Series 21, Episode 20 airs Tuesday 14th May at 20:00 on BBC One.

As Chloe tries to come to terms with the news that Dominic is her half-brother, she’s forced to operate with him and Ange. But as tension boils over and Evan helps her uncover a home truth, will Chloe be able to cope?


Lofty returns to Holby after the holiday of a lifetime. With something clearly on his mind he wants to speak to Dominic, but misses his moment when he learns that Ange is Dominic’s birth-mother. But what is Lofty hiding? And who is just around the corner?


When an infestation of rodents take refuge at Sacha’s home, he decides it’s time to move out of Jac’s house and leave her in peace. Jac worries whether he’s ready, but what will Sacha do to convince her?