Ange starts this episode off by having a nightmare as she’s asleep on her arms in Keller’s staff room, is this a sign of things to come for her and this episode?

Holly is still on a ventilator that they put her on last week after her surgery in ITU, there has been no changes in her condition, improvements or otherwise, far from it from the sounds of everything, this isn’t sounding or looking good.

Hello again Carole Copeland, Dom’s mum is back but as a patient on AAU, she’s had a minor RTC and has arrived in a wheelchair, complete with a neck brace, Serena handing over her care to Xavier, wanting Mr Duvall to put a shift in whilst he’s here at work, despite him being tired and complete with glitter in his hair courtesy of Mia.

Michael, Holly’s dad finally arrives from Australia and is quickly informed of his daughters condition from Chloe, she tells him that basically Holly could effectively be brain dead and unable to do anything at all for herself, but to check and or confirm this tests are going to have to be done, these are ordered asap to see how the young girl responds.

Cameron on Darwin has been given a rather awkward patient in the name of Mr Burman- Roy to deal with, add in the fact he’s trying to impress Chloe who is taking care of things for a little while whilst Frieda is away.
Desperate to impress her, he poses a new ‘high tech’ operation for his patient, and after mulling it over and weighing up the pros and cons, Chloe agrees to give it the go ahead, Mr Burman-Roy signs the consent form and things are moving, will this have the result that Dr Dunn wants?

After arriving on AAU Carole has told Xavier about her experiencing deja vu symptoms and believes she has a ‘gift’, to be able to see things before they happen, as well as feeling like she’s had conversations and experiences before. Not convinced by her claims, Xavier orders various scans for her to check what is actually going on.
A little while later the results come back, all but one are clear, the one that isn’t shows that she has a bruise on one part of her brain, this causing the feelings of deja vu for her, safe to say that Carole looks rather disappointed and upset to find this out, seemingly dashing her theory that she did or does in fact have some sort of psychic gift.

Still on his campaign to impress Chloe, but not wanting to take any responsibility if it should fail or go wrong in any which way, Cameron informs her that in fact the valve idea for Mr Burman-Roy was in fact Nicky’s idea, will Chloe believe him, or not? And will his idea be the success he hopes it will?

Michael and Ruth are still arguing and fighting over Holly and her condition in ITU, Ange having enough and telling them to both go and get some fresh air, which they do, Michael with the support of his partner Andy.
Ange herself steps outside for a breather at the side of the hospital. Fletch comes out to see how she’s doing, here they talk about things that are happening with Holly. He offers her the advice of informing her parents what the actual prognosis is looking like for Holly, and therefore helping them with an impossible decision over what to do for their daughter.

With Xavier still not the chirpiest man on AAU today due to Donna’s kids still not giving him the easiest time, himself and Carole talk after her diagnosis, and she is nice to him, telling him that Donna chose him over all other men she had the choices of for a reason, that underneath his ‘muscles and smarmy smile’ he just like everyone else has a gift, he just has to find it. Cue a appreciative smile from Xavier, the first one all day from him. Carole you are a bloody lovely woman, listen to her Xavier, she speaks a lot of sense!

Outside at the side of the hospital, Ange and Michael talk some more about Holly and the circumstances surrounding his relationship with her. He admits that he didn’t want Holly at first and thought Ruth had gotten pregnant to trap him in some way. That he came out, his sexuality he’d been hiding, or trying to hide for quite a while, but after all this happened and Holly was born he fell in love with her, and that he loves his daughter very much.

Mr Burman-Roy’s operation was successful, lucky for Cameron, but then it seems his lucky has changed direction somewhat when Nicky tells him that Chloe wishes to see him in the consultant’s office. Whilst in here Chloe informs him that she knows the idea for the surgery was his and that by saying it was Nicky’s he was trying to throw her under the bus, see not so smart now are we Mr Dunn?! She goes onto tell him that he is a good doctor, that luckily they came out of this unscathed and the operation went well, all this seems to have hit a nerve for Cameron who leaves the office with his tail between his legs after being caught out.

Still in his good mood as he’s discharging Carole, with Serena watching on from the nurse’s station, Xavier carries on being nice to her, Carole asks if her ‘gift’ will go when the bruising on her brain has gone too. He her that not necessarily, that there is lots about the brain they don’t know and that she seems to have a knack with people, all these things bring a big smile and a happy Carole, complete with her neck brace, Xavier you are a teddy bear under all that, just like Carole thinks. Serena looks rather surprised and somewhat impressed at this softer Xavier.

Ruth and Michael have decided to not switch Holly’s machines off yet, to keep hoping and waiting to see if there are any changes, plus do more tests. After Ange is dressed to go home, she has a brief word with Michael, before heading to the locker room on Keller ward. It seems the days stresses, strains and emotions have become too much as she starts crying, kicking and banging one of the lockers in here, namely Essie’s. Essie finds her here and gets a tearful sorry from the surgeon, then tells Ms Goddard that she’s coming to Albie’s with her and some of the others, and won’t take no for an answer, Ange agrees and gives her friend and colleague a little smile.

After a little life lesson from Mr Burman-Roy, Cameron and Nicky talk about what has happened today and his behaviour, he admits he is a twit, that he has a lot to live up to and can’t fail again, but that at least everyone now knows what he is like. Not long later as he’s sat at the nurse’s station on Darwin, Nicky gives him a set of keys for her flat so he can stay seen as he hasn’t got a place at the moment, and the flat is empty with only her there at the moment. She tells him he needs some help at the moment with how he is behaving, that he does have a good side but is just bothered about how it looks. Will he take yet another chance that Nicky is giving him to sort himself out and to be a good friend to her?

Albie’s is where we are for the final scene of the episode, Fletch and Ange are talking over a drink about the Holly situation, he tells her that she has done her best with it all and the worst part is over, but she answers him by saying that she doesn’t think it is, that she thinks the worst is still to come. Is she right, is the whole situation about to take a turn and get a whole lot worse than it is already, and if it does how will Ange handle it, are there things from her past, demons she has that are going to be brought to the surface by the entire situation she finds herself in?