it’s one she gave him in college, signifying bravery, Fletch puts it on her neck, maybe your turn to use it to now be brave Frieda!

In the last scene of the episode for this week, Frieda has taken herself in her gym clothes, down to the basement with the dog that she’s looking after for a previous patient, wasting no time in releasing her emotions and feelings onto her trusty punchbag that she set up down there, shouting out into the space as she does so. All the Holby family are there for you Frieda, keep strong!