A mysterious woman that Nicky is talking to in the locker room is our starting point this week, the F2 speaking to her about being late for her first shift, but that she might get away with it because Jac is in theatre at the moment, who is the newbie?

Not being to resist kissing each other before they go into work, Xavier and Donna are in his car in the car park, lips locked together for a few seconds before a certain Ms Campbell is knocking on the drivers window and telling them both ‘That’s what linen cupboards are for!’, smirking happily at her remark, only Serena could deliver that line just like that!

It turns out that the mystery woman is none other than Zosia, she’s back from America, the question is why?

Ms McQueen is a patient who comes into AAU having fallen off a cliff into a gravel pit whilst doing some coasteering, Serena thinks it’ll be a perfect job for the ‘love birds’ Xavier and Donna, putting them together on the case, not knowing that the couple had been arguing just before she’d come out of her office, can they work together for the good of the patient.

With not change in Holly’s condition, Henrik and Ange stand outside the ITU discussing the teenagers prognosis. Ange tells him that she won’t recover, and that keeping her alive as they are isn’t the best thing, that there’s no hope for her.
She then goes onto tell Ruth that Holly won’t regain consciousness again, but her mum won’t hear of it or believe what she’s being told, just as Ruth is denying and shouting at Ange, Michael walks in behind them, can he be the one that recognises what Ange is trying to communicate and hear what she’s saying.

Surprised to see Zosia back in Holby, Jac and her talk in Jac’s office, Zosia tells her that she came home because it wasn’t what she thought it’d be in America, before going onto to tell the Cardiothoracic surgeon that she wants a job at Holby.

Seemingly irritated by Zosia’s presence and not being able to get hold of Frieda, Jac stops Henrik in the lift, whilst discussing both women, he tells her that she should consider that Frieda may not ever come back at all. Will this give her anymore food for thought in regards to giving Zosia a job?

Chloe gets into a rather embarrassing predicament with a broken mug and super glue, as she glues the broken handle to her fingers in the staff room on Darwin. Cameron comes to find her to apologise over what happened with Nicky the week before, as they talk and he helps her, they seem to bond over their mum’s being high achieving women, this leading them to mention a kind of date for them both to go on together, will it happen and is their a mutual chemistry developing here?

Doing some research of their own online, Ruth and Michael want to fly Holly out to America for an experimental treatment for their daughter, but Henrik, Ange and Essie all agree between them a short while later that it’ll not change or help Holly, and that the parents have been given false hope. This leads to Essie being the one who attempts to talk to them about it, but Ruth isn’t convinced by what she’s being told.

With Ms McQueen being successfully treated by the double team of Donna and Xavier, a bit of loving bonding between the couple, it seems that the argument this morning maybe forgotten, especially when they flash each other a loving smile.

Ange unable to make any progress with Ruth, tries to communicate with Michael, finding him in the corridor outside Holly’s room in ITU, during their discussion he admits that he feels guilty for abandoning them both all those years ago, and feels now that he has to give Ruth his support in this matter, but when pressed by Ange about whether he personally feels that the Holly he knew is still there on that hospital bed, he breaks down and admits that he knows that she’s gone, leading to him crying on Ange’s shoulder, the surgeon herself getting upset.

Taking matters into her own hands regarding what she thinks and feels about Holly and the treatment and care her daughter is receiving at Holby, Ruth is seen talking to a reporter and a TV camera outside the main entrance to the hospital, it seems this whole situation has just gotten a whole lot worse, if that’s possible!

Jac seemingly softened by the whole situation with Frieda and realising she needs time away, gives Zosia a contract as we draw to the end of the episode for this week, the locum only too pleased to sign it straight away in Jac’s office and hand it back to Ms Naylor. Jac still senses that her new colleague is hiding something, but she isn’t sure what it maybe, cue Zosia announcing right there, on the spot that she’s five months pregnant, rubbing her hand on her tummy over her suit coat. A frustrated and annoyed Jac drops her pen on her desk and puts her head in her hands at the news she’s just been given.

So who is the father? What does this mean now Zosia has the job at Holby? And are there anymore secrets that she may have brought back from America? Time will tell!