Series 22, Episode 5
Tuesday 4 February 2020
20:00 on BBC One

Sacha shows no sign of depression, despite his outpouring of grief after the death of Great Aunt Maria.

Today’s the day of his groundbreaking bowel transplant operation, but Max is concerned, aware that Sacha has struggled with his mental health in the past. She wonders whether he’s the right man for the job, or if it might tip him over the edge.

Nicky is trying to fight her way out of her spiralling debt, and things go from bad to worse when her mother is admitted as a patient, having had yet another accident. She tells Nicky that the debt now owed has increased. To compound matters, Nicky feels at the end of her tether when Max tears strips off her for moonlighting at another hospital.

Donna’s head is turned by her patient who happens to be a casting director in showbusiness. She tries to get on the books – much to Xav’s disapproval.