Holby City: Series 3, Episode 1


Episode Name: The Deep End
First Aired: 5 October 2000 on BBC One
UKTV: 15 April 2019 on Drama Channel

Picture Shows: Jasmine Hopkins (ANGELA GRIFFIN)

All hands on deck for an RTA on the wards of Holby City Hospital. When victims of a major accident are brought in, Jasmine finds that one of them has been living a lie. A traffic accident disrupts Jasmine and Julie’s journey to work.Among the badly wounded is Beth, who works at Holby City’s path lab. Jasmine finds herself getting personally involved in another victim Alan’s case and is spooked by the mystical espousals of Nina, the psychic. New surgeon Alex Adams and new nurse Sandy Harper battle alongside other members of staff to cope with the chaos caused by an outbreak of
outbreak of cryptosporidium infection. Mike Barratt finally discovers the real reason why Kath is so irritable, pale and exhausted.