The driving force of the hospital last week, is the person we’re starting with this week, that being Ric, he is in the basement of the hospital, putting Frieda’s punch bag to good use first thing before his shift, he’s rather a good boxer it seems!

Serena and Ric are once again running the AAU ship, he makes his way into the office where she is already, both of them talk about how Henrik has given them a gift each to thank them for their work in the hospital. Serena has been given a vintage and expensive bottle of red wine, Ric has received a thirty five year old bottle of single malt whiskey. Still not being happy with the situation of the hospital, and with what happened last week, he tells his colleague that he has a plan, and won’t be hanging up his megaphone just yet, what is this plan he has?

Holly, the young patient in YAU from last week, is still delaying her operation to repair her aneurysm, even though her mum Ruth is there and supporting her, she’s insistent that she won’t sign the consent forms that Ange needs her to sign, even Chloe can’t get her to change her mind. She says that she wants to wait for her estranged dad who is meant to be flying in from Australia, the problem being her health might not be able to afford to wait much longer.

A tired Nicky is informed by a more awake Cameron that Jac has set them both a test up, that is also a competition, the prize for the winner is an all expenses paid trip to Naples with Jac, as her research assistant, better wake up a lot more if you want to win Dr McKendrick.

With Holly not prepared to move forward in terms of her surgery, Ange finds Ruth sat outside on the bench in front of the main entrance, the pair talking about the subject of Michael, Holly’s dad, Ruth revealing that he left them when Holly was just ten weeks old, and it’s been just the pair of them since. This makes Ange repeat to Ruth how important surgery is to potentially saving her daughters life, because without it the aneurysm could burst, can Ruth persuade her teenage daughter to change her mind?

Dom is still keen on learning from Ange, and hearing about Holly’s operation, he finds Chloe in Pulses, buying her a coffee, at the same time as asking her if she can help him get in on the surgery, seeing Ange’s daughter as a good route into the operation, especially since himself and Chloe’s mum didn’t exactly hit it off spectacularly when he had his brief time on YAU. But Chloe isn’t going to make it that easy for him, telling him that he should just Ange himself.

With Holly revealing to Ange that her dad only got in touch when she was twelve, once again the general surgeon tells the teen how important and basically life saving this surgery is for her, plus the fact her parents just wants what’s best for her, this seems to soften Holly and she agrees to sign the consent forms, then using Ruth’s phone to send her dad a video message before her operation shortly.

The woman that Ric rang and is currently looking around things in AAU and the hospital in general is Francoise Durand, a wanna be MP, someone Mr Griffin knows quite well since she’s an old girlfriend of his, it does seem it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It seems that he’s hoping with her connections and her own personal goals, that she’s going to be able to bring some more power and status to put behind the cause of Holby that Ric is currently championing.

Having not been truly honest with her daughter, something Ange has found out from the woman herself, Ruth reveals to Holly, just as she’s going to be wheeled away for her surgery, that she switched Michael’s mobile number with her own, so all this time the teen has been texting her mum and not her dad, something Ruth did due to in part her own feelings about her estranged husband and what she thought and felt of what he did to her, and their at the time newborn daughter. Holly is understandably furious and shocked, informing her mum that after her operation is finished, she wants her gone!

The competition on Darwin is still in full swing between Nicky and Cam, he suggests to an exhausted Nicky to get a power nap whilst Jac is away in a meeting with Jac, telling her that he has her back. Does he really, or is he trying to sabotage her?
Taking up his offer, wisely or not, Nicky is found in the on call room by Xavier, after a talk to her outside and seeing how exhausted she is, Xav then finds Cameron and the two men talk. Showing the caring side of himself, Xav tells Cam that he’s seen the fact he leaves Nicky to pick up his bar tab in Albie’s on more than one occasion, that this isn’t something he should be doing considering he is meant to be her friend. Leaving him on a parting note of telling the junior doctor lead to cut Nicky some slack because she’s exhausted, nice going Xavier! The question is, will Cameron take on what the registrar has told him?

The shift for Nicky and Cam is at an end on Darwin, Fletch meets them at the nurses’ station, telling them both that Cam has won the tickets to Naples, he declines them though, citing a ‘family thing’ as his reason for not being able to go, so Fletch gives them to Nicky. As Fletch departs Cam tells her that he’s done this for friendship and not charity as Nicky thought, could Dr Dunn actually be alright, aided a bit by a wake up call from Xavier? Whichever it is, enjoy Naples Nicky!

Ric is entering the AAU office and apologising to Serena for his earlier outburst at her in front of Francoise in the same office. As a result of this she opens the expensive bottle of wine Henrik gifted her and tells Ric he should take a week off somewhere to rest and ‘fall in love with the place again’. On tasting said wine that she’s poured them a glass each off, the looks or should that be grimaces on each of their faces, are a sure sign that the expensive wine, whilst it maybe expensive, it clearly doesn’t taste all that nice.

Not so much of a bad ending to his shift, as he’s leaving the hospital and kindly giving a busker outside in the hospital grounds some money, Ric is met my Francoise, they had brief discussion about her day at Holby, before he invites her for dinner. This then leading to them both dancing along to the busker, quickly turning into them in each others arms and kissing. It seems that Lola did have a point about you Ric!

Holly is now in ITU after her surgery, Ange having the difficult task of telling Ruth there’s a chance that Holly might not wake up, due to her brain being starved of oxygen during her surgery.
In the last scene of the episode, as Ruth is sitting at her daughters beside, her mobile rings, it’s Michael, seeing and knowing how distressed Ruth is, Ange who is in the room with her and Holly steps in, she answers the phone for her and starts to speak to him about his daughter and her current condition, Ange’s attempt at trying to make things a little bit easier for Ruth given the circumstances, will Holly wake up, and if she does what damage will have been done?

It’s not been the easiest of starts to life at the hospital or on YAU for Dr Goddard, not the easiest at all.
Welcome to life at Holby Ange!