Holby City S21 E5 Review:- Mad as Hell


A stressed and tired Ric is in theatre, and dealing with a patient on the operating table as we begin this week, the machine then starting to beep, not long later a fresh Serena enters the theatre to help him out, as she goes to get prepped, he mutters that he should’ve finished half an hour ago.

Sacha is down on AAU to help out, after the operation, a few of the staff, Xavier, Sacha and Donna are joking about the situation on the ward, trying to lighten the mood of what is going to no doubt be one of those shifts, but Ric fails to see the funny side of it all, this resulting in him snapping and voicing this to them. Serena steps in and tells him to go home and get some sleep, to let her sort things, she seems concerned about him and how tired, and agitated he seems.

With a young woman patient Holly who is on YAU, isn’t for co operating in anyway at all with Ange who is trying to help and diagnose her. Seeing how resistant she is, Essie suggests that she ring her daughter Chloe who was the doctor who performed Holly’s heart operation, and someone the young woman got on with very well, Ange herself seems somewhat reluctant to make that call. But a short while later after a phone call, Chloe herself turns up on Keller after her mum rang her, not what she wanted to do, but didn’t have any other option left to help with Holly and to help treat her.

Ric’s plan to go home was short lived, Serena rings him to basically ask him to come back, the hospital is on black alert because of the shortage of staff and the amount of patients they’ve been bombarded with. There’s a surprise (not a pleasant one it turns out) patient turns up on AAU in the mayhem in the shape of Mr Gareth Gannon, a man who due to the black alert has had his varicose vein operation cancelled, one Ric was due to perform. He’s not a happy man and has come to find Mr Griffin to express said anger, quickly taking one of the free beds that is about to have the covers changed, and be used for another patient, chains himself to it with chains in his bag, gets out a megaphone and uses this to tell the ward how unhappy he is, it obvious that as well as being angry, he’s rather depressed with the situation.

Frieda is being stubborn and refuses to take time off, telling everyone that she’d rather be at work and she’s fine to be here. Things take a dramatic turn when she comes up against Mr Mullins who is the dad of Denise a patient who has arrived on Darwin, he’s rude and racist towards the fact Frieda is from Ukraine and is the doctor looking after Denise, both of them exchanging words and he’s nasty to Frieda, Jac comes in mid argument, telling Frieda to go home and she walks out of the ward, Denise then tells her dad to go and find her and apologise for all he’s just said because he was out of order.

Mr Mullins who we find out is called Jim, finds Frieda boxing in the basement, as they start to talk he reveals he was a boxer himself in his younger days and then became a trainer when he finished boxing, he then continues to watch her box and punch the bag.
The conversation then changes to Frieda telling him about losing Roman, this turn in things causes her to break down and start crying heavily, without saying a word he sits beside her on the old hospital bed trolley that has been kept down there, offering her the comfort of simply sitting beside her as she cries.

The busy AAU now more calm and under control, Serena and Ric talk in her office and he mentions about retiring because he’s maybe too old to do the job at Holby, she rubbishes his idea and tells him he isn’t retiring and to go home, although he deems her reply ‘cruel’, will he go home this time?

Mr Gannon having been removed from AAU has made his way to the stairs where Ric sees him, after he’d walked out of the office Ric had sent him to for a talk on his operation. Becoming desperate to have his operation because of how depressed it’s making him, Gareth throws himself down the stairs, knowing if he has to have some kind of operation or has a big injury then he’ll get a bed.

If they all thought that was the end of the emergencies, that thought is short lived when Tavia a young woman who has been with her nan on AAU, and is pregnant is brought straight through to theatre with a gun shot wound through her stomach, thus causing Mr Gannon’s operation for his injury from going down the stairs to be delayed so they can perform an emergency c section on Tavia, save the baby and save her too, enter the team of Serena, Ric and Sacha!

One successful c section, mum and baby both saved, the trio come out of theatre to see Xavier performing CPR aided by Donna on Gareth, but they’re unable to save him and he dies right in front of them, the death called by Xavier, Ric is upset and angry at not being able to save him as well and the chaos that has been going on in the hospital today.

After working together to operate on Holly, the young woman wakes from surgery with Chloe beside her, the doctor telling her that she’ll need another operation to deal with an aneurysm in her abdomen, one she should’ve let Ange help her with earlier on, Chloe reassures her that she’ll be here with her when she goes in for the operation to sort it out, Ange looks on at them both smiling, it seems mum and daughter are getting along a bit better, for now!

To the end of her shift, Jac tells Frieda to meet her in the basement in twenty minutes, when she does, Jac is there with Gary who is Elliot’s dog she’s been looking after, (Riley the patients dog from a previous episode a few weeks ago that Frieda was looking after went back to his owner today). Jac tells her that she can’t look after him anymore and basically she wants Frieda to take him, after a little (not much at all) thought Frieda takes him on, when she bends down to talk and stroke him after Jac has left the basement, Frieda smiles at the animal in front of her and talks to him, it seems Ms Naylor was right, you do need another dog!

Having seemed to finally be on his way home for the millionth time in trying, Ric suddenly gets the megaphone out of the bag that Gareth had and climbs some bit of scaffolding that is outside the main entrance.
With a small crowd looking on, which includes, Xavier, Serena, Sacha and some other staff from the hospital, Ric vents his frustration at the entire situation that has happened today in Holby, from the staff shortage and lack of beds and the fact he’s had enough at the system being pushed to the limits and lack of help, his speech gets a round of applause from the crowd.

In the final little scene after Ric comes down from the scaffolding and Sacha asks what happens now, Serena says during the speech even though Ric said what he said and venting his frustration, he didn’t say anything about retiring, as she leaves Sacha stood on his own, it seems to maybe have given him some food for thought, making him think of his own job and position.

Mr Griffin you rock and can’t retire, Holby needs you and wouldn’t be the same!