Series 22, Episode 4
Tuesday 28 January 2020
20:00 on BBC One

It’s the 75th Holocaust Memorial Day, and Sacha’s Great Aunt Maria is admitted, looking extremely unwell. Essie and Dom offer support, as they can see that Sacha is heartbroken for his great aunt, as she is also a Holocaust survivor. He keeps vigil by her bedside, clinging on to the hope that she might just recover and pull through.

Cameron sees red when dealing with a stabbing victim and her nervous boyfriend, Owen. Trying to get to the bottom of what happened, Owen feels pressurised and bolts out of the hospital. Cameron runs after him, only to realise that Owen has also been stabbed. Cameron and Jason get stuck in a broken down lift with Owen and battle to save his life.

Nicky feels under the cosh when her mother Tracey admits that she hasn’t paid off her debt to the man in the car crash, and that she’s getting threatening phone calls. Nicky has to step in, as Tracey doesn’t know what to do and hasn’t got the money to pay him.