It’s quite the dramatic start to things this week as a group of protesters complete with banners and placards stand outside the main entrance to the hospital, their campaign is in support of the ongoing situation with Holly and her being on life support. As Ange and Essie are walking into work and heading for the main doors, Jason and Donna following closely behind them, eggs are launched from the crowd heading for Ange but the egg misses her and hits Jason in the chest instead, the result of this causes him to dash off before anyone can follow him.

Dom seems to be having a bit more luck inside the hospital, up on Keller Lofty brings his husband a scratch card, Dom scratches some of it and then hands it back to Lofty seemingly unimpressed because nothing has come up on said card. But on closer inspection of it, Lofty’s expression changes and for good reason when we find out that in fact Dom hasn’t won nothing, quite the opposite, he’s won £5000.

Serena is less than impressed when Donna tells her at the nurses’ station on AAU about the incident outside with Jason and the protesters, an angry Serena then goes and finds Ange on the stairs who is looking at the group of the protesters still outside, they discuss what happened and she isn’t happy at all with her colleague, Ange then telling her that her nephew is probably in his safe space, both women set off for the basement.
On reaching the basement apologies are exchanged, Ange for not informing Serena straight away and Serena for shouting at Ange as she did. The mystery still isn’t solved when Jason’s little room he goes too is empty, if he’s not here, then where could he have gone?

A face turns up on Darwin that Zosia seems to know very well, one Nicky describes as a George Clooney look a like, Arlo Deane to be exact, a face Zosia seems less than happy to see. He tells her that the hospital in America want her back.
Later on in the office, Jac and Zosia argue about Arlo being here and she asks if he knows about Zosia being pregnant, just at this exact moment he hears those exact words, I’d say he knows now Jac!
Arlo goes onto tell Zosia that he loves her and wants to be with her, throwing him a big curve ball she tells him that the baby she’s carrying isn’t his, that it’s a result of a one night stand she had when she was having the affair with him, is this the actual truth or a decoy to get rid of him?

Jason turns up in Henrik’s office, sat in his chair as the CEO himself and his guests he’s been showing around Holby come into said office, he tells Mr Hanssen he wants to speak to him right now. Serena and Ange turn up not long later and then all four of them start discussing how they are going to sort this whole incident out.

Patricia the cleaner and Tarek her maybe boyfriend are on Darwin much to Sacha’s awkwardness. Tarek is needing an operation on a clot that he has in an artery in his bowel. After Sacha suggests a technique that he’s been working on to which the patient agrees.
Patricia then tells Sacha that herself and Tarek aren’t together, they were but aren’t anymore, Mr Levy seems a bit happy with this piece of news.

Back in her office on Keller, Ange shows Serena some texts she’s received threatening her over all that is happening regarding Holly, telling her ‘they’ know where she lives. With Henrik then joining them in the office, they all agree that the only way they can sort this and take all this attention away from the hospital is to take the matter to court and let a judge decide the best course of action for the teenager.

A successful operation on Tarek completed, Sacha goes into the staffroom on Keller to deliver the good news to a waiting Patricia, when the conversation moves to matters of the heart, she tells him that he didn’t imagine the feelings he had in the past for her, but the reply he comes back with isn’t what she expected, telling her that at that time he said those things, that he was in a dark place and had a breakdown, therefore she should go to Tarek, this rejection and dismissal seems to upset and deflate her, Sacha doesn’t exactly seem the most relieved either.

Waking up from a nap in the office on Keller after taking himself up here after the conversation with Patricia, Sacha hears the door closing as he wakes and is a little confused, this is until he spots a a card in an envelope on the desk, it’s from Patricia and tells him that she isn’t going to marry Tarek, this is after he proposed to her just before his operation that Sacha performed, will this possibly change Mr Levy’s mind at all?

The last scene for this week is between Nicky and Zosia in the locker room as both women are due to go home at the end of the shift. Zosia has told Jac earlier that her demons are at Holby and she needs to stay and face them. After a brief discussion about Arlo and the fact Nicky thinks it must be for the best and that in fact he looks nothing like George Clooney, Zosia tells her in no uncertain terms that her unborn baby’s father doesn’t know about the baby and will never know, and that the F2 better not gossip or spread said gossip, ever! Nicky backs off and apologises, Zosia takes a rain check on the younger woman’s offer of going for a drink, leaving Dr March in the locker room alone, leaning against her locker, but what about those tablets that are in your locker Zosia, are they something else that you’re keeping quiet? Are there other skeletons and secrets that the hospital and colleagues don’t know about?

Something tells me that what’s happened and happening, may just the tip of the iceberg….